Friday, February 29, 2008


Well, it has happened. I tried to fight and fight and I finally gave in. I am now OFFICIALLY at real house wife - with a "stay at home" job and EVERYTHING! I went with Tupperware. I am now a Tupperware saleswoman. I am setting up my official site, and I am sure I will have moments of shameless plugging along the way, but who wouldn't?? I mean, don't you eat? Don't you want your food to stay "un-stale?" Don't you need Tupperware? I don't mean that cheap imitation stuff you buy at Wal-mart that melts the first time something actually gets hot in it.. I mean Tupperware, the stuff your mom used to have in the 1970s colors of orange and brown... Now we have awesome pink, green, yellow... etc. etc.

I can do parties, online or at your home, I can take orders - You can see what you want to buy at this site. Just let me know how MUCH you have MISSED having Tupperware since you were a kid!!! and stop in.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Starbucks thoughts

Sitting in Starbucks – Its Thursday afternoon and WHOA what a week it has been. Not that there has been a crazy amount of stuff to do, although that is true too. However, it has just been intense stuff that had to be done. But whatever, it is Thursday, and for me – Thursday = Friday for most other people. My work (at least this week) is pretty much done Thursday afternoons.

For the last three weeks I have been teaching at the school that is a part of our church. I was teaching a class on prayer – it is amazing how often that topic has come up in my life lately – hmmm…. Is God telling me something? Maybe – anyway, yeah, I had 7 students, had a great time, learned a lot myself, and only because it met early in the mornings.. which I do not do well, am I glad it is over. Really I will miss it. The kids were great, everyday a bit more fun as the kids relaxed with me, I relaxed with them – I got better at reading their faces, and they looked like they were actually trying to understand me. All in all – I am glad I did it, I hope they had fun too. I think the hardest part for me was giving a GRADE! It helped me to realize the challenges I will face when I start teaching at the college in April – but I think that will be different in that I will be dealing with music in that, not in prayer. I mean, how do you give a grade to a teenager when the topic has been prayer?? I had to give a quiz grade, and a test grade. I made it as simple as I knew how - - and still have a student who is not going to really “pass” the class. But whatever – they had to memorize a Bible verse for the quiz, and the test grade came from a prayer journal that I had them keep over the three weeks of the class…. I wasn’t even grading on content!!! Oh well – I tried.

As far as what I learned? That I do a lot of talking and sometimes don’t do the actions. When you are teaching something that you are struggling with yourself – it is tough! I had to several times admit my lack of faith, lack of believing what God can and will do through me, my lack of discipline to actually talk to him…. I am working on writing all my notes out now – well, at least I will do it soon. Hehehe (procrastinator at heart…. And in real life)

I also played piano for a funeral today. I have done this before, for people that were actually much closer to me personally. However, today, for some reason it really hit me. It was a 46 year old man that had a heart attack back on Monday. He wasn’t in great health, however, this was unexpected. How quickly we can go from happy, life, and all that jazz, to death – but at the same time, to be absent from the body, for me, will be to be present with the Lord. I thought about my husband, my family, my friends. How much I would miss them, but luckily for me, with my husband and my family - - I have to think, that through the sadness, there wil have to be a level of jealousness…. That they are then present with the Lord. Anyway, I am not sure what all thoughts are going through my head at this moment with regard to all of that – only that I am so thankful that I am here, that I have a wonderful husband that loves me, and an awesome family. A mom and dad that have raised me to love the important things, and know my priorities… a brother and sister that although we are all miles apart, love each other dearly and would do anything to help each other out… I just hope I tell you all that I love you often enough!

Well, as I started this telling you, I am blogging from the Starbucks in my city. On a beautiful blue sky day here in southern VA. I see a few wisps of white clouds in the sky, but other than that – it is gorgeous from inside. Outside it is COLD! The wind is horrible! I am all dressed up (from the funeral) and I am sure the people sitting around me think I am typing some official document – or writing a book – or something deep. And part of me wishes I were. However, I am not – I am blogging…. Telling my closest internet friends what is going on in my life – I have been bad at that these last two weeks because of the insanity in life… but now you can see I am trying! While they all think I am too important!

