Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More fish?

Well, maybe soon I will be able to tell you about going to the Sarah Palin Rally in Salem, VA last night - but honestly, I want to be able to get up pics and stuff from meeting Todd Palin, and the Sarah Palin rally soon...

And - I think this story is funnier

Remember the fish??

Well, it turns out that before the last fish died - he had completed his job of passing his genes along to the next generations.

His partner, is now great with child(ren)!

I started doing some research.

It turns out that Mickey Mouse Platys are able to be pregnant up for 8 times after one time of .... umm... getting pregnant.

Each of those 8 pregnancies can produce up to 85 "fry" (baby fish!)

Each pregnancy also takes about 30-35 days.

Basically, within 8 months we could be the proud owners of up to 750ish BABY FISH!!

I can only have 10 per 10 gallon tank.

So, how many of you want a fish??? I will soon have about 740 to give away. These are nice fish! Cost about $2.99 at PetSmart! Not your average goldfish! They have something looking like a Mickey Mouse head in their tail! Its GREAT for kids....

No, really, if we don't separate the mother from the fish within a few hours of her giving birth (yes, platys are one of the few fish that actually give live birth, they don't lay eggs) - she will eat all of the babies.

Motherhood at it's finest I guess.

And cheap fish food for us! (just kidding. sorta.)

I also, through this research have learned how to tell a boy little fish from a girl little fish. Things. I. Never. Thought. I. Needed. To. Know!

Well, life is never boring around here.

In other stories. My sister is having a boy!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Meeting Todd Palin

Oh but yes.

I had ANOTHER of those moments… you know THOSE moments… this weekend.

Sunday Ronnie and I were at the Martinsville Speedway (not because I like NASCAR that much) and here are the highlights of the day.

Meeting Todd Palin outside the gate.
Going with the Palin entourage into the garages.
Continuing to accompany my Congressman (the real reason we were there) and the Palin entourage into the driver’s meeting before the race.
A trip into the media center… with… yes… that’s right.. the Palin entourage.
Climbing into the pit area – and seeing all the drivers before they went on stage… WITH the Palin group.

Basically, Ronnie and I got to spend about 3 hours walking around with Mr. Palin. He is a great guy! He talked to us, Ronnie got to introduce some friends that were there to Mr. Palin.

Now, I am sure that he will never remember us… but it was awesome to hang out with him before the race.

In true fashion for me and Ronnie - - - we left before they ever started up the cars and didn’t watch ANY of the race. Unfortunately, NASCAR tickets are wasted on us… but it was SO much fun to meet Mr. Palin… and to see the drivers up close so I could get sme pics for my brother and his friends. (The problem was I don’t know who all to take pictures of… so I took pics of everyone I sawJ)

We are also in the pics on the front page of the Martinsville Bulletin (local newspaper) here in the area...

I can’t post the pics yet… will try to get them up soon!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Praying for K

A girl from my dad's church in Alabama is very sick. Please be praying. Here is the email that has been sent out up to this point.

K has been diagnosed with Polyarteritis nodosa. Basically, it is an infection or inflammation of the small or medium arteries in the body that results in weakening and damage to the arteries involved. Often, clotting occurs in addition to the bleeding.
We should continue to pray for wisdom for the medical team and give praise to God for revealing the condition so quickly to the physicians. This quick diagnosis (although I am sure it has not been quick for the family) will allow appropriate treatment to begin immediately.

There will be more information soon.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

One fish, Two fish.... you know the rest

I have been prodded.

My friend with the baby – (that is how she will be known until another friend has a baby) – told me in very direct terms yesterday that I need to blog again, it has been TOO long!

So, although it is really hard to write anything that has nothing to do with the work I am doing – I am going to try.

We now have fish. I would post a picture, but I don’t have one yet. I will work on that – maybe.

Ronnie had like 3 fish when we got married, but they just recently moved into our house. Actually, one of the three he had when we got married passed away prior to moving in with the new family. So, then we went and got two snails, (cause I didn’t want to have to clean!) and moved the two old fish into our home. Where our old TVs used to sit. (remember those were broken last year. Both. Of. Them.) So, now we have the fish tank sitting on the TV stand.

Two days later, one of the fish died.

Ronnie said that those types of fish are community fish, so we had to go get new fish.

We didn’t get just one new fish.

We got 5.

So, we then had 6 fish and 2 snails.

Then the two snails died.

Then another fish died.

Now, here we are, with the 5 fish, A rock vacuum, (the new addition to my appliance list), slime coating, antibiotics, etc. etc.

While they are fun to watch, I sometimes find myself asking… why? I mean, even the fun of watching them gets old after about 3 minutes… they don’t do tricks, don’t play fetch, don’t bark to warn us of strange things in the area…. Etc. etc.

Anyway, there – the new post is 100% devoted to fish.

I am still in the campaign – still alive and all that jazz. It’s fun – interesting – frustrating – exciting – and basically a roller coaster every day. I am sure I will have TONS of stories to tell when its all over with. But for today – I will just say – YEA for the fish…. They are the calmest (most calm? Not sure about my grammar there) part of my life right now.