Saturday, May 17, 2008

Excitement that few can understand!

My little brother - the one I have posted about for a year now... the one that I have so many fun memories with... the one that has been valiantly fighting for our country - is on the way HOME! I won't see him for at least a week... I am jealous of my parents and my bro's fiancee who get to see him tmo.... but the point is that my little brother is on his way HOME!

Praise God - thank you so much for protecting him... and Internet, and friends - thank YOU for praying for him during these months!!!

I can hardly WAIT to get my "Jonathan" hug....


Friday, May 16, 2008

So much to say, such a lack of motivation

I am not sure why it is that I have not had any desire to write lately, but its just the way it is.

1. I just started packing up part of the extra bedroom - no we don't have a new house yet. But for now, his office will be in our house, in the extra bedroom. So, since he needs space, and eventually all that stuff needed to go back into the boxes anyway - I just decided to skip the "rearranging" and just box as much as I can for now. SO, back in the boxes go the books, decorations, etc. etc. - I am not very good at labeling my boxes though, so it will be kinda like Christmas when I open all the boxes in the new house... whenever that is. Just a surprise in every box!

2. I cannot keep plants alive. It is something I learned years ago when I lived in Germany! Those Germans loved to give me plants, and then laugh when I killed them... Every.Single.Time. So, as a new wife, I thought maybe my luck had changed. I have even focused on finding plants that people say are hard to kill... but still look nice. So far I have killed a rose bush, tulips, and 2 trailing petunias, as well as some Chocolate Mint herb stuff a friend gave me. Dead - I have some great pots of dirt though if anyone needs it. Only one plant has lasted long enough for me to brag about. I got it in January - its a house plant - has big leaves and doesn't seem to panic if i water it too much or not enough. I think watering for me is the problem, either I drown them, or they have no water for days.... I can't find the medium!

3. I have finished my first round of finals for the college courses I am teaching... everyone passed. I have also started round 2.... a larger class - this is gonna be fun.

4. Changing insurance is a pain in the tail... enough said.

5. Tupperware is still for sale at my house - contact me if you need something! Or go to and order something online - you can see the catalog from there! If you are interested in SELLING TW - let me know too... its easy! I have made money already only doing it for like 3 months!

6. That's all folks.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

10 days

Well, I havent been around in a few days... 10 to be exact. While this 10 day span included a trip to Alabama to teach a youth conference with Wings - and this 10 day time period has included some MAJOR changes in life.. the bottom line is that although there is much to say, I just am not yet sure how to say it.

Life is changing in southern VA - My man is changing jobs - we will be moving soon - thats enough info for the internet! but you can imagine the activity around the house these days!

I finished teaching my first set of college courses this week - and start another set tonight. WOOHOO!!!! I did enjoy the teaching more than I thought I would.

My brother will be home this weekend!!!

well - gotta go grade some final exams.

Monday, May 5, 2008


hey - My mom put together a great blog on forgiveness... go read it - I will write more after I do my homework preparing for my class tomorrow night.

Friday, May 2, 2008


Short question - - why are some people always looking for handouts?? Just got an email from someone taking a course that I teach asking why the requirements are so much... What in the world? Their college degree is going to carry a lot of weight! Why don't they want to work for it?

Anyway - hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I plan to:)