Monday, March 31, 2008

101 things

This is my 101st post - here is my 101 things list

1 I love Jesus Christ and want to live my life serving Him.
2 I love my husband second only to Jesus Christ
3 I have a list of things I want to do before I die
4 I am married to a man that is committed to helping me do those things:)
5 I have the cutest husband in the world
6 My job experience qualifies me to do such a random selection of things that I have a hard time doing ANYTHING
7 I sell Tupperware You know you want some
8 I am afraid of snakes
9 I don't like the dark
10 I dont like my glasses
11 I watch American Idol
12 As a child, I wanted to be a piano player, a waitress, and a cartoon character- I have accomplished two of the three - you have to guess which ones
13 The space museum in Huntsville AL is much cooler when you are 7 than when you are 27
14 I don't like to wash dishes
15 We don't have a dishwasher
16 I love to cook
17 We don't have an oven
18 I wanted to go to culinary school once
19 I got a music degree instead
20 I like rainy nights
21 I don't like thunder
22 I wish it were summer at least 9 months a year
23 My husband and I only knew each other 4 months when we got married
24 I love to travel
25 My favorite country (other than the US - which is home) is Germany
26 I lived there a year
27 I love watching movies
28 My favorite 3 are:
29 The count of monte cristo
30 Life is Beautiful
31 Beauty and the Beast
32 I like starbucks
33 I don't like sugar in my coffee
34 I drink green tea
35 Oreos were meant to be dipped
36 Peanut butter should be crunchy - it is "PEANUT" butter... needs peanuts
37 I like to be different
38 I LOVE carbonation bubbles
39 I have quit drinking cokes and other carbonated beverages (since August 07)
40 I cut my own hair
41 I just learned to do that when I got married
42 It is still an art I am working on
43 I play piano
44 I don't usually like to play solo in front of people though
45 I went to private school
46 I also went to public school
47 I also homeschooled
48 All of which qualified me to teach in a Montesorri school
49 I have a master's degree
50 I will be paying for it for the rest of my life
51 I had a perm in 5-7th grade
52 No you can't see a picture
53 I also had coke bottle glasses
54 The kids in Jr. high choir stole my glasses and threw them around the choir room
55 I couldn't see well enough to catch them
56 The next year I started homeschooling
57 When I got to college I was cool tho! ;)
58 I was thrown from a horse once
59 I landed on my head
60 No comments please
61 I learned to drive from my grandfather
62 I was 14
63 It was a big red truck without power steering
64 I am a preacher's kid
65 My brother and I got in a lot of trouble as children
66 My sister helped keep us in trouble
67 She liked to tell mom all the trouble we caused
68 I think politics are a mess
69 I worked for a politician once
70 My politician won
71 My husband wants to be a politician
72 He is a lawyer
73 There isn't much difference in the reputations
74 I like the beach
75 I like the mountains too
76 Italy was cool because the mountains ran right into the ocean
77 I like to ride my bike
78 I was a swimmer in high school
79 I wish I still swam that well
80 I would be in better shape
81 I know I should drink more water
82 it doesn't taste very good
83 I love Alabama football
84 I hope they keep getting better
85 I think I would be a great kickboxer
86 I want to be a photographer
87 I think it would be fun to be a train engineer for about a week
88 I want to work for a "quality assurance" company - to test the quality of hotels and stuff and get paid for it
89 How do some people always have cool jobs like that?
90 I drive a Toyota echo
91 It is fast
92 It is red
93 I get to talk to state troopers regularly
94 I don't like those conversations
95 I usually lose money then
96 I want to be a princess
97 Its hard to become one of those
98 Are you still reading this list
99 I wanted to be a dancer
100 I wasnt that talented
101 This was much more fun than I expected

Saturday, March 29, 2008

it will have to be 101

I needed to post to say thanks for the prayers, we finally heard from Jon last night...

I will put up my 100 things... or maybe 101 now;) soon I promise!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Post 99

Well, here is post 99 - I think that means my next post has to be the 100 things... 100 things about me that you really don't wnt to know... i am not sure that there are 100 things that I haven't already shared - But i will try with all my might.

