Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Home again

Here I am, back in VA. What? You didn't even know I was gone? Well, that's because I am a tricky little girl.

This will be short - last week Ronnie was gone for a while to a training thing in SC. Yep, I stayed home all by myself, which is quite an accomplishment for this little city girl... to be home alone for like 4 nights IN THE COUNTRY! Then, Thursday morning, I flew my little self to Alabama for a few days with the fam. I got to go out to eat with all my grandparents Thursday for lunch - there is nothing in the WORLD like Cracker Barrel when ya haven't had it for a while. Ronnie got down there on Friday evening and we got to have my bday dinner with my family. SO MUCH FUN to be with mom dad, jen, aubrey, andy and brantley having my bday dinner. It would have only been better had Jon been able to be home. BUT, we did find out, that as long as nothing changes (it IS the Army ya know) - he has done his last mission and should be home no later than Memorial Day. WOW! I am so excited. I also got to talk to him on webcam for the first time since like October Saturday evening - it was wonderful...

Sunday morning we went to church, and then made the trek back to VA. So here, I am - home again. Ronnie was sickly yesterday so we spent a majority of the afternoon in the doc office - but the meds worked fast and he is headed to work this morning.

I am off to try my new exercise (getting in shape for the cruise ya know) - roller blading! I haven't really done this since middle school, so it could be interesting - but I have all protective pads and stuff. I am going to the park down town, so maybe not many people will be able to see me make a fool of myself! (its kinda hidden in the trees and by the river and stuff). Then of course today is church work day and "pretend to know what you're doing as a college prof" day.

Have a good one.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Me and Maria

So, today on the "Today" show - Maria Shriver (wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger) is on and is discussing her new book "Just who will you be?" the point is that when Arnold was elected as Gov, she couldn't be a journalist anymore... etc. etc. I am not going to go into any detail, only to say that her book was the EXACT SAME THING I taught to high school girls last week!!!!!

My point was being more interested in WHO you are than WHAT you become... WHO you are doesn't change.... WHAT you do will change many times throughout... etc. etc.

So, there ya go, if I were famous, I could have written the book, gotten the millions, and been on the Today show this morning... I have been teaching the same thing for a while now and have never read her book!!!

Me and Maria - we are just best friends like that - I just wish she knew that.

(disclaimer - I am not saying that I agree or disagree with anything written in this book, or any other part of her life - - I'm just saying I wish I had published it first:))

Monday, April 21, 2008


I am not sure that anyone from my college days actually reads my blog - but as I am sitting here preparing for my class tomorrow night - where I will be discussing everything from Bach, to Mozart, to the way Beethoven developed the sonata and broke all the rules and all that jazz - I am flashing back to days at the good ole University of Montevallo, the days spent just listening to these sonatas, symphonies, and concerti while trying to make up some words to them so that when I got into the listening quiz I would remember which one belonged to which composer... the days sitting on the loading dock of the Music building, taking a practice break and standing there with my smoking friends - I never smoked, but those days carried enough second hand smoke to make anyone's lungs turn black. We discussed a bit of everything sitting on that loading dock. I loved the spring time when I could just sit there for a while, after spending hours in a clostrophobic practice room, and for just a moment, close my eyes and let the sun hit my face in the afternoon.
I remember half my music classes being taught by Dr. Bean... oh what would us Pedagogy students have done without him... and who can begin to say enough good about Dr. Rob - my favorite professor of all time - that man was not only a genius when it came to music, he also put a passion for music into each of us. Just watching him as he listened to music, or having a conversation in his office - it meant the world to me. I remember once, when I was struggling with coming up with information about a particular piece of music I had chosen for a Piano Literature class - I had to do a 50 minute presentation on it, and I couldn';t even find a recording. It had only been recorded once in history, and the CDs costed a ridiculous amount of money. I sat down with Dr. Rob (it wasn't even his class) and by the end of the conversation, he had given me his copy of the CD to use in my preparation, as well as a stack of books about that composer and that particular piece - books that weren't in the library! I got an A on that project and went directly to him to thank him!
Being a small school, and small music program, all the profs knew us by name, by face - and as much as it frustrated us all at the time, they knew when we missed their class - Some would call us, some would come downstairs to the "practice dungeon" to make sure all was well - regardless, if we didnt want them to know we had intentionally skipped their class, we better not be in that building at all that day!

