Thursday, January 31, 2008

What do I do with this?

My heart hurts some today.

I work with a group at the church and well - last night - I got word that after I walked out of the room, one of them made a comment and then someone close to me walked in and heard the laughter afterwards. My friend didn't hear the comment - only that it was related back to me, and all got uncomfortable afterwards when they thought they were busted. It just kinda hurt my heart.

I have worked with multiple groups similar to this in my life, and well, I have never really been treated like this - at least from what I know. So, without going into any detail - - my heart just hurts. Ya know, its just like pouring a part of yourself into people, only to find out that they are laughing at ya behind your back. What do you do with that? What category of pain does that go into? How do you walk back in next time?

Anyway, other than that - things are going fine. I am working on raising my money for Uganda - more info will come on that soon I promise.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Giving stuff

So yesterday, a portion of my prayer time with God went something like this. "Father, don't let me get stuck on the "things" in my life. Don't let "things" take away from my heart for people.

In the process of writing that I recieve an email from a friend that a guy in the local college here in town needed a place to sleep. He has an apartment with some other guys - but didn't have a place to sleep in that apartment. These guys are all international students, but come here without much money just for the chance to go to school in the US. Some of them have no money for a meal plan and admitted that last semester they were hungry all the time.

As I read that he needed a place to sleep, I looked into my kitchen (yes, the ovenless kitchen) and saw my futon.(no oven in the kitchen.... but I had a FUTON there!!! I know.... what a strange decorating concept!!). Covered in mail that needed to be thrown away and other random stuff. My futon has been sitting there collecting dust and all other things for 7 months. So, I emailed the friend and told her that I had a futon for him.

*** note to my friend Shannon.... futon is pronounced f00-tahn.... not fuh-ten.... ***

How crazy that God offered me a chance to see the person over the thing IMMEDIATELY! Even WHILE I was praying! So last night, they came and picked up my futon and took it to the guy so he would be able to sleep somewhere other than the floor or couch in his apartment.

Don't think I am bragging or anything. I usually fail tests like that - but this time... Praise God I didn't miss my opportunity to bless someone with my excess. We have SO much to be thankful for! I am so thankful for the chance to help him out!

Anyway - today is my brother's birthday. He is spending it in Iraq. If you get a chance to stop by his blog - please tell him Happy birthday!

Also - I had a creative moment today, and made one of those fleece blankets for a friend who just had a baby. I feel so.... accomplished:)

Gotta go to staff meeting now.
Have a great day:)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Last week's funny story

!!!Ok - so last week was hard - really hard emotionally as shown in the other posts. However, as we all know, in the midst of hard emotions - sometimes God throws a little humor so that we can have a break. Well, our humor came actually the night before the hard stuff happened.

Tuesday night Ronnie and I went to eat with our friends Zach and Nicole. These are the same friends we went camping with back in Oct. We always come away from times with them with funny stories... In order to stay on track, I will not go into burnt crock-pot food, small servings, forgetting the movie (the reason we were together) - or any of that other stuff.. I want to stick to last week!

We were going to have chicken pasta. Ronnie makes GREAT pasta sauce using diced tomatoes and paste and whatever spices he can find. (It always impresses me, and I like it better than the bought sauce!) The pasta was almost done - the chicken was finishing baking in the oven (we were at Nicole's house, so it was a REAL oven:)) Nicole was pouring the brownie mix into the pan so we would have brownies after we ate dinner.

Zach opened the oven, and pulled out the glass pan holding the wonderfully baked chicken that was going to mix SO WELL into our pasta!


The glass exploded in his hand! it flew everywhere and the chicken and chicken grease also flew throughout the kitchen. With one piece of chicken, as seen below, landing in our brownies :(

We all laughed so hard! It sounded like a gunshot when it exploded. Zach didn't hit anything with it or anything, he was left holding the edge of the hot glass in his potholder!

The good thing is that we left the lid on the pasta, so we put a frozen pizza in the oven and ate the pasta while we waited for the pizza to be ready. All in all, it was a great meal.... The saddest part was losing the brownies!!!

This is a pic of what it all looked like once Nicole put it in the box - we forgot to get the pic when it all first exploded on the floor.... :)

****edit**** Last night, Perdue chicken (the brand we were going to eat) was listed in our local newspaper as being recalled.... it wasn't a big deal I don't think... but hey - I guess its better than our chicken exploded all over the kitchen!

