Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Plague - Continued

Still sick.

But feeling better thank goodness!

I actually slept through the night last night, and have not had a fever since Sunday! YEA!

It is amazing how much 6 days of staying home makes ya really appreciate being outside. Today is the first day I am feeling human again, still have some sore throat, my eye is still kinda messed up, and get tired easily - just gotta rebuild my energy levels I guess.

Did you know that USA runs Law and Order ALL DAY LONG!!??

Did you further know that mid-day television is HORRIBLE!

I have run out of things to google, emails to check, and everyone I know has been stalked on facebook in the last few days. I have felt bad, but have been SO STINKING BORED! Especially these last two days when Ronnie has to work and all that jazz, so I have to keep myself entertained.

We should have bought stock in Lysol - I have sprayed down everything in my house MULTIPLE times. I have used almost a full can of Clorox Wipes. I am trying to kill all germs before Ronnie gets it. he has had a cold, but no fever etc. etc..... so I am trying to keep him protected.

I am supposed to be subbing this week. Its kinda fun trying to find a sub for a sub... huh. They don't give subs lists of other subs - so its kinda been a scavenger hunt!

I also have to go teach my college course again tomorrow night. Should be fun.

Well, that's pretty much been my life lately, so there isn't much to talk about on here. This post is rather boring.

Maybe I will be better in a few days, and then maybe I can come up with something funnier to blog about... surely two days subbing for elementary kids music class will provide something entertaining!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Plague

Or at least something that feels like it.

Has taken.Over.Our.House!

Ronnie has been cruddy since like 3 weeks ago, I was so proud of my little immune system. Until Wednesday.

I was on my way to teach my first class of this new section. And the pain in my throat was just getting ridiculous! When we got to the hotel, I went next door and got a 6 pack of waters, some tea, and a couple of oranges. I figured I would have this knocked out by the time my class started.


About 2 hours into the 4 hour class, I was still talking, yet going back and forth between chills and cold sweat. And they didn't make me nervous.... So, naturally, I spent a good bit extra time letting them discuss things that they didn't understand, listen to extra music, etc. We finished my outline - but I did as MUCH class participation as possible. I thought I was going to DIE before the class ended. I have never felt so BAD.

I crashed when we got back to the hotel. Ronnie went to the grocery store for meds, and Sprite.

The trend of sweats and chills continued even till this morning! We went to the Doc yesterday. I hate going to the doctor. But sometimes it is just necessary. Got antibiotics.

So, now, we at least FEEL human. But I feel like every time I even think about venturing out of the house I risk spreading the Black Plague - - killer of all things energetic - - around southern VA.

Wanna know the BEST part of this?

I have already agreed to substitute teach the music class next week. All. Week. Long.

The teacher is having surgery. So, just about the time I will feel better, my little damaged immune system will be thrown out of the frying pan into the fire! Luckily, my antibiotics will last through next week as well.

And I will take Clorox wipes with me every where i go.

And then, I will teach the college course again Wednesday, and stay in the hotel again that night. Hopefully this time I don't wish I was dead the whole time!

Ronnie just said I have been typing too much on this blog. Is it really that long? He thinks its because I have so many leftover words from having not talked (due to sore throat) for the last three days.

Maybe so.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Update on Mamaw

She came through the surgery fine yesterday.

Today I got to talk to her - she has had NO pain medicine, not even tylenol, since coming out of recovery! WOW! I am impressed by this mamaw of mine! The Doctor couldn't even believe that!

She is already talking about going back to church next week! Her determination to continue doing the things God wants her to do should have all of us feel bad when we avoid things for a headache!

Everyone seems to be doing well.

For me, it has been tough to be here. It has really helped that so many people really love her and have taken care of her, and my family, through this.

Ronnie and I had some friends over last night too, that we had not seen in a while - so that helped to distract. We had a blast, eating, talking, and playing Wii.... they let me talk through what all was going on in Alabama, and then we moved on! Thank you guys!

I had my camera out to take pics of the evening.... and forgot till this morning. Sorry! You just have to take our word for it. My pride of the night was making my mom's famous "hot fudge cake" - - and it actually tasted almost as good as hers! It's always better when mom makes it - but hey, I do what I can. I knew it had to be good enough when everyone went back for seconds on the dessert!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I know you all know stories upon stories of people who have had their life changed by prayer.

I am asking all my bloggy world friends to join with me this weekend in prayer for my grandmother. I mentioned her a couple blogs back - they found that she had breast cancer just a few weeks ago - today they found that the cancer has already spread to her lymph nodes.