Tonight is my first Tupperware party... kinda nervous, kinda excited, kinda ready to just be GOING! Nicole is my host - and she has been wonderful so far.. Thanks girl! She sells stuff too, so she has already gone thru this "first party" junk... (she doesn't sell Tupperware tho... something else)

Before I get into the "meat" of my post - I encourage you to go here and read a story of how a guy really took Jesus serious in his "Good Samaritan" parable... EVEN in 2008, EVEN in NY, EVEN in the Bronx... Makes me think.

Pray for me and my family - we are trying to keep our head out of the land of "what if" as my mom alluded to here. Its been a few days since we heard anything from Jon... so close to the end, it just weighs a lot on our shoulders right now. Honestly, it is one of those things that we should be sharing the load with our Savior, and I know He wants to help carry my load - its just hard to actually share the weight.

Someone asked me the other day what the impact of having my brother in Iraq has been on me. The truthful answer is that any words I try to put to it, really does not do it justice. It has impacted every area of my life. On the negative side, the tears have flowed more freely, especially when songs come on that refer to kids playing and such... mainly because those are some of the memories I treasure most of my family. It has impacted my marriage. My husband has dealt with me having more homesickness than I have ever had before because of my brother. There is a feeling that I need to be there to help hold up my parents through this - which has made these last months even longer. On the positive side - my prayer life is probably stronger now - if for no other reason, anytime I wake up at night, or have a moment when my brain quits thinking about anything else, I pray for the physical, emotional, and spiritual protection of my brother.

That paragraph can give you a small picture of the emotions that are rampant in my heart. I cannot put in words the total impact on my life. I respect my brother, and see him as a hero for us, and for you. I am proud of him - I love him - I miss him.

It is heavy. I am trying to "cast my cares" - and give Him some of my burden because "His burden is light." I am trying to keep taking steps forward... I am trying to be excited about Tupperware. But sometimes its just heavy. I can't explain why now more than the last few days. but it is.

Anyway - sorry if this was a darker post than what you were hoping for... We do appreciate your prayers for the safety of my brother.

Look for my "100 things" soon.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

update to the weight loss


4 weeks of bike riding, I am up to 11 miles at least every other day. with rides of 5-6 miles on the days between and i have GAINED weight!!! for about three days I was happy to be down a pound, but yesterday - i jumped up again... KILLIN ME! so, since i had gained weight yesterday, I ate really bad - which sabatoged me today as well.

Well, since I guess you didn't come by just to find out about my weight loss, since I am quite sure you don't really care.... Let me think about anything else going on.

Hmmmm... not much - we did order some in-ear monitors for our band at church which I can hardly wait to use! those things are SO awesome! I have used them once or twice and am SO excited about having them on stage in a couple weeks!

I got some flowers from my man last night (and some chocolate) I am married to an amazing man...

Hardly anyone was at church - spring break - ya know how it is.

OH YEAH! my first Tupperware order came in! I am excited about getting that started... hopefully I will get enough this weekend to qualify as a real consultant... if not, well, its been a fun ride - but whatever. My first real party is tomorrow night at a friends house - i cant wait. I am kinda nervous, but its all people I know, so it shouldn't be too bad... I dont have trouble talking about stuff ya know, but I just hope I know all the answers I am supposed to know. Usually people like me (rookies) get to do a party or two with a trainer before they are thrown to the wolves themselves.... but not me - I get to go it alone - my first flight is solo... :) we shall see:)

go order something...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sun and Snow

The weekend was a wonderful celebration of Christ's ressurection. I didn't blog because things were all kinda busy and well, its hard for me to blog then. When I say busy - I mean, Saturday was like 75 degrees outside so we went on a long bike ride, and then laid on a blanket in the yard, in our swimsuits - trying to get a bit of color in our skin before Easter. It was wonderful! I soaked up the sun, Ronnie read some political books or something. I gave him a haircut outside - it was just a wonderful sunny day. (my haircut also came this weekend.. took about 2 hours on Friday afternoon to do mine... a bit shorter than planned... but still is not too bad.. )

Easter Sunday was wonderful time together - last year Easter was the day he proposed to me (of course the date was different) - but we thought back on that, (it was also the day of our first date together!!) had lunch with his parents, and one of his childhood friends was back in town so he came over last night for a while.... they talked about guns and stuff... ya know, boy stuff. The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining - it was a bit chilly, but nothing jeans and a long sleeve shirt wouldn't fix. We dyed eggs - but didn't go hide them or anything...