All this just to reminisce for a little while - while I don't miss the days of the exams, the stress of presentations, the nightmares I still have about keyboard harmony class... (yes, I still wake up panicked at times because i dream i am late) - I do remember sitting one day in a theory class and realizing that I was living a dream - I had dreamed of studying music... and there i was, with tons of lines and spaces, dots and flags in front of me. I was studying music... sometimes it seemed like more music than I ever wanted... but I was doing it...

Anyway, on this rainy afternoon, what is it that you remember from 8-10 years ago that maybe you miss... or maybe you don't - but what is it that certain smells, sounds, and thoughts take you back to?

Sunday, April 20, 2008


So, someone gave a link in the comments to my last blog to the full story of the military funeral that I saw... Turns out that the people I had asked about the funeral were mis-informed. It was not the funeral of the Roanoke soldier, however it was a military funeral, of a vet from the Korean war. They apparantly have recently found some soldier bodies from that war, and this soldier from my city was identified.

My emotions are not diminshed by this not being what I originally was told. Can you imagine the closure that a family must feel to finally know what happened to their loved one? A wife? A sister? A brother? Now, for the first time in 50 years they know the end of the story. Both of my grandfathers fought in Korea. One in the Air Force, and one in the Army... I cannot imagine what the family of this soldier must feel today. relief? saddness remembered? regret? closure?

Anyway - having said all of that, I am sure the family of the Roanoke soldier still needs your prayers during this time.... and I know my family appreciates your prayers for my brother as he finishes his time over seas. He wants to finish this race strong, and we want him to, but even more than that, we want to see his smiling face and get that "little" brother hug I have needed for the last 7 months!

On to other topics. This is a birthday week for me... WHOA! I will be 29. (for the first time) I always thought I would feel older when I got to 29, but surprisingly I still feel about 21. I have decided though, that I might turn 29 several times before the next dreaded number. Don't get me wrong, I would rather have birthday's than the alternative right now - but maybe I will just stay 29 until my husband catches up with me... I married a youngster, he is only 26. So, I think I will stay 29 for about 3 years... or maybe longer.

Well, it's dinner time. re-run food here we come!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

my experience yesterday afternoon

I was sitting in front of the CVS in my town. Across from the big graveyard, and traffic was all jacked up. I was stopped right at the entrance for the graveyard.

I have to believe God put me there. At the time, I was frustrated though, a funeral procession was coming and I was late getting to the church. Car after car turned into the cemetary.

There was a family standing along the road at first, they had American flags in their hand and it looked like they were waiting to cross the street at the entrance to the cemetary. I though thtey had just visited a grave or whatever. Then more people started to walk up, each carrying American flags. As some of the people in front of me in the traffic got frustrated and turned down the side roads, I pulled up a bit further, looked down into the cemetary and saw two lines of soldiers standing at attention. My heart dropped. About 10 days ago, a soldier from the VA national guard was killed in Iraq by an IED. He was 24 days from coming home, had taken his wife's place to go (she was called up and he rejoined so that she could stay home since she was pregnant with their second child). The guy was part of my brother's battalion. They trained at the same time about 8 months ago. I looked further down the road. Jon's group was trying to get back to their base about a week ago to make it to the memorial there overseas. It was strange to think I was at the other end of a funeral that started in the Middle East. As I looked up, I saw the Patriot riders... the motorcycle guys that stop any protesters from showing up at military funerals and send-offs. They are there to protect the families of the soldiers.