The music is a French sounding mixture. No words, just artsy music playing in the background. Part of me wishes I were in France now. Hmmmm… June of 2004 – Paris France with a school group of Germans. 8 days in the big city. How I learned to love that city so fast. I had heard before that either you will LOVE Paris, or hate it. Well, I loved it. The romance, actually standing under the Eiffel tower, seeing the Moulin Rouge, the Louvre, the Mona Lisa (as simple as she is), the Arc de triumph… in an early summer week, laying on the grass and hearing the students from the school tell us why these places have left their place in history, in German of course – because back then I understood it. Sitting in a cafĂ© close to Monte Montre just after watched the sun go down over the city while sitting on the steps of Sacre Couer. It was a dream wasn’t it? It feels like it now. But the music I hear brings back these memories. Reminds me of the moments in the sun, the walking down the streets, the smells come back slowly – the French people sitting for hours in the afternoon in the cafes along the street, and smiling at each other because they pass the same way daily. (I could discuss this for a while… how we do that so much in life – go through our motions, see people every day, and never really know who they are - - and therefore never get the chance to share with them our Savior!) The German girls I spent the week with. Its kinda funny, because I was with two girls that whole week. At the beginning of the week I didn’t know either of them. I met them on the train on the way to France. We were with the same group from the same school, however, this was the French class - - I taught English, so I knew the English students, not the French students!!! However, we became friends quickly, I was “officially” a chaperone… that helped them to be able to do more things… However, I felt more like a student in that I was learning SO MUCH that week! The teacher of the class didn’t speak any English, but she wanted me to love Paris like she did. She told me many times how wonderful the city was. Her excitement for the city inspired mine! I was not afraid to venture out in that city, with those girls I barely knew – I sometimes wonder why I get so scared in this small town. That adventure spirit will always be a part of who I am. It seems that those adventures are slowing down in my life right now. However, there are new ones here. There have to be.

Those memories I am sure have begun to fade through time – yet, I hope they never will. I can hardly wait until I go to Europe again. I don’t know how long that will be. Could be years – but I miss it! I miss Germany – the people that I love there… I miss Italy and the week I was there with my German sister… I miss France – and those two girls that I shared one of the top 10 most exciting weeks of my life with!

Ok, well the music just changed, it’s a bit jazzier – don’t worry, I am not going to go into the emotions that brings back. That is for another day.

This blog has been random enough. If you are still with me after my learning, my thoughts about life and death, and my memory lane then you certainly deserve an award… or at least a trip to starbucks - - the birthplace of this post! :)

I do hope you have had a wonderful week.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cabin pics

Posted here - go see - come back - comment - have a nice day!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The cabin

Ronnie and I went to a cabin in the Blue Ridge mtns this weekend (really just Sunday night and all day Monday since he was off for President's day - but I like to pretend it was the whole weekend!) and had a BLAST! I have to tell ya the story though, and will provide pictures as time allows this week - I have a lot of teaching and stuff this week... so I might be slow - but I promise they will come eventually, they are too good not to share!

The cabin was so cute - it was a one bedroom little cottage - mostly brown as cabins should be. The decorations were very.. umm.. "cabinesque" (is that a word??? it is now). the kitchen was perfect! (It even had an OVEN!!!!! AHHHH!!!!) The view was nice out the windows and one of my favorite things was the swing on the front porch! I think it was possibly the first time Ronnie and I have ever been on a swing together (yeah, we are new at all this married stuff.) The back porch had great places to sit and stuff (we didn't spend much time on the back porch, but I am sharing the experience with you guys). There was a fire pit out in the driveway and looked like it would be a lot of fun to sit around and have a campfire - - but to us, it seemed like too much work for this weekend!!! Basically, the whole cabin was adorable!! I couldn't have asked for a better place for us to relax! However, I have to tell ya the scary part for me. As I walked into the living room, in the floor was a HUGE bear skin rug. I am talking about one with the head and claws still attached. OH MY GOSH! I don't think I have ever seen one in person before! So, in order to avoid the view of this, I looked up on top of the TV and there was a "bobcattish" thing. Not the whole animal, it was the head, attached to a board of some sort. The mouth was formed as if it were coming OUT of the board! It looked so mean. There was a stuffed owl sitting next to the bobcat, a duck, skunk skin, raccoon skin and two deer heads on the wall. (one of those deer was in the bedroom.... I STRUGGLED to sleep when I first laid down!! but then the bed was QUITE comfy - and it was raining on the tin roof... so the struggling was very short lived as you can imagine). It was kinda funny I was so jumpy the first 30 minutes we were there because I just kept wondering where the next animal was going to be hanging around!!! On the back porch, there was an Elk... AN ELK!!!! Other random skins were laying around as decoration on the tables etc. etc. Once I got over the shock... I realized that this is what you put in cabins... It was just that I had never really been in a REAL cabin. The ones I usually stayed in were the type that we had at Kids Kamp or Youth camp or something.. basically a wooden building with rows of bunk beds... I was welcomed into the world of cabins with a few animals... :)