Friday, January 25, 2008

I still believe

As a Christian - I know - that God works things together for good to those who know Him and are called accoriding to His purpose. I know that when God is for us, no one can be against us. I know that God's faithfulness is larger than I can imagine. I know His mercies are new every morning. I know His love endures forever.

For my friend Terry - and his family as they go through this tough time.

Sometimes, when life gets to be harder than we want, the things I stated above, things that I KNOW, begin to fade.

This song by Jeremy Camp came on the radio yesterday - It brought tears to my eyes. And made me think through the things that I believe. When it all comes down to it, when all things feel to be pulled out from under me - I must still believe.

Scattered words and empty thoughts
Seem to pour from my heart
I've never felt so torn before
Seems I dont know where to start
But its now I feel Your grace fall like rain
From every fingertip washing away my pain

I still believe in Your faithfulness
I still believe in Your truth
I still believe in Your Holy word
Even when I dont see I still believe

Though the questions still fog up my mind
With promises I still seem to bear
Even when answers slowly unwind
It's my heart I see you prepare
But its now that I feel Your grace fall like rain
From every fingertip washing away my pain

I still believe in Your faithfulness
I still believe in Your truth
I still believe in Your Holy word
Even when I dont see I still believe

The only place I can go is into Your arms
Where I throw to You my feeble prayers in brokeness
I can see that this is Your will for me
Help me to know You are near

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Change in plans

I had a great post ready for today - it's a funny story of dinner at a friends house the other night - complete with great pictures... however, it will have to be delayed.

In the last 48 hours some things have happened to people that I know and love that have forced my emotions into extremes.

The good first. Some friends of ours from church were pregnant. She was due in the middle of March, however, on Tuesday of this week - the little girl was born - 8 weeks early. There were lots of fears about her lungs, her heart, even her stomach when she was born so early. However, this little 2lb 15 oz girl was born strong. She obviously still has a long way to go before she leaves the hospital - but amid many prayers of the people at our church - she has the doctors confused. What a Savior we have.... that He would touch the small body of this little girl and show doctors that sometimes they can't explain miracles. We rejoice with the family of baby Allison!

Second, there is pain in the life of my family. We have a family friend, Terry.... he is literally a part of my family. He has spent more time in my parents house than me, Jon, and Jen in the last 15 years or so. He was a groomsman in my sisters wedding, an usher in my wedding, and will be in my brothers wedding.

Last May, Terry's youngest brother - Scott was taken in a fatal car accident. Scott was only 20 years old (approx... I don't know his exact age) and this was obviously tragic for the family.

Yesterday afternoon, I got a call from my mom. Terry's other brother - Jason - who was my sister's best friend through high school - was taken home as well. His father found him in his bed yesterday morning. Jason was the "funny" guy as I remember from the days he and Jenifer spent so much time together. He was always laughing, smiling, making jokes. I never saw him get down outside of the death of his brother last May. What a reality check it is for those of us left here - - that there are no promises of tomorrow. The Hall family is hurting right now. I called Terry last night, but what do you say? As he answered the phone, I started to choke. I could only come up with "you know I love you, and Ronnie and I are praying for you." I can't say "I understand" - because I don't... I can only pray... and love from the distance of states away. I want to go be with my friends - I want to be with my sister during this time that she is hurting. I want my brother to be here - Terry is his best friend.... I want to be there for Terry - he is trying so hard to be strong... I can do nothing. Its kinda funny how we feel that we need to be there for people - when in reality - even being there will do nothing to help other than support. I guess it is just one more picture of why we need people in our lives. People that love us - people that support us during the painful times....

I am rambling... mainly because I still feel that I don't know what to say to Terry, to Jenifer, to Terry's family, or to Jonathan...

In addition to this death so close to my family. A public figure in Alabama, Rick Burgess, of the Rick and Bubba show on WZZK - lost his three year-old son in a drowning accident the other day. I just watched the sermon that Rick gave at the memorial service for his son on youtube. You can link to my sisters blog if you would like to see this. You can also search it on YouTube. It is about 30 minutes long - but is a passionate cry to the believers to quit being wimpy Christians, and realize that we are to be Warriors. I do not want to begin to try to deliver his sermon. He said it all so well. However, one phrase sticks out.... he is talking about teaching his children to be Warriors for Christ - that is so much mroe important that being educated, being talented, or defining yourself through worldly success... His reason was that in that moment, when he was told that his son had passed away - he was able to cry to God - not in anger, or shaking his fist and asking "why" but he could say - "If it costs my son's life, so that people will not perish in eternity - then It is well with my soul." Wow..... that is all I can say. Please connect to watch this 30 minutes sermon - it might change your life. For me, it put things in perspective.