The tears started to fall then as they are falling now. I then saw the TV cameras coming to the street from the graveside - Then, the hurst with the coffin, I could see the American flag draped across the coffin through the window as it passed by me. As it passed, and turned into the cemetary - the tears flooded my eyes. Time was standing still. Then Someone behind me honked their horn, as the traffic in front of me started to go and I was just sitting there, watching, wishing I had known it was happening in time to go as support, wishing I could hug his family and say Thank you.... Anyway, please pray for this guy's family.... I don't know how they are handling it... and please continue to pray for Jonathan... He is so close to the end of his tour... don't let up on the prayers for his safety!

Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm baaack

Whoa, what a week! actually, what a "two weeks"! Its been kinda crazy around the house, but I think things are settled down a bit... at least today.

It was so crazy this week that I actually missed the Finale of the Biggest Loser - AND I missed the Office - one due to teaching my new college course, and one due to a Tupperware party. I have to get online and see the re-runs soon. Not right now of course - that would be too easy!

I also have been sickly, my voice sounds like I have sandpaper lining my throat. Wow. I think (hope) its just allergies, but since there was a fever involved for about 48 hours, it may be a combination allergy and cold/flu bugish thing.... So this morning my nose has joined my throat on its boycott of functioning properly and I have that nice tickle that makes my eye keep watering because my nose is tickling... You all know the feeling... close to torture!

On to better topics - I had a COMPLETE conversation on the phone with my 23 month old niece yesterday! Here is the script... (I have to add, she had this full conversation with me with NO coaching from mom on the phone.) (Also, mom and Jen have really worked to make sure she knows me and Jon since we are away while she is learning people... so she knows our picures, and our names and stuff!)

Me: Hello?
Aubrey: Hello Ju-Ju
Me: How are you?
Aubrey: good.
Me: are you playing with Bob?
Aubrey: Bob
Me: Is larry there too?
Aubrey: laura Carrot
Me: I am gonna see you next week ok?
Aubrey: Ok
Me: I love you
Aubrey: I love you
Me: Ok, Bye bye.
Aubrey............ Bye bye

And then mom got the phone back... It was so much fun! The reference to Bob, Larry, and Laura carrot are all Veggie tales stuffed... umm.. animals? Vegetables? Anyway - stuffed things that mom told me she was playing with at the time. its the first ACTUAL conversation i have had with her since I moved away before she was really getting words together, and she has now begun to really comunicate just recently! So much fun!

Well, its a beautiful day here - and I want to enjoy it - even though it will probably make my allergies decide to go into overdrive.... it just KILLS me to have to stay inside!

Have a nice day.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I am still here - just running like crazy this week... its kinda like i tried to schedule as much as possible into one 7 day period...

start teaching college class -
get new tupperware recruit started
do separate tupperware party
have youth praise band play at church
get new equipment set up for adult praise band (i helped... didnt do it by myself... :))
get over sickness from the weekend (my throat is still horrible!)
have a sick husband...
teach girl's Bible study three days... in the MORNINGS! (I dont do mornings)

anyway - i am sure there are great stories buried in this list this week... i just havent come to the top to know what they are yet! be back as soon as possible...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Traveling, Meme, Sick

Well, sorry for the delay - we were traveling. R had a meeting in Norfolk for 4 days - in a great hotel! a Huge Marriott - on the bay, overlooking where the navy ships come in, our room was the 15th floor, in the corner, so we could see the USS Wisconsin docked to the right, and the path they used every morning to move another big ship through at 8:30. However, there was no free internet - I went and got online to read emails a couple times at Schlotsky's, but really, I just kinda was ok with the break.

I did a lot of work on my class for the University I start teaching at next week - I spent some quality time with my man - I went shopping at H&M - my FAVORITE store... but bought nothing - I know, I just didn't feel like trying on clothes, and I HATE trying on clothes... So there ya go. I worked out in the quality workout room they had on site, we went walking in downtown several times... we were 6 miles from the beach... i LOVE the beach - we NEVER made it... this hotel, as nice as it was, charged $14 every time you left the parking garage... regardless of how many days you were there... so we decided that we would just leave the car and only leave ONCE! how silly! its ok though - I had a BLAST and it was a WELL NEEDED time away for me.