Now, I love animals - outside. I particularly love dogs (esp. my poop-recruiting-Ziba... but that is another story). I think bears are cute from a LONG distance. I like to watch birds fly over head and here in VA I always notice when the skunks have gone on to the stinky place in the sky and give ample respect! HOWEVER, there were a lot of animals!

Anyway, I will finish this by saying that once I got over the initial surprise... I really LOVED the weekend with my man! The owners of the cabin let us ride their 4-wheelers, and other than the one time I got stuck and Ronnie had to save me (my hero!!) it was all so much fun I had no desire whatsoever to leave that mountain home with the animals. I have to admit that I never got around to actually stepping on the bear-skin rug. I bumped the edges a few times but promptly moved away from it. But other than that.... I really got used to the animals faster than I thought I would. Maybe it was more that I was finally away with my husband. No cell phones. No internet. Lots of movies. Antenna TV. the first day was cloudy (REALLY FOGGY) - and a wonderful time of necessary cuddling and cooking together while watching movies. The second day was as clear as could be with perfect weather to layer up and go ride the 4 wheelers. It was a little muddy but not so much that we were getting stuck every few minutes or anything.

I really LOVED the weekend! I really can't wait for another time to get away like that. It was a perfect get-away for us and the perfect time!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day pics

I did NOT post the doo pics.... (I deleted them from the camera... it was entirely too crass for my comfort)

However, I did post some pics from yesterday's snowy V-day.

doggie, diapers, and doo

Ziba is our dog. A quality Heinz 57 breed of mutt. She has been the topic of my blog at least once before and while she can be cute - she is actually quite a pain the the tail sometimes. She chases cars and since we live on the corner where you pretty much have to pass our house to get to town, i am sure there are many people on our street that hate our dog. She also has a tendency to take things that aren't her from our neighbors (again, we are sure she is endeared to each person on our street!)

Last night, as we got home from our Valentine's date (Italian food and a movie... how wonderful for me!). There was a pile of stuff in our front yard. drug up by Ziba I am sure. We chose to leave it over night so that we could just come in and rest - this was apparantly a GOOD DECISION.

Ronnie looked out the window this morning, it looked like a newspaper. No problem. He went out to grab it and put it in a trash bag before she had the chance to mess it all up more, and well... it appears that there is more than a newspaper. Either she found some baby diapers, or some depends - we aren' real sure which one it was because we didn't look to close for obvious reasons.
However, they ARE full of... well... what diapers and depends get full of... 'doo'

Anyway, it is all in my kitchen in layers of trashbags now.(I think I have used 3 of them!) I need to go take it to the dump, I want it out of my house, but seeing as how it disgusts me, I don't want to put it in my car!!! So, for now, I am hiding in my bedroom, while someone else's doo is in the trashbags in the kitchen... I can't even go get my coffee!

Anyway - I was going to attach some pic here - but it is taking too long this morning, so, I will load them to PICASA as usual, and will attach that link later when it is done.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Snowy Valentines

Well, in southern VA we woke up this morning to a white Valentines day! The only other time in mylife I experienced this was in Germany in 2004. I remember going for a long snowy walk in the woods with my German family that day, and have some great memories even from that one walk! As well as some fun pictures:) I do sometimes miss my "other home" a.k.a. Deutschland. While it was oen of the hardest years of my life, it was also one of the ones with the best memories. Isn't that how life usually is? the really hard things, when you look back at them, are the ones where we learned the most, and in turn enjoyed at least some aspect of it?