(Jon, Ronnie did the Red White and blue one in honor of you in Iraq on Easter!)
This morning - we woke up to THIS!!!!

Yep - welcome to Southern VA - where one day you get sun burnt, and two days later, it SNOWS!!! - - - over an inch of it on my car! It is supposed to melt by this afternoon and be back up in the 50s... but still... this is a BIT ridiculous!
Anyway, it was great to celebrate the risen Savior with my husband... our first one as a married couple.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Fish sticks for Breakfast

As a child, Good Friday meant one major thing to me - Fish Sticks for Breakfast. I don't really remember eating fish sticks often, so anytime I see them now, or eat them, I think of good Friday in the Warren household.

Jonathan would be in charge of the fire, since he was always ok with getting up early if it included fires, he would build a fire in our backyard, Jen and I would roll out of bed at the last possible minute and the whole family, would go to the back yard and sit on blankets around the fire and eat Fish Sticks and Eggs for breakfast. Mom would usually have little Rye rolls as well - This was good Friday breakfast for us. We were really celebrating after Jesus' ressurection when he appeared to the disciples and cooked breakfast for them when they came ashore after trying to catch fish. They ate the fish they had just caught... so we had the 20th cent. version of fresh fish... Fish sticks. Dad would read the easter story, we would have some concrete spikes laying next to our plates, and hold those against our wrists as dad talked so as to imagine for just a moment the pain that our Savior went through as He died for us. We would then have a prayer time.

The rest of the day was usually uneventful other than the burping of fish sticks all day... But the mornings stood out to me. I don't remember when we had our last family breakfast on Good Friday. Its one of those things that got harder and harder to do once we got in college and started moving away... I miss it though. It might even be a tradition I carry on once the are children in the Mayhew home... We shall see.

I hate the way Good Friday is skipped over in American tradition. We remember all facets of Christmas, and that is good... however, without Good Friday - the death of our Lord... and Easter - the ressurrection, Christmas would have no meaning. It would just be another day.

He was wounded for OUR transgressions, He was bruised for OUR iniquities.... and BY HIS STRIPES we are healed! Today is the remembrance of this. My transgressions, my iniquities... they are healed because of the stripes, the nails, the crown of thorns and the spear.

The crucifixion was not God's backup plan, it was His original plan. "It pleased the Father." This is such a picture of the love of God for us, His creation. He was pleased to offer His Son for our redemption.

Whoa, I could go on and on... .but I won't - Just remember, today is different. Today is the remembrance of the day Jesus died. The day His followers didn't understand what was going on. The day His mother had to think back on the little child that had been born in Bethelem just 33 years earlier and have memory slide shows of her little boy growing up. The day the temple vail was torn in half and the presence of God was now available to all men. The day the sky turned black in the middle of the day because God had turned His back away from His Son... not becuase of shame... but because our Holy God couldn't bear to be in the presence of the sin that was on the shoulders of His own Son. But this day was more than that. It was different. It was the beginning of a new period of History. It was the day that the sacrifice on the cross... the most cruel form of punishment ever imagined by the depraved human mind, bought us a chance for eternity with God! Wow!!!

I leave you with a few phrases.

Jesus paid it all - ALL to Him I owe, Sin had left a crimson stain, He washed it white as snow. Hallelujah, what a Savior, Hallelujah what a Friend! Jesus, what a friend for sinners, Jesus lover of my soul. How marvelous, how wonderful, and my song shall ever be - How marvelous, how wonderful is My Savior's Love for me.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's Windy

Ok, So this blog could be a mess, it has been rumbling around in my head for about a week now, and that usually means trouble, when I decided to get it all written out it just kinda sludges out... so bear with me.

