Thursday, July 24, 2008

I forgot to send a card

So, I am going to say Happy Birthday to my mom here! I am sure she will read it... sometime... soon... I hope.

Here are '50' reasons I love my mom!
1. She is so in love with Jesus it is precious!
2. She is a great encourager
3. She always gave me advice.
4. Usually I wanted it
5. She loves my daddy so much!
6. She has taught so many ladies so many things!
7. I hope my life has as much impact as hers has had!
8. She loves me
9. She loves my brother
10. She loves my sister
11. She treats my husband, brother in law, and soon to be sister in law as if they were her own.
12. She thinks fairness is important
13. Sometimes the 'in-law' children get it better than the real ones... HEHEHEHEHE!!!!
14. But we even like that because even that shows how much she loves us.
15. She wants us to be all that God wants us to be.
16. We can never get by with anything less than our best.
17. She gave up 12 years of her life to teach us.
18. She never went to college because of us - a sacrifice greater than I can imagine.
19. She looks forward to talking to me
20. I want to be a mom like her.
21. I want to love people like she does.
22. I want to have a spirit for Jesus like she does.
23. She loves her mom, and mother and father in law.
24. She loved her daddy so much!
25. She loves so much.... even when we do stupid things....
26. When Jonathan was little... she called him the wrong name when he was bad... Jen and I thought that was funny.
27. She loves Aubrey a ton too... and will make it a priority to love all her grandkids the same amount... even if, because of distance, she has to show it differently!
28. She is constantly in God's Word
29. She shares what she learns with us.
30. Even sometimes when its hard to hear what she just learned
31. I look just like her.
32. And that's a wonderful thing
33. Cuz she doesn't look 50.
34. Even though she is!!
35. My friends all loved my mom.
36. She made sure we all had a place to hang out,
37. Even when her house may not have been perfect.
38. She still opened it for us.
39. She knew we were more important than a perfect house.
40. That showed us love.
41. She likes to do projects.
42. She doesn't like to exercise.
43. I got it honestly.
44. She over packs.... for everything.
45. I got that honestly too!
46. She is the woman I look up to more than anyone else.
47. I miss her tons!
48. I can't wait till I see her again next week.
49. She has shown us the love of Christ through her life.
50. I want to be just like her.

I love you mom.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Totally different topics.

Ok - I have two totally different topics to hit today. Please note that they have NOTHING to do with each other. One was my planned blog for today---the other is my funny story for this morning that simply cannot wait until tomorrow for fear that I will forget the humor.

First of all... Today's funny story.

I woke up early, came to the living room to start my ritual of drinking coffee and checking my emails, facebook, and blogs etc. I heard something that sounded like it was coming from under the carport.

Actually, it sounded like Ziba - our dog that we had the first 7 months of our marriage. She used to sit under the carport and throw her food bowl against the wall until we came out to feed her.

I thought she was back.

Not really.

I don't believe stuff like that.

Regardless, there was SOMETHING making noise. I opened the blinds. We already had the windows open on some of the windows. I couldn't see anything.

I went into the extra bedroom to see if something had gotten in there and was making a mess of all my nicely stacked (haha) boxes that I am starting to pack in.

Nothing moving...

I could still hear it though.

Maybe Ronnie is bumping around in the bedroom?? I cracked the door - he was still sound asleep.

Oh well - I guess I just will see if it goes away (you see how brave I am right?)

Here is the list of options that went through my mind:
Wild Dog
Maybe a black bear?.... nah... that's not possible....

Here is what was NOT on my list!

"With a wingspan of 1.5 m (5 ft) the American Black Vulture is a large bird though relatively small for a vulture. (wilkipedia)"

They are STILL up there! Bumping around. We see them often on telephone poles around here - - but BUMPING on my ROOF! What in the world?? Did you notice how big they are?? 5 ft wingsspan??? The pics don't do it justice!!! They are huge! And not afraid of us when we walk outside!!! (Is there something that they want to eat at my house?? I don't want to know!) - - Welcome to the country my friends!

Anyway - I have to move on. Please pray that we don't get eaten up.

The second - and real reason that I wanted to be sure to post today is because of some friends.

Over the last 3 weeks I have come in contact with some friends that I had not talked to in years.

When I say years... I mean it. One friend from Georgia that I have not talked to really since I moved away from there - in 1992 (I think... could have been 91). She and two other girls were my best circle of friends during the Jr. High years that I lived in that town just south of Atlanta. It has been wonderful to take some time to catch up with what is going on! I was looking for her on Facebook - and had to gamble because of the name changes that girls go through with marriage and all that... but I just sent that email that said "Looking for childhood friend...etc... etc...

Second, I did a mission thing with Campus Outreach in 2000 in Panama City Beach. And all of a sudden, my discipleship leader found me on facebook and we are talking again for the first time since we left PCB in August of that year.