Friday she goes to have surgery - a masectomy and the lymph nodes to be removed as well.

The request that I have, and that my family has, is that you pray. Pray for peace in her about what is to come, pray for my mom, and her two brothers as they have to watch their mom go through this. Pray for the doctors, that they will have wisdom - and that they will listen to that wisdom in their heads! Pray that in some way, God will use this for His glory.

We aknowledge Christ in this. We will stand, with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, knowing that our God is able to deliver her. Heal her. Take the cancer away. But if He chooses not to, we will praise Him anyway.

I have been blessed in knowing that all four of my grandparents have been believers as long as I have known them. I know that not everyone has that blessing, I am thankful for the heritage of godliness that has been passed down through these generations. My Papaw passed away about 8 years ago. I also realize how amazing it is that at 29 years old, I still have three grandparents.

Mamaw, as I have always known, and as most of the people that know her call her, is one of the most godly women you wil ever meet. She has prayed many of us through more situations than we can count. And anyone who has ever asked for her to pray for them has had a "number" in her prayer journal - - with a date it was first requested - - and a date that there was an answer from God - - and what that answer was.

Thank you to all who will give my Mamaw a "number" in their prayer book this weekend.

Our God answers prayer. This we know for sure.

Friday, March 6, 2009

I want it now!

What it is about finally exercising that makes me want immediate gratification more than ever?

I caught myself - after a pilates video, and a 3 mile run - looking at my stomach in the car on the way home and wondering if it had gotten any "tighter!"

I mean, I have been working on this for about three weeks now (skipping the week I was in Bama.... I choose not to count that one!... even though I did chase a 2 year old around a LOT!)

But I want it all... and I want it now!!

In other news, Jen has posted some new pics of Barrett.... that baby is already sleeping like a crazy man - 4-6 hours at night time! He is precious...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

what a rollercoaster!

Wow. The last 10 days have just been over the top. In as many ways as possible.

I will try to get it all in a post - but that will require less detail than is really deserved on any of these topics.

1. As seen previously, Jen had her baby. A wonderful, healthy little boy. Named Barrett. He is wonderful! A great sleeper, only cries when ya change his diaper or give him a bath. A wonderful baby!

2. Due to the birth of Barrett, Ronnie and I got to spend some wonderful quality time with Aubrey. She is precious. and talks CONSTANTLY. My favorite comment of the week was when we were in Target, Ronnie put some random headband on her head.. she didn't see it coming. She jumped up, hands on her hips, and loudly said "What's the big idea here, Ronnie?" Oh, so young, and yet so smart!!!! We got to take her to play at Chickfila, get prizes at Target, see a magician at church, run through the aisles at Walmart with her swinging from our arms, and watch her learn about her baby brother. Time I will treasure forever.

3. Ronnie, Mom, Dad, Jon, Brantley and I all went out for a dinner the night before Jon left to go to his train-up for Afghanistan. I will be honest and just say that I am not ready to do this again. If you haven't experienced a family member or loved on being over there, there is just no way for you to understand the constant wondering, fighting the unknown, waking up with a gut feeling, and spending hours a night praying. I am proud of my brother. I am thankful for our military. It hurts to see him go back.

4. Mamaw found out she has breast cancer. (This is my mom's mom). Cancer has never been a problem in our family. Heart disease, yep - strokes, got em - alzheimers, yep... cancer? no. So this is new to our family. Decisions, test, dyes, etc are all going on this week. Please be praying for mamaw, and for my mom as they make all these decisions.

5. A friend of mine in Ga announced she is pregnant with number 2. Who will be 13 months younger than number 1!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!

6. Another friend of mine found out that after years of trying to get pregnant, they are finally approved to adopt - and will have a baby in May.

7. A friend from VA had her sister pass away unexpectedly.

8. Friendship has been redefined again in my life. No details. But I will say this, friends that are only friends when things are easy, or when they are good, or when they need something themselves, are easy to find in the good times, but seem to disappear with life gets rough.

Friends that are willing to cry with you, pray with you, love with you, hurt with you, celebrate the good, and mourn the bad, drop their details to help you pick up your pieces, are very difficult to find. I am blessed to say that God has given me a few. Those that are not afraid of the tears streaming down my cheeks as the bad news drops. Those that are thrilled to celebrate to amazing.

These are the people that make me want to be a better friend. They make me want to be like them. I pray that those people will find you!

Thank you.