So, today, I went for a walk in the woods. My brother said he wanted to see some snow, so I took some pictures. I had Germany flashbacks while Ziba and I explored the white wonderland that is behind my house. I did some thinking while walking, and while I don't want to put you all through the depths of my brain (I don't even know that I understand what all goes on in there sometimes!) I did think a bit on, well, being someone's Valentine. Last year, Ronnie and I were just getting this adventure started - however he sent me a HUGE box to the church I was singing at in Missouri. It was the day that my director realized I wasn't going to be on the road much longer, it was the first time in my life that Valentines day was really something that I thought might not be complete torture (the rest of my life it had pretty much always been Single Awareness Day) -

This morning, I woke up to two little boxes from our local jeweler. Once again, small shiny objects amaze me and make my man stand out in the crowd. I got a necklace and earrings with pearls :) YEA! I realize we are newlyweds and all - but I have to give my man props for that:)

I got him, well, a card, M&Ms and heart shaped pancakes... hmm.. I think I was outdone - luckily, I think we were both ok with that:)

Back to the point, to be his Valentine - to love him more than any other woman on earth, in a way that no other woman could ever love him - to make him feel special every day, not just 2/14 - To be sure that he knows he is my hero and I choose him over everyone else on the planet! - whew - being a valentine has a lot of responsibility - - 365 (366 this year) days a year!... I am not sure how good I do all the time.. but I am trying to learn to be a good Valentine. all the time. because I KNOW I sure am married to a romantic man. :)

So, Happy Valentines to all my "coupled" friends. And Happy Single Awareness to all my "Single" friends - please know that you too are loved!!!

Most of all - Happy Valentine's Day to my Valentine :) I love you sweetie.

** edited** As I arrived to pick up my Valentine for our very romantic meeting with the CPA for our taxes today, My man got in the car with some red tulips, a sweet card, and a bar of Toblerone (possibly the BEST chocolate in the world!) What a man What a man What a might fine man!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Shopping for my man never ceases to amaze me. I heard abotu JC Penny's great sales this week, so I thought I would go by and see what was going on. I found some great deals.

Now, if I were to go shopping for deals, and they were all picked over (because I am always the last to know about good deals). I wouldn't find ANYTHING for me. The leftovers just dont fit my body.... ever.

However, for my man - shopping was no problem - three XL shirts. one 5.97, one 6.97 and one 9.99. $24 (regularly $102 for the group combined). And I was out of there! 20 minutes!!!!

He hasn't tried any of them on, he only looked at them because I got them out of the bag and made him look. It must be so awesome for clothes to be that simple. See something, buy it - wear it - no worries about it being to big in the waist, to short, to low-cut, to high. Just see an XL - buy it - wear it. sigh....

Monday, February 11, 2008

Birthday Pics

There are some bday pics posted at

go see - then come back and comment!

for my friends in facebook, some of these are posted there as well - but this is by far the larger group!

PS. Thank you Kathy for letting me use your oven to bake my husband's birthday cake!

Birthday memories

So Saturday, my wonderful husband turned 26. (Yes I am older than he is). We started the day with just some time together. We didn't have a particular time that we needed to do anything in the morning. I made him pancakes and bacon - we sat around and did a lot of nothing for the morning. We just had a relaxing Saturday morning in February!

For lunch, we went to the Japanese restaurant here in town and had a fun little date - we didn't even have to share our table with anyone! It was just me and my man (and the Japanese chef).

We then went to his parents house and shot guns for the afternoon (it was a BOY birthday for sure:)) however I enjoyed shooting the pistols and rifles too. (Watch out when ya come around the Mayhew house:) hehehehe).

On another topic - we did not win the grand prize for the k-love contest - however, I am sure the couple that did win are very qualified to be winning. So I am not jealous. At. All. I mean, after all, how romantic IS a love song written completely about your love story? hehehe..

I am teaching the next two weeks on prayer at WCA. I feel so under qualified for this - however - I also feel that God has placed me in a position to learn as well at teach. So, here I go. Teaching high school students how to pray, why we pray, who prayed in the Bible and what did that accomplish. Hmm....... I was suppsoed to start today, but with the wind and all, school was delayed 2 hours. (For those in the midwest - I am sure you guys don't get to cancel or delay school for wind advisory huh? Well. Sorry)

I have heard lately about the "women of faith" conferences that are going on these days. I really want to go to one of those. I guess I am going to have to google the conference myself to see when they are coming close to VA. or anywhere else I can get a cheap flight to.