It's windy outside in southern VA today. VERY windy! The trees and bushes are leaning sideways, my windows are rattling at times. The wind is so strong that once, while standing in the garden section at Lowes today, I thought it was going to knock me over!

As I watch the wind I wonder how deep the roots have to be in order to hold the trees and bushes in the ground. I mean, I know that is the only thing stopping them from flying around my yard... but how deep are they? How deep is "deep enough" for the roots to hold on when the tough winds come? Why do some grow deeper than others? Some grow deeper because they are bigger, and need more roots. But there are times that two bushes of the same kind will grow different depths in their root system. Sometimes things, rocks, concrete, bad dirt, will get in the way of the roots, and therefore will mess up the roots system. As a planter (I am not really, but let's just pretend) I think if I knew that the root system in one location was bad, I would not plant another tree in that area. I would go to good ground and plant my tree there. Wouldn't you? I mean, you wouldn't want to waste the one little tree that you gave good money for right?

The short version of my application here is that sometimes I think as Christians we start growing roots, but then get distracted by the things around us and just decide "our roots are deep enough." But do we know what depth that our roots will need to be when the winds come? Sometimes, the winds will be only strong enough to make us sway, but sometimes, those tornado style winds will come and ONLY our root system - buried in the Word of God - will be left holding us to the only stability that we have... The Rock of our Salvation. It is then, that we will realize the true depth of our root system. Only then will we know for sure that we went deep enough.

But what about the times that things get in the way of our growth. Sometimes it is choices we make, sometimes it is circumstances out of our control. But regardless, things happen - bad dirt - rocks - other roots - mess up our growth. Some times it is our fault.... Sometimes we see that someone else is buried in bad dirt, and instead of going another direction with our own life, we decide to plant right down beside them. I don't mean we go over to help them get more roots... but we mix our roots right in the middle. THIS is the thing that has been burning in my head for a week.

I have some friends. More than one example of this - that have watched friend after friend after friend have their lives taken by drugs, alcohol, and other things like this. They see the damage, they see the pain caused, they have even seen deaths due to these things. Yet, they continue to try to grow their own root system buried down right in that same dirt. They are still drinking to the point of drunkeness regularly. They are still playing with the drug scene, the girls are still cutting and playing with anorexia. It is like it is a game. It is like they don't realize that their roots are being effected by these things! It's like they have no value on the ONE LIFE THEY HAVE BEEN GIVEN! The bottom line is that it is scary to those of us who care about them. We see them continuing to rest their root system on the edge of the badness, and we see the wind coming. We can even hear it in the neighboring trees! We see our friends struggling to grow more roots, but they are growing them into the wrong things! They have left obstacles in their own way! Why can't they see what we see?

How do we go about continuously growing our own root system, in the healthy soil, so we are not blown away by the winds... and yet, move to help our friends get out of the bad soil? Well.... First, I guess we can't help them out of the bad soil unless we are already on the good ground right? Hmmm.... Anyone have thoughts on these thoughts? Anyone else experiencing similar things?

Monday, March 17, 2008

A man in the bathroom

I really hate to tell this story, but since 5 minutes after it happened, I was thinking "WHOA that wil be a funny blog," I guess I have to right?

Today I was supposed to have a lunch meeting with some ladies, but this was my first time to have this lunch meeting. I have this thing, where I don't like to go somewhere for the first time and have to walk in and first thing - go to the bathroom. So, usually, if I feel the urge, I will stop somewhere else and go potty and then go on to my commitment location. Today was one of those days. Since I am drinking a RIDICULOUS amount of water because of the new diet I started today... that makes me crave chocolate... and yellow marshmallow bunnies... and ice cream... ummm... what was I talking about?? Oh yeah.

I stopped at the Burger King next door to my final location to go use the restroom.

Walk in to the restroom and its one of those "one-holers." But it is one of the ones with the stall around the pot where someone can come in and go to the sink or whatever while ya wait on the potty. Well, a lady was in the stall. So, I waited.