Finally, I toured in 1994 with a team called the Young Continentals. It was a 5 week tour on the West Coast with about 30 other teenagers between the ages of 12-15. There was a girl on that tour that became my closest friend on the tour. We met each other as we got off the planes in LAX that July, and were the last to have to say our tearful goodbyes 5 weeks later in LAX. Just a few weeks ago I was talking to Ronnie about those friends, and that we all so quickly lost touch after the tour. Since there were 30 of us, from different areas of the US, it was hard, "pre-email/facebook/myspace/blogland" for us to really stay in tough with each other. I think we mailed letters for a short time... but you know how it goes.

Anyway, my friend, just found me on facebook this weekend. Of course we both have new last names now - but after she was looking through old scrapbooks, she just gambled and tried to see if she could find me. I am so excited!

It is so wonderful to be able to catch up with old friends. Sometimes, in life, people impact our lives in such a short time - and then usually they are gone. There seem to be so many good-byes. It is so cool to be able to say 'hello' every now and then.

Now - one final disclaimer.... American Black Vultures and three old friends from days gone by have NOTHING to do with each other!

Have a nice day:)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bragging on my man

Saturday, Ronnie and I were doing some "house-hunting" in an area where we might be interested in living. He got the new job in May - and well, life has been crazy since then, so, since he has the option of tele-commuting normally, we just haven't gotten serious about house-hunting.

Now, the search is ON!

So, we were just past this small town that is halfway between two cities that are acceptable in size - and looking at a nice little rental house. The rental house didn't seem to be what we were looking for, so, disappointed, we started driving back home.

As we were getting into town, we passed an older couple out trying to cut the grass. At first, it was cute, the little old man was pushing the lawn mower, and the little lady was standingback giving directions! Typical right?

Anyway, as we got closer, we realized he was down in the ditch next to the road... pushing the lawn mower with his left hand and supporting his weight on a cane with his right hand! As soon as we saw this, Ronnie told me to turn around.

I pulled up to the next turn place and we went back to see if we could help. I will be honest, I half expected them to either be offended, or at least be embarrassed that we would offer help. But Ronnie was committed. We got out of the car in their driveway, and of course they looked at us quite confused.

Ronnie just ran to the little man and asked him if he could help. The little man and woman came back to my car and talked to me while Ronnie cut their grass for them. Yep - that's my husband! With a huge heart towards helping people! In his polos and khacki shorts - - and his GOOD tennis shoes! Mowing the lawn... the thing he hates worse than anything in the world... just to help out an elderly couple we had never met before. Whoa! I love my husband! - for things like THAT!

We talked to them for a while. They loved to talk. She is 69, he is 74 and they have no kids. So, they have to take care of things themselves. They were hoping we would decide to get a house in the area so we can come back to visit them sometime. I don't think that house would have worked out - - but I do think we may stop by again sometime. Sometimes people just need to be shown a little love ya know?

As I was standing there, and the three of us were watching Ronnie mow their lawn - she looked at me and said "Ya know, you can just tell Christian love when you see it." I had not said anything about being a Christian up to that point. Of course, I looked at her and confirmed that we were, in fact, Christians.

Then, due to being in some serious conversations with a friend of mine of the last week. I have really been thinking about it. Although the church in general can be a tough place - - and people are never perfect - - and even the fact that Christianity as a religion can look like a whole lot of different things. When we are truly following Christ - and responding to people as HE would have us to do... yes, you CAN tell Christian love when you see it. It is unmistakable.

I just had to take a minute to brag on my man.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not here.... again

I am not here! Today I am at Starbucks getting my "free coffee Wednesday" coffee. I wish I were at the beach like last time... however, I am still at Holding On.

This last week has been spiritually a challenge for me. I have faced and defended my beliefs more than I have ever really been required to before. While the challenge has been good for me - it has also been work. Its good to know that regardless of how the conversation goes - I am on the winning side. I cannot be beaten in an argument on the existance of God. Not because of who I am - - but because of who He is.

My Holding On topic is dealing with how I have managed this. Please go stop by - and either comment there... or come back here to comment!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Table Pics!

The tools...

The tools - rearranged!

The cut pieces... ready for assembly... yes I cut them all myself!

Partially through assembly - a work in progress

Rough draft - the front legs are too short because well... i thought 2x12 actually meant 2... and 12... and it apparantely means 1.5 and 11.5.

**** edit to add next picture*****With new front legs... no more leaning forward! no rocking from side to side.... waiting for glue to dry and then tomorrow... staining!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Table Update

IT STANDS!!! I have taken the pics, I just don't have time to post them right now - however, I cut, sanded, glued, drilled, and "screwdrove" (is that a word?) my self right into a little table... yes, she leans a little to the front - but she stands - on her own - without propping... I consider that an accomplishment.

My wonderful husband suggested that I simply go get a couple of the little "feet" things from homedepot to go on the front so she will be level....

I haven't stained her yet. I have to go teach tonight and have to leave in about half an hour - and currently am covered in a mixture of sawdust and wood glue - so, I will get pics up and get her stained hopefully tomorrow!

Watch out - I have a jigsaw!

So this weekend I was at World Market - only my favorite store in the WORLD! and I saw this amazing table. Don't just skip over that link - go look at it...