Gotta go clean my house - sorry this post was so, well, random - my brain is running in circles with lots of stuff to do:)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Ready for Weekend

This week has lasted forever! It seriously feels like its been FOREVER since I saw a weekend!! Oh well - it is coming tomorrow, AND tomorrow is Ronnie's birthday! So, I have had quite a time getting a brilliant idea about doing something special for his birthday that is kinda new - different from what we usually do - and something he would enjoy! I think I have a plan, but since I am not doing it until tomorrow, and I never know when he is going to decide to read my blog.... I am not talking about it today - maybe Monday.

On another topic. Our Christian radio station is called "KLove" - it is a nationwide Christian radio station that is based out of California (although some of the announcers are from texas I think). They have a station in our area. This V-day season, they have had a contest about love stories. They wanted people across the nation to send an email - 250 words or less - about their love story. So, I sent our in. It was TOUGH to get it down to 250 words, but hey - - what is there to lose?

Well yesterday afternoon, I get a call on my cell phone - it is the announcer from KLOVE. She said we are finalists! She recorded our conversation and then it was played on NATIONWIDE RADIO!!! OH MY GOSH!!! My heart was POUNDING when I was talking, and some of what I said was silly. However, it was fun to then call Ronnie and have him listen to it come over the air via telephone. AND we are in the running for the grand prize - which is having Matthew West write a love song based on our story - and sing it live on the air on V-day. I have never been a big fan of V-day... it used to be "single-awareness" day to me. However, this year - it could be really cool! (Last year wasn't bad either - Ronnie shipped me a box of V-day stuff while we were on the road in Missouri!)

Anyway - that was the excitement for yesterday... gotta run today.... gonna get to go shopping!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

WFMW: Musical instruments

Shannon at rocks in my dryer is doing a themed "Works for me Wednesday" for online shopping. I don't do this as much anymore because I have the equipment that I need for what I am doing now. However, being a musician that has played in multiple types of bands - I was in constant need of new cables, pedals, instruments and accessories. For most of these, Musicians friend clearance page was my place of choice! If you have enough stuff to get $99 or more (I would save up what I needed until it cost this much) it was free shipping. Now that I am married, and pretty much set musically in my church job, I haven't been ordering as much - but there is also a scratch and dent page too which helped me get a keyboard stand and a mic stand for really cheap. Beware cables in that area though if you are not able to fix them yourself. They definately work at first, they are just weaker. (that has been my experience).

Of course, Amazon is my location for books and all things "reselling."

Finally, etsy has WONDERFUL hair bows for young girls. (I am advertising for my sister for this one.... maybe I will get a better Birthday present:)) If you have girls, you know how hard it is to find the bows that match the outfits. With my niece, we were ALWAYS looking for the "red" bow. She LOVED to throw the bow out of her hair, out of the stroller when we weren't looking. I specifically remember going back ALL THE WAY through Steinmart, Tuesday morning, and Chick-fil-a once because she had thrown out her LAST RED BOW! Mom and I just KNEW we were going to be in trouble with Jen once she found out.... So, all this to say, the bows you are looking for - are here.

Happy shopping!

Monday, February 4, 2008

New day

Well - I am successfully failing at all of my resolutions this year so far. However, it is now a new month. I was watching Martha Stewart last week (yeah - I should have really been working on my resolutions instead of wasting my time... I know, I know.) and she had someone on the show that was talking about resolutions and how everyone is pretty much giving up on their "new year's goals" by the end of January - - and well - - I am.

But, the point was that we can change the way we look at it and we can get a enw start without waiting till 2009. We all like new beginnings. A new chance to look at life again. A day to start without the mistakes from yesterday, and a blank screen to start writing on again. Being a musician, I like my blank screens to start a little later than you early birds... but I love a blank screen that starts around 10:00 and I can write on it late into the night. Anyway, that is beside the point. (I don't GET that late start usually.. I am just saying that is the way I prefer it!)