I looked in the mirror.

Fixed my hair.

Tried to make some noise with my keys so she would know I was waiting.


Heard her zip.

Then.... nothing.

No movement.

I wanted to look up and see what was going on, but I was afraid of what I would see.

I hear a cell phone dial.


"Umm, call the police and have the cops come in here. There is a man in the ladies bathroom."

I was thinking "WHAT? In her stall?? She just went to the potty and NOW she is phoning out for help with a man in her stall?"

I kept standing there.

I contemplated leaving and going to another place. But I really didn't have time. And since I wasn't eating at the BK, I decided to not walk out to the dining area and come back in later.

So, I just stood there.

I glanced up towards the stall and see someone peering out at me. Was she talking TO me? Was she telling me there was a man in there? I thought she was on her cell phone!

I hear the cell phone dialing again.

"Did you call the cops? oh, well, I think it is a woman, so never mind.... What? They are on the way already? Oh Ok... Well we will just tell them it was a mistake. I think it's a woman."

I am still wondering who is in the stall with this woman. (I know, I am slow)

Finally, she opens the door, looks me in the eye and says. "Sorry I took so long. I thought you were a man!"

A MAN!!!!!

I just ducked my head and went to the bathroom. What do you say to that?

First of all, I had on khacki pants and a green collared quarter-length sleeve FITTED shirt. I was wearing my dark brown (very cute) GIRLIE shoes.

Second, who looks out through the cracks in the bathroom stall to see who is waiting on the potty? I mean, I would have NEVER even done that! I just walk out and wash my hands!

Third, if I HAD been a man, it would have most likely been an accident, and therefore required NO POLICE!

Anyway, I went to the bathroom quickly because the conversation sounded like the police were coming and honestly, I didn't want to deal with them asking me whether or not I was a man or a woman.

I might, or might not ever get over that.

So, I got to my car, passed the ladies waiting on the sidewalk (It was the lady from the bathroom and I guess the woman on the other end of the phone?? Not sure about that). They were waiting on the police I guess.

I left, and as I pulled into the parking lot of the place where I was supposed to be meeting my friends, I see the flashing lights of the police cars pulling into the BK parking lot.

I went inside quickly:)

So, now I am not sure about this diet, maybe I should NOT diet and put on some more weight so there are more curves or something... I mean, I thought I was CUTE today, not MANLY! Yeah, the pants were cargo pants, from Aeropostale, but they are GIRL pants. I have a waist! I am even wearing my princess socks!! (yes, I have them) I AM A GIRL!

Talk about confidence busters... I need to go paint my nails or something...


Why do airlines make it so hard to get the free tickets you promise?

Why do I crave sugar the very DAY I commit to a diet? I mean, I would KILL for an oreo right now.

Why does spring tease us? acting like its coming and then leaving frost on the windshield again?

Why do people not learn from the mistakes of others? I mean, wouldn't we be so much further along if we would realize when someone messes up, that we are vulnerable too? (more thoughts on this when I have time... )

Why does time pass quickly on Saturday and yet putt putt around on Monday?

ok... enough... :)

Have a wonderful Monday.

I have to go exercise now.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

2 then 1

Ok, I have 2 pretty useless things to mention and then something a bit more serious that has been festering in my mind this past week.

1. I just went over 10,000 views!!! YEA!!! We all celebrate!!! PARTY!!!!!!

2. I lost my FIRST pound yesterday!! (probably gained it back last night when I ate some ice cream while at a friends house... but that is NOT the point!)

3. And this one is longer.

The news this past week has been overwhelming. Gov. Spitzer's decision to have the call girl has become normal conversation around tables, in homes, at work, and on cell phones. I don't usually watch much TV, but it seems that every news channel in the mornings has had conversations on the topic. Some saying its all his fault, some blaming his wife, some blaming the girl, and even some blaming his parents and the way he was raised.
I know there are THOUSANDS of opinions out there. And I also know that there is a lot of the story that I don't know, nor do I want to know all of the story - however, here are my two cents, just in case you wondered.
1. The poor girl. Yes, she signed up for the agency and put herself out there. We don't know her hurts, failures, pains... and so who are we to judge her. She is someone's daughter. Someone, at some point in time loved, the little two year old girl. They helped her get ready for her first day of kindergarten, they taught her to ride a bike and watched as she fed the puppy for the first time. Her life will now be marked forever. She will not have the freedom to walk down the streets and not be looking over her shoulder wondering what someone is saying about her. The job market will be difficult. It will be tough. Her face, and now, even her name has been spread internationally with millions of people discussing her and her mistake. I don't know about you, but I sure would hate for someone to be parading my mistakes around on TV, Internet, and for my mistake to be the topic of dinner conversation around the country. The worst part is some of the people I have read that claim Christianity, but are showing judgement more than Christ would ever have allowed. I guess some people don't really want to see the lesson in the story of the woman caught in adultery. "Who condemns you? Neither do I. Go and sin no more."
2. The wife. Any wife that ever had to deal with this would feel pain I can only imagine. I can't imagine feeling that pain publicly, having every smile, tear, glance and movement judged by some "expert" on body language. This lady is smart. Has a Harvard Law degree - do the media really think she doesn't know what they are doing?
3. The daughters. They will spends most of their lives overcoming their last name. They will learn to deal with the pain of this as publicly as their mom will deal with it. When they meet people, they will learn to recognize the "facial expression" of the people when they realize who the girls' dad is. That knowing smile, that look of pity, that well intentioned "How are you doing?" The pain will echo for years to come.

He made the calls, he paid the price. He was a trusted elected official. I do have to say that I appreciate that once he was caught, he faced up to it as opposed to other officials caught in scandals who have tried to cover it indefinately. However, the pleasure of those nights will echo through his life and the price will be much greater than he ever intended to pay.

My mom used to tell us growing up: "Sin will always take you further than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay, and make you pay MUCH more than you ever wanted to pay." I believe Gov. Spitzer will pay a price higher than he intended for a long time. But having said that - the forgivness and freedom in Christ that I feel should be offered to the girl must be offered equally to him.

Anyway, that is my soapbox. I will get off of it now. I have another that is forming in my head - but I will save that for another time.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Well - today I am learning discipline. I have been riding my bike regularly for about two weeks now - almost daily except when weather stopped me, and then I walked in the mall or something to make myself have something resembling a workout! Anyway, some days, I ride in the mornings to be sure I go, and then when Ronnie gets home, we go riding together. Well, yesterday, we pumped it up a bit. We usually ride a 5 mile circle - but yesterday, we stopped at the school that is down the street from us and walked/ran an extra mile before we came home! Today, I need to go ride - it is a beautiful day - but well, my legs are sore and I just don't want to go! Its one of those things ya know, you don't want to do it even though you know you will feel better afterwards and you will enjoy the results later too??

Well, thats another thing. See, I have been doing this for two weeks - and i weigh the EXACT same as I did before I started! I can't get the numbers on the scale to move at all!! Ronnie is losing weight... I am staying the same - and I am exercising at least double what he is doing!!! I just DON'T GET IT! It sure does make it a LOT harder to go get on the bike.

Hmmm... but today is wednesday and if i dont ride now, then we wont ride later because of church - we have to walk the mall today.

Anyway, thats about as deep as I am going to get today - I think I am consistantly boring lately - sorry.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sadness in the Mayhew household

Well, after all the fun stories that Ziba has provided for Ronnie and I - and the wonderful dog that she was - I have to share the sad news that she passed away this weekend. She always had a bad habit, as mentioned earlier, of chasing cars - - from the front of the car. She particularly liked the front tires. Saturday morning, she got her timing wrong, and was hit. The lady that hit her came back and was crying, she was always so careful with Ziba, I felt really sorry for her too.

Ziba became a part of our family the week after our wedding. So other than our first week of marriage, we just don't know about married life without her. She was just always here. We will miss her.

We also had quite a weekend with a missions conference at our church. WHEW!!! It was so crazy! We kept a couple of guys at our house that travel with "light" from Liberty University - that was tons of fun too.

In other news, I recieved my packet of Tupperware stuff last week and have a couple people wanting to schedule some parties and that is WONDERFUL but makes me a bit nervous as well! I mean, I am actually gonna be selling this stuff! WHOA!

Sorry this is a short factual post without the normal banter that would put most people to sleep, but I have to go clean up and start learning how to SELL TUPPERWARE!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ultimate Blog Party

I am participating in the ultimate blog barty over at 5.minutes for mom. No, I am not a mom - but hey, any excuse to party right???

Anyway, The idea is to give you a basic idea of what my blog is, and then have you link over to the "5 minutes for mom" site so that you can see what other people are doing in bloggy land. This is supposed to be HUGE!

Anyway, my blog is just the way I view my life. I have typos, I have funny stories, I have sadness, and fears. I am just Julia. I somehow always have some adventure going on, and this is the way I let it all out - I mean, just within the last week of posts the stories have been entertaining.

Honestly, I started this blog because I got married last summer and moved about 8 hours away from my family, and at the same time my brother went to war in Iraq... it seemed like the best way to stay in touch with my family without ridiculous phone bills.... but now, I have fallen in love with blogging and will continue indefinately... (of course, I will also be a long way away from my family indefiantely too... so there ya go:))

Anyway - enjoy the party ladies!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ziba and THE STORM

Well we had an interesting night. The storms that the news is still talking about this morning here in southern VA were loud - the tornado warnings had us all listening closely to the wind in case of the "freight train" sound. We unplugged the TV, VCR, Internet and all that. After losing two televisions in this house, we don't play anymore - however that also had taken away our way to know what was going on around us.

I was sleepy though. That was the best thing for me to do - go to sleep and sleep through the storm. Right as I drifted off, Ronnie JUMPED out of bed, grabbed his gun, and ran to the front of the house. My heart started racing but all I got out of my mouth was, "WHAT are you DOING?" As if he were doing this just to wake me up. All he responded with was "I heard something."

yeah, thats comforting.

He throws open the front door and I hear ALL the neighborhood dogs going CRAZY. Ziba was obviously being loud too. I am usually more worried about Ziba frustrating our neighbors. Ronnie starts yelling from the front porch.. "ZIBA! ZIBA!" I am REALLY more worried now about Ronnie - its one thing for Ziba to make the neighbors mad, but Ronnie yelling at her might just put them over the edge. I am behind him (inside the house) watching out the door.

Finally Ziba comes running back to the house, Ronnie had watched her chase something down our driveway, and around the abandoned house across the street twice when she just decided to come back to the porch. She was terrified. At least Ronnie said she was, I didn't get that close. About the time she gets to the porch, our neighbors down the street turn on their flood lights and BANG! One shot..... This makes Ronnie go back to the edge of the porch. About that time. BANG! A second shot.

The flood lights turn back off.

I have no idea what they were shooting at. Did they see the creature Ziba had been fighting with under our carport? Were they shooting because Ziba had made them angry? Were they shooting warning shots because Ronnie was yelling? I am just not sure. But regardless, it took me a while to get back to sleep of course. Ronnie said it was either a Coyote, or Fox or something... I am not sure Ziba could have scared off a Coyote without getting injured, so I think it was something smaller... We think whatever it was, was taking Ziba's food - and well - no one messes with Ziba's food - she is VERY protective of all things FOOD.

So, thats the excitement of the story, lightening, thunder, tornadoes, dogs barking, guns firing. Just a normal night in southern VA.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I have to write quickly.
Funny story for the weekend.

Friday, I decided it was time to flip my mattress! I mean, arent you supposed to do that regularly? So, I was home alone... (first mistake).. and as I got the mattress up in the air, I am standing on the box springs, with the mattress up on its side - - the mattress started to fall over! I was holding on and slowly regained my balance! I stepped down on the ground, I was now at the end of the bed holding the mattress up in the air when I realized that on the other side of the bed, where the mattress was going rather quickly, there was a glass where I had drank something the night before and left my glass there.... There was nothing I could do. The mattress fell, bumped the glass, it broke immediately on the