So, within 48 hours - life so prescious, and death so real, and faith so strong... I turn and wonder - what is my response Lord? Do I have the faith of Rick Burgess and his family. Would I be able to turn, in the face of tragedy, and say "It is well with my soul?" Would I be able to turn my pain into a call to battle for the warriors of God? I may never face the pain that Terry and his family are facing, or that Rick and his family are facing. To be honest - I don't WANT that type of pain in my life - who does? However, I do want to be able to say that I lived my life making an impact, that my life, however long it is, made a difference on this planet. This will require being rejected. John says that "In this world you WILL face tribulation" This is not a "maybe" It is a definate. The great thing is what follows "But do not fear - I have overcome the world" Wow - that is a promise! I want to hold to this promise. I want to be able to look at the unbelievers in the world around me and say - "No - I can't do this on my own - but my Father can!"

Please join me in prayer for my friend Terry - and his family. Please join me in loving my friends - the parents of baby Allison - and rejoicing with them... and please join me, in joining the battle to which Rick has called us all.... to use the events in life to show the world that Jesus is real and that He is the only way to make it through times like this!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dreaming of a white Thursday


Its on the ground! Its still falling out of the sky! The ground is white! The roads are white! The trees are beginning to droop a bit because of the weight of the snow! How beautiful! The frost is on the windows around the edges like in paintings.... Its wonderful! I hope to go out in a little while and get some pictures - - it is a delicate balance though, I want as much snow to be on the ground as possible, but I also have to catch it before the snow turns to sleet and ice as is predicted for later today. (will post pics later)

Our house is not the most insulated house in the world - it was built TOO long ago! (More on that to come) However, I have all my windows open so that I can look out my window into the winter wonderland as many times as possible.

Which is good.... because....

Remember the post where I talk about losing our 55 inch TV and other electronics to the lightening storm because the house isn't grounded properly? Well, apparently snow has the same effect on our house. Last night, before going to bed, Ronnie and I watched the second hour of American Idol auditions in Dallas, Texas. (Ronnie's quote for the evening... after the girl that looked similar to Cher sang... "I can't believe I never watched this! This is hilarious! It's funny to watch people humiliate themselves on TV!" So - ok, I have a convert!) We turned the TV off, let the dog in so she wouldn't freeze.... put the cat in the laundry room so he wouldn't freeze (yes, somewhere deep inside of me is a heart even for a cat....) and went to bed.

This morning, the ground is white, all is peaceful in the Mayhew household, Ronnie leaves for work, and I make my coffee to sit and do as I do every morning. I read my emails, I read my favorite blogs, and I turn on the TV to get my morning dose of FOX news or something similar.



Hmmm... the TV must not have turned on...



Hmmm... is there a problem with my remote? (THE TRAGEDY!!!)

Click.... (this time I watch it... the green light turns on, then off again... JUST like my big TV did!!)

So, I sit here - blogging, with no TV. Only me and my internet... and my ipod... and the snow... and my coffee... and my electric fireplace... to keep me comfortable:) (I sound SO high maintenance!!!! Am I really??)

So, my house continues its tales... we have lost a ridiculous number of electrical things since we lived here.. and NOW you know why we don't have an oven - can you say "FIRE HAZARD!"?!?!?!?!

Anyway - - I AM thankful for the snow... and maybe I needed some peace and quiet this morning... Actually - I know I needed some peace and quiet this morning. Thanks God.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

American Idol starts!

Well - first of all I want to say thanks! The encouragement from so many of you after my last post helped so much! I will not say I am completely out of the "concern" area - - but I have definately slowed down on my panic state... (Jen.... your daughter inherited my drama streak... so that is my payback:))

On to more important things.

I usually am not a huge fan of reality TV. Mainly because... well... it is not reality. At least it doesn't reflect ANYTHING that is happening in MY life! But maybe more of you guys have thousands of Americans calling your phone number to vote on whether or not you can make millions of dollars next year. I am not counting the myriads of politicians that want to be president next year...