Today - its the 4th of February, 2008 - I get to start over again today! So far, I have successfully done a few things this morning, and I have a list a mile long today however... what a wonderful opportunity to start again.

yesterday - we sang a "good hymn of the faith" as many like to call them at church. The lyrics are like this,

Great is thy faithfulness, Oh God my Father
there is no shadow, of turning with thee
Thou changest not, Thy compassions they fail not
As Thou hast been, Thou forever wilt be
Great is Thy faithfulness
Great is Thy faithfulness
Morning by morning new mercies I see
All I have needed, Thy hand hath provided
Great is Thy faithfulness - Lord unto me.

Now, in my own words - without the "Thee's and Thou's" since I dont talk like that usually.

Oh my Father, Your faithfulness is so great!
You never turn - not even a shadow's worth!
You do not change, your compassion never fails
As you have been... That is forever how You will be (for a girl... this is the ultimate security statement)
Great is Your faithfulness
Great is Your faithfulness
Everything I need (not want) You have provided through your generous hand
Your faithfulness is so great to me Lord.

Those words had me near tears as I played the bass during the morning service. I wanted to fall to my knees and bow to the realness of the faithfulness of my Father. He is faithful to me - to us. Even when we don't see it. Even when we feel lonely. Even when we are ungrateful. His faithfulness (thank goodness) is not one of those "dependent on our actions" type of things. It is not a conditional promise. He is faithful through our unfaithfulness! (not sure if that is a word).

Every morning he gives me new mercies, as our worship pastor said yesterday - this is a good thing... because He knows I certainly used up all my mercies for yesterday, I need new ones today!

So, today - the first Monday in February. I am going to work on the resolutions again. New today.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Moving on

Well, yesterday was tough. I seem to have this trend going these days.... sorry.

Last night though, I had practice at church with the Sunday morning band. I almost skipped it. I felt so bad by the time I got there I wanted to throw up. I couldn't find any one reason that I felt that bad - I think the emotions of the last two weeks all built up and I had been alone most of the day so it had all festered inside of me till I just about made myself sick. Not just the fact that people were laughing at me - but still the death of a friend last week, my brother learning about that and knowing he had to deal with that alone, and a few other things that I haven't blogged about because either they are too personal, or they are too long of a story! Anyway - bottom line is that by last night, I was done - I just wanted to go home and cry for a while.... I almost called and said I couldn't practice. It was the first week I was not going to be responsible for the rehearsal in a month, and I just didn't want to be there.

However, the "never quit" mentality that is somehow deep down inside of me pushed me into practice. Our first song was an older Darlene Szchech (sp?) song... the chorus is something like this - "You are my shield, my strength, my portion, deliverer, my shelter, strong tower, my very present help in time of need." WHOA! How great is that? I almost started crying while I was singing it - thankfully, this is not my week to be singing in a mic (doesn't mean I won't sing... just that we have so many altos, I don't get a mic this week... which is fine with me) so the shaky voice that came out as I started singing didn't draw attention from the rest of the band. So now, that is my claim. He is my shield - from the people around me that seem to have two faces right now... He is my strength - to get through the tough times... He is my portion, all that I need - He is my deliverer, from the days that I just don't want to face.... He is my shelter - to protect me from the storms... My strong tower, in Him alone can I hide... my very present help in time of need.

I know that the stresses I have right now are nothign compared to what I know some of my friends are facing. And at times, that makes me think that I don't need to even feel bad about this.. I mean after all, it was JUST someone laughing at me - and in the scheme of things... it just doesn't matter in light of eternity... I know that some of my readers are dealing with REAL stuff - deaths, diseases, etc. etc. - So, I want to quit complaining and simply say that I am putting my trust back in Him alone. Not in myself, or my job, or anything else around me. I am also re-focusing on my reason for doing the things I do. It DEFINATELY isn't the money, or the respect, or even the fulfillment that I want. I simply want to do what I am called to do. I will never make lots of money doing ministry. I cannot rely on the people I am working with to provide me with fulfillment - that can only come from Christ as well.

So, thats me - moving on... emotionally - but not physically right now. Gonna go right back in there and keep on doing what I am supposed to be doing. I do appreciate you guys for praying for me.

Thanks.... :)