Wednesday, March 7, 2012

wow - march.

jan 1-march 7 has been quite a trip.

But for now, I am going to try to just put words around the last week.

R and I bought a house last Wednesday, and thanks to TONS of help Friday and Saturday - we are moved in! Pretty amazing to be in my own home! We loved our last home in VA, but it was always a rental... ya know? So crazy for this to really be ours.

The one phrase I am sure I heard 1 million times was "you aren't doing too much are you?" Ummm... well... sure, of course I am. Since finding out I was pregnant back in September, we have had a job change, moved 5 states away, spend 10 weeks living with my parents, moved into our own home, gone through several weeks of R's training during day shift - - - -- - and now are testing out night shift (ew) - - -

Sunday we were still unpacking. R was on his first night shift - I was feeding Josiah his cucumbers and microwaving my left-over pizza and my phone rang. (yeah, his food is more healthy than mine sometimes :)) It was my sister with horrible information.

My dad was on his way home from church on his motorcycle and was hit by a driver in a truck. The driver drove off. A man from our church saw it happen, but didn't realize it was dad. A long string of events came afterwards - - - but that isn't what I am writing about.

I am so amazed at the way the people have been there for my mom and dad. Jon and Brantley, Jen and Andy, Ronnie and I were all as fast as possible doling out kids and heading to the hospital that night - and we were actually not the first ones to get there to be with mom.... by the time we came out of the little consult room - around 50 people from the church had driven the 40ish miles to come support mom... and dad.

The moment of the evening was when one of the men wanted to have people to pray - and there, in the ER waiting room - - having many other people around us - they all stood, held hands, and prayed for my dad's healing. Pretty crazy. Pretty overwhelming. Absolutely amazing.

Watching people pray, having them help with kids, seeing the food being organized, knowing people are doing all they can to help - just absolutely amazing.

It is hard to comprehend the callousness of the driver of the truck - the basic lack of respect for humanity is hard to imagine. But in the grand scheme of things - this one heartless jerk's actions of hitting my dad and then leaving him on the roadside to die has been so overshadowed by the love and care of those that love my parents.

He is home healing now. There is a long physical and emotional recovery coming up - but we are all so thankful that he is going to be ok - - and is recovering as well as possible.

So, there ya go - the last 7 days. A rollercoaster of large proportion. Yeah, I'm doing too much - - but the little princess is still kicking regularly... I feel great... her room is NO WHERE NEAR READY! but God is good and we are moving on.