I came home thinking that I had some friends coming to visit this weekend, but then woke up this morning with a 101 fever. While I am feeling a bit better and my fever is coming down now, I stil don't feel that great, so we are rescheduling our time for another day... another weekend... hopefully SOON!

I was tagged in a Meme by Tricia - for 7 random facts about me....

since I am still sickly, I might make it back to this one day - but for now, I am going to send you to THIS post - where there are WAY more things than you ever wanted to know about me!

Friday, April 4, 2008

nothing much to say

Do ya ever find that when the more stuff is going on in your life, the less you have to say about ... well.. anything? That has been my problem this week... things are happening... its been busy - good, bad, indifferent - nothing REALLY major - most things possibly significant but not amazing or really extra life changing or anything - just stuff - you know - what life is made of... however, nothing interesting enough to put on the internet for the world to read, yet mind consuming for me so that I can't really come up with anything ELSE To put on the internet for the world to read!

Basically, its a vicious cycle! Anyway - maybe one day something will be interesting enough to put on the internet - until then, you are stuck with my trying to come up with something to say that is not boring... yet not exciting either:)

Anyway - my brother seems to be doing well... we are TRYING to count down the days till he comes home... just gotta stop him from taking those long walks! mom and dad have a new blog on the home... which is what they have done lots of researching on and stuff over the years... Jen has a photography blog now... and is taking some kickin pics!

Anyway - hope all is well with you and yours.... (sounds like a bad Christmas card i know) -
Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Entertain me please

Well, since my last couple of posts have been pre-determined, I will now tell ya about my weekend.

Friday night, the Tupperware party went WONDERFUL! I sold enough to qualify, so I still sell Tupperware... WAHOO!

But the best part of my weekend was Saturday. Ronnie and I had no plan that morning except we needed to change the tires on his car. We headed to the tire place which closed at 1:00, so we had to be there early enough to be on the list of "tire" changes. We tried to walk around at the car lot across the street, just for fun - we are NOT about to get a new car or anything, but it was SO stinkin' cold! We froze through the Toyota lot, and the Hyundai lot before seeing the Citgo - we went down there just to thaw out for a while... (so far this post is so boring... I will hurry it up.) We FINALLY realized that the tire place had a sitting room, with a TV, and it was heated. we are so stupid! So we sat the last 30 minutes or so there, along with about 6 other people waiting on their cars.

About the time we were getting ready to go, Ronnie tells me he has some "gas budget" money left over from the month! I had some too, so, instead of putting that into savings, or paying extra on a card or something... we had a day to burn the left over money - after all, he was gonna get paid Monday!

We went first to the movie theater and bought tickets to see Vantage point. It was gonna start around 1:00 - so we had time to go to our favorite italian restaurant and split some stromboli. Vantage point was a decent plot movie. Ronnie loved it - it was regarding a president that gets killedin Spain, and all the "vantage points" of the people that saw it happen, throughout the movie ya start to put together the "whodunnit" plan.

We left, went to split some ice-cream at Cold Stone (cuz we quit the diet... we hated it! And now I have lost back down to the weight I was before I ever started the whole diet). Went to Chick-fil-a and got something to drink. I also talked Ronnie into a second movie. He is not a huge fan of movies, but he handles it - I LOVE going to the theater, and we don't really do it that often. We went to see "21." It was a fun movie too - I liked it better... Kinda made me wish I was better at math! hahaha!!! When we got out of the theater Ronnie's parents had called and told us they had tickets to a play in town that night called "the Queen of Bingo." His dad had won the tickets, patron seats, with a reception afterwards. So basically our day was completely made up of being entertained. Two matinee movies and a play!