When you look at it, you will also see that there is a pricetag of $129!!!!! What in the world? Its a small accent table!

So, yesterday, I convinved R to take me to the brand new Home Depot in town and get the supplies I needed to make this amazing table.... $92 later, I have it - Look I have already saved over $30 AND I now have my OWN jigsaw with which I am sure I will make MANY MANY other things that I don't want to pay full price for. Or, at least I will be able to cut things. You know. Sometimes you just need a jigsaw. or. something.

Anyway - here we go, I will post pics of the process (of course that is assuming that I don't lose any appendages - there will be no pics of that:))

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Comments heard while shooting fireworks

Two couples came to our house last night to eat and hang out - and of course... shoot fireworks. One of the girls that came is about 39 weeks pregnant and I was so hoping for a great blog on how she went into labor as we shot fireworks on the 4th of July at my house - however, she was not really cooperating - even after I sat and googled "naturally induce labor" and "eggplant inducing labor" No - we didn't eat eggplant, but apparantly there is some restaurant in GA that claims that every time a pregnant woman (38-40 weeks) eats their eggplant parmesan, she goes into labor within 48 hours! CRAZY! They have over 300 stories AND they guarantee it or you get a free meal!

Anyway, back to the story - since I don't have a great blog about rushing my friend to the hospital to deliver her baby - I will give you some quotes overheard during the fireworks extravaganza at the house.

Note: The girls were under the carport watching for the fallout. And protecting the 5 month old baby of the other girl that was here:)

I will use initials to protect the (not so) innocent...

JW: Whoa - I guess that didn't work! (this quoted while running around the house trying to make sure my roof wasn't on fire!)

JK: Ronnie - Where is your duct tape?

JK: I guess you neighbor has a tin roof huh?

JW: Whoa! That was a short fuse!

JK: Throw it.... FAST!

JM: Hey - That's my car!

KW: My baby just jumped with that one!

JW: I can't find the fuse!

JK: OW! That burnt my hair!

RM: Wait! Someone lives over there..... (too late - it was already lit!)

JW: that wasn't was I thought it would do!

and finally......

JW: Hey ya'll watch this......

Anyway - even after all those comments - we all made it through the night, with no major injuries, lots of laughter, no mad neighbors (at least as far as we know so far - I will let you know if that changes), and no baby deliveries.

It was so great to be with other young couples and just have a time of fun. Our life seems to be so crazy at the moment, knowing we are moving and trying to get ready for that... and yet wanting to be "where we are" as long as God leaves us here. Its such a torn feeling - but regardless, we had a blast last night and are so thankful for friends.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer days

Well, it's July 1. (Happy Birthday Jen!!!) here come the hot days of summer right? Well, so far this year, June has been ridiculous along the east coast - many days over 100.... however, last night, as R and I went to a little league baseball game (the semi finals in our county) - I had on shorts and a t-shirt and I FROZE! It had rained a bit earlier, and it felt more like I should be watching a mid-season football game in October! This morning, I expected all to be back to normal - and I was outside cutting the grass... and well, I even got a bit chilly doing that! Again, shorts and a t-shirt! It truly feels like fall here in southern VA right now?! What is going on? I know I am further north than I am used to being, but seriously!

Anyway, all that to say - as I was cutting the grass, the smell of the fresh cut grass, the cool breeze, the strawberry koolaid I was drinking to keep myself hydrated... I felt for a moment that I was living on 8th St. S.W. Decatur, AL. Back when summer was as it should be. So, I thought I would share with you a few memories of summer in the south.

I lived at this address for almost 7 years. We moved when I was three years old and my first real memory I believe happened in the driveway of this house. (I have some vague memories of things prior to this, but I think they are just combinations of pictures and stories). However, a little girl down the street "K" came running to my driveway where I was playing and brought me a sucker - one of those round ones with a hole in the middle. It was strawberry flavored. That was the beginning of 7 summers of fun. K had three sisters, I have a brother and a sister, and there was another little boy that lived in the house between us.

Jon, Jen and I had a trampoline, swing set, and tree house- the boy in the middle house had a slip n slide - and K and her sisters had a 4-ft swimming pool. We all spent many summer days, from daylight till dark running from house to house (or riding bikes, scooters, and skates from house to house) playing all day long! What wonderful days those were.

There were also the days mom would wake us up and say these famous words "If we all work hard to clean for ONE HOUR, then we can all go swimming!" Mr. H and Mrs. S had a swimming pool not far from our house. A HUGE swimming pool (at least for a kid it was big) and we would swim all day long. Jen was able to swim underwater by the time she was 2 if that tells ya anything!

The other factor involved was the "spend-the-night" times that Jessie and I would have. We played in the sprinkler in front of her parents house for HOURS on end! We would explore the basement, play games, and be more creative than I have been since then!

What wonderful memories lie in those dog days of summer for me and my childhood. I only hope that I can provide similar memories for my kids.... one day... :)

What summer memories do you hold on to?