On second thought...

Maybe THAT is the reality that the TV shows are based on.... Politics!

Back to the topic. Having said all of that... I am addicted to American Idol. I blame it on the overwhelming number of winners that have come from the Birmingham area... well... at least two of them... and no, they didn't sell very many cds afterwards - but YOU voted for them America!

Whoa - I am struggling to stay on topic today.

Anyway - I have not had the fortune of watching EVERY season of AI... however, I absolutely LOVE the first few weeks of the freak show! (It did get run in the ground a bit last year). Last night was NO disappointment. Ronnie has not always been so addicted to AI (not being a musician and all) - but last night even HE was laughing (he was reading the paper at the same time though, so who knows if he actually laughed at AI, or at something in the paper... I like to pretend he was watching AI).

The freaks DEFINATELY came out in Philly. The worst nightmare to me was the guy in the cape... or... maybe he is better known as the guy who took OFF his cape... AND his chest hair! If you didn't watch the show - this makes no sense... find it on youtube or something... words could NEVER do it justice. The stalker guy was just freaky, and the star wars chic??? WHOA!!!!

Ok... there was also some amazing talent. I LOVED the girl that is also a kickboxer, rides horses etc... I think she was from Oregon... auditioned with Amazing Grace. I also liked her shirt! she was just cute! The guy that had lsot so much weight seemed to be interesting too - - some of the singers with talent, I really think will not stand out in the crowd... too typical - but hey... this is American Idol right... anything can happen.

well - I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Worrier - Party of 1

Confession time: I worry - I don't really want to... I know I shouldn't.. and I don't all the time. But sometimes - it just gets the best of me.

Be anxious for nothing but in every thing give thanks.
Cast your cares upon the Lord for He cares for you
His burden is light...
Wait patiently for the Lord and He will answer
I have not given you the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

Ok - - so there are my promises... that is what I hold to... that is my prayer.

But still

I worry.

This weekend has been more "worrisome" and emotional than most for some wierd reason... so I am here to share with you some of my worries... Maybe if I announce them to the world - - via www.... then I won't worry so much? Or maybe not. But its worth a shot.

I love change. I have always loved it - I think because I grew up with lots of change. I moved at the ages of 3 months, 3 years, 9 years , (two weeks before my 10th bday), 13, and 15 (one month before my 16th bday). Not just across town moves - but all but one were to a new state. The last one being to a new city about an hour from the one we were leaving. Meaning at the age of 13 and 16, there I was - the geeky new homeschooled preachers kid trying to make friends... etc. etc. I think this has created me to be this "always looking for whatever comes next." type of person. Not that I can't enjoy the "here and now" but I am always thinking on the next step. I love to move - I love to meet new people - I love to go to new places. I live now in a rural area out side of a small town. RURAL is the key word. We are talking go to nowhere and drive 30 minutes further! I am a city girl. We have a well.... We have a septic tank (the concept here confuses me.... moving on)... We let our dog run because there are no leash laws outside the city.... We take trash to the dump - we don't have a large trash can that is picked up once a week... We have no sidewalks, or curbs... We have a gravel driveway... get it? RURAL!

Sorry - I digress...

This RURAL life for me at first was FUN! It was change. It was different. I learned a lot. I liked it... why? because it was different...

Now - we are still here - 7 months later. I have hit two ducks, a deer and almost hit a bear in the roads... We have to have our gas tank filled so we have heat... etc.

I am ready for a change... Not because I don't like it ... But the novelty has worn off - and well... It is time for change.

Now, back to my worries. Last night the worries came from this... As I type it, I am ready to laugh at the silliness of my worry.

I am going to Uganda in July. I love doing mission work. I love meeting new people and studying their culture while telling them about the Savior that I love so dearly! I am passionate about this. I love the look on someone's face when they have an encounter with Jesus so much that they know their life will never be the same!

Last night - the worry lied within this trip. I realized, that sometime within the next couple of years, I will probably have a baby. (NOT YET!!!) In this, I also realized that once that happens, the idea of leaving for two weeks to go to a foreign country would not happen for a time of my life. I am not saying that this would be bad or anything like this... but I need you to realize something. My HEARTS PASSION is traveling for the sake of my Savior. It is my determined purpose. It is the thing that makes me feel more alive in Christ than any other one task EVER! I am co-leading a team of people - of whom more than 1/2 of them have never done international missions before. Lives will be changed in July! God will do great things in my life, in the life of our team, in the lives of the Ugandans. I know this!

I love change though... the idea of changing to not travel is kinda scary - but fun... but in that change - lies a possibility of a LONG time with NO change! THAT IS TERRIFYING!
When a kid comes around... leaving for two weeks will be a thing of the past until they are older... we are talking years here. Since 2001 I have done a mission trip of some sort every year and many years there have been 2 or more within a 12 month period. I keep hearing about focusing your life on your "one determined purpose" and do it with all your might. But my one determined purpose for now - - will not be able to be my one determined purpose at that time. What does this mean? Do our determined purposes change throughout our lives? I know that we have other things we must do - -as wives, we have to clean our homes, we have to feed our families, I also work a part time job that requires that I do other things... but my point is... what is your one determined purpose? and does that purpose change? If so, then how do you ever accomplish it.

Last night a man that runs a mission organization that takes teams to Honduras spoke at our church. He said that someone once told him to focus his efforts on ONE country in the world, and pour himself into that one. He chose the second poorest country in the western hemisphere - and in that - he now sends 11 teams a year to do medical work on thousands of people in the mountains of Honduras! He is making a difference. His lifes purpose is to minister to thousands of people in Honduras. If he had tried to do it all, he would have probably done some great things - but his focus would have been split! Focusing on one place - on one target - was the way that he could have great impact!

So, how do you split focuses? How do they change? How can my passion move from short term mission work - and the miracles that I believe God does in that format - - to no international trips for a matter of years?

Anyway - - this was my worry. Please know that I am excited about one day being a mom... I am not putting that job down - I am amazed by the women that I know that are wonderful moms... my mom at the top of the list - that also never lost their passion - I just don't quite understand how you guys do it. I am wondering. Asking. How to you move from one stage to the next without feeling like you have lost something that you loved dearly?

I am ready to hear your comments...
(I am dizzy now with all these thoughts... its your turn)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Its Friday!

Good morning - on this rainy Friday morning in Southern VA. It really made me want to stay in bed - and rest - and do nothing most of the day. Join me in my morning for a moment....

I am laying in bed - Ronnie just left for work - The heat has just turned off and it is completely SILENT in my little house other than the pleasing sound of rain softly hitting the roof and windows in the house.

Then - there is a LOUD BANG on the front door. It hits and then scrapes down the door. I jump up in the bed wondering if I should move. I am quiet for a minute thinking "it was probably nothing - I probably just drifted off in my sleep."



My heart is RACING.

Is someone really trying to break in this house? This tiny brick house?

Where does Ronnie keep the gun? Should I get the gun? Would I be able to use the gun if I did get it out? Maybe I would do better with a knife.... I know where that is. If I used the knife I would pass out. Will I pass out anyway? Why would anyone want to break in my house? This doesn't make sense...

No sound. Nothing else..... my heart begins to rest.


the door sounds like it is about to break down! The problem I am having is that the storm door doesn't lock. WHy are they still banging against a door that doesn't lock? They should at least be banging on the wood door by now!

I sneak out of the bed - to the front door - without the gun OR the knife? (No one said I was that brilliant). If I unlock it to open it - I will be exposed... AND I am still in my PJS. I know - I will look out the window.

As I pull the shades back - SLAM!!! Something hits the window! OH MY WORD!!! My heart is IN my throat now.

Then - - I see my perpetrator....

My little dog. Throwing her toys against the door. She has these rubber toys - made out of recyclyed tires or something like that - and a rope with knots on the end... she is taking turns holding them in her mouth and throwing them against the door. As I opened the shades, she was letting go of the rope which hit the window right in front of my face.

So - now I am awake - I should be doing something productive - but I figured I needed to blog this to keep someone entertained this morning.

I need more coffee.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hair Cut

Well - - since being married I have learned several different things - - however, today I tried a real version of something I had tried a couple times before... but today I did it in larger capacity.

I had tried to cut my hair a couple times earlier this year. but always had Ronnie here as a back-up plan and he actually cut the back part -

But today....

Today I am here - needed a change in the hair cut - and I have cut over 2 inches off my own hair! I just washed it and dried it - am waiting on my straightener to heat up while I blog to get the final result. Maybe some pics will be up soon.

I am fairly happy with the results for now - it isn't exactly what i was hoping - but maybe I will work on it again tomorrow to finish it up... it is at least presentable for now!

Also, just loaded photoshop elements that I got for Christmas onto my PC... its much more detailed than the free Picasa I had been using - anyone have any suggestions on websites that teach ya how to use all the features??

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

So many thoughts - So little time

I must say - It has been almost a week since I wrote. I am in trouble with my little brother for taking so long to write.

Also, last night as I was getting ready for bed, I had so many great ideas about what to write today - and now, since I am by NO means a morning person... my mind is blank. But I am here, I am writing, it will probably be a quality rambler for me - but its here - regardless.

So tell me something. The difference in Modular homes and Stick built homes? Has anyone owned a modular? Do they resell ok? I mean - I understand that right now NOTHING resells very well - but relatively speaking - how does it go? I have done some reading and every other website has an opposite view. Of course the place we went to talk to people about the modulars said that it all works the same as a stick built home... but they get paid to say stuff like that right?

New topic

Several people have asked about my situation with no stove or oven. I do cook - actually more than I ever thought I would... and to be honest, I am not nearly as bad of a cook as I thought I would be! We use the typical crock-pot, microwave, grill, toaster oven, electric skillet, and griddle (like you do pancakes on.) The griddle heats up to 400 degrees - so if I set a pot on it, the water will boil... so spagetti and other "boilable" things can also happen. I also have a rice cooker... if you don't have one of these - GET ONE! It is one of the coolest things EVER!. put the rice in, put the water in, push the button.... 15 minutes later you have perfect rice! no stirring, no sticking, no burning.... and it keeps it warm for like 12 hours safely! kinda like a crock pot for rice! The toaster oven is big enough for my corning ware things - so I can do small casseroles and stuff - and the little Totino's .99 pizzas fit in there too. So, there ya go - Julia's kitchen excitement. In the summer, its kinda funny cuz I do most meats on the grill outside. Our grill also has one of those little eyes on the side of it - and that is faster than boiling on the griddle.... so I will sometimes have the meat on the grill - the bread on the top rack of the grill - the mac-n-cheese on the eye on the side of the grill... and some beans or corn or something warming on the griddle inside the house... you think its far to walk across your kitchen to get to the other pot?? hahaha - - try hearing the sizzle of overrun and having to run through the kitchen, out the front door, down the porch, down the stairs - dodge the car in the carport... and WHOA! those flames are high:) hehehehe... anyway - its all good - I have learned to be very creative!

Hmmm... what else.... I have been running again lately. Well, I have done it twice in the last week - but I am on a roll!

I am not going to get too deep on my new interest in politics... however.. I just want to say, on this day of the New Hampshire Caucus that this race is ridiculous ALREADY! We aren't even CLOSE to the actual campaign starting and people are already tired of the media coverage. Wow. I am doing my research - between watching the news (which is sometimes truthful) - watching a few debates (I don't watch them all because basically I get tired of hearing the same things after an hour or so) - and checking their own websites... I am trying to get my facts straight. I don't think VA has a caucus or anything (shows what I know) but I am trying to be an educated voter instead of what I have always done in the past... and just pay attention in the last two weeks before I go vote... I am trying to be early!

Anyway - I have hit enough topics now - politics, cooking, running, house buying - - there are the things that are all in my life right now.
Have a nice day.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Here they are

I waited a day to post them, because I needed to think through my resolutions.... or whatever...

But since I know you were all waiting to see what I might be hoping to do this year... here it is.

1. I need to ramp up my prayer life. This seems simple. And since being married, I have taken STRIDES in my talking with God. At least it is done daily now. However, I feel that I could be so much deeper in what I share with God. PLUS, in all relationships I am usually a good listener. People talk to me... However, when talking with God - (the ONE person I should LISTEN more to) I tend to do all the talking.... and then close the conversation with a nice "in Jesus' name... amen" and I can picture God taking a breath ready to respond to my requests and questions... and I go on my merry way - leaving Him interrupted.

2. I will spend LESS time in front of the TV. This will be helped when we get out of our direct TV contract in February. I don't learn anything from it - it doesn't help me in my productivity, or in my piano practice, in my walk with my Savior, or in my mental ability.... but yet - it takes SO much time! SO, I will watch as MUCH TV as possible until Feb.. then I will work on my resolution right??

3. I want to complete the 3 books I have started. In 2005 I started reading "The cost of discipleship" by Dietrich Bonhoeffer... I am still reading it... Ronnie and I started reading "Now you're speaking my language" and "the 5 love languages" by Gary Chapman last year... we are still reading them both.

4. I want to learn to successfully "coupon." I am going to be a coupon mom!!! (Don't read too much on that mom thing... I am NOT pregnant or anything... I am using that as a relatve term). In this couponing... I want to be eating more healthy - and feeding my husband more healthy too. We are both trying to treat our bodies more like the temples God created them to be... its slow going so far - because of the budget... you understand - cheaper food just isn't as good for you! It costs money to be healthy!!!!! Hence the coupons!

Well.... 4 things... thats enough for me.. if I complete them, I will let ya know, and maybe make more resolutions... however, last year I had 3 of them, and only accomplished 2... so if I get 3 out of 4 this year I will be successful too...

- PS. Jon - I did 2 in one day.... :) are you proud of me??

Works for me Wednesday - deoderant marks on shirts

I have never done this before - mainly because I am still so new at this whole "be-a-wife-have-a-house" thing. But I am participating in "Works for me Wednesday" by Rocks in my dryer.

Let's see how this goes.

I struggle with always leaving white stripes on dark pull-over shirts from my deoderant. I have tried rolling the edge of the shirt up before I put it on, then the stripes just are higher on the shirt - sometimes even on the outside of the "pit" area. I have tried putting on deoderant AFTEr putting my shirt on - but then one of two things happen. Either I have deoderant all over the inside of the shirt - or I am in such a hurry by the time I get to putting my shirt on, I forget the deo!! (Needless to say - this is a tragedy!!!) So, I have learned a trick... that will remove the white marks left from that frustrating stick... without leaving wet marks everywhere... PANTY HOSE! Who knew there was actually a GOOD use for the torture device? Put your hand in one leg of the hose, rub over the white streaks and it actually will remove the deo marks!

While I am now in the habit of rolling the shirts, so I still catch myself with white marks remarkably high on the shirt.... at least I can get them OFF now.... AND, I needed something to use my left over panty hose from when I traveled with Wings... Lord knows I am not going to actually WEAR them!!

Go on over to Rocks in my dryer for more "Works for me wednesday"

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Everyone else is doing it

So, here it is - the New Year's post.

I would love to spend some time re-counting the amazing year of 2007. Without details, it was the most amazing year of my life... It was also one of the most emotional years of my life. The highs were REALLY high! Meeting the love of my life, dating, being engaged to, and marrying him! Being a part of a ministry team that traveled and led people to a saving knowledge of Christ. Etc. etc.... The lows were low... Saying goodbye to my brother as he left to fight in Iraq - Watching him hug each family member with tears running down our faces not knowing when we would see each other face to face again. Praying for my dad as he flew to Texas with my grandparents when my aunt had a heart attack and we weren't sure how that was going to turn out. Praying for a friend in Alabama that was going through a tough time and not making the decisions that she needed to make. Being with Ronnie as his great-grandmother passed away and all that is involved with that.

Having said that, the tears have been plentiful - the joys have filled my heart - the bottom line is, that now, having taken the glance back , we must look at 2008. I read last night, a journal entry that I wrote on new year's eve 2006. I was down... depressed was tough. If someone had told me what joys I would fill in 2007 I would not have believed them. If they had shared the heart aches I could not have imagined it - it all had to come in time. Who knows what 2008 will bring? I am sure, as with all of life - the joys will be plenty - the pain will be severe - That is the way we live right? The important thing is to remember to thank God for all of it. The joy, the pain, the love, the sadness, the uncertainty... The Bible says to thank Him in all things. Not to be anxious for anything, but in everything to give thanks! We are to look at the joys and celebrate. And to trust God through the tough times so that His Joy can shine through in the morning.

Well, here we go - into another great year of our Lord... 2008. Do I have resolutions? I am working on that... I was about 66% on last year's resolutions. I had 3... I believe I did 2 of them successfully. I should look at that as a positive year, had I not had them, I might have done the same thing, but I might not have recognized it! So, I am going to have some resolutions... benchmarks I guess... I just don't quite have them nailed down yet...

On a side note.... for the first time in my life - I had a date on New Years! We went out to eat, watched a movie, and had a kiss at the countdown! It was just as cool as I always thought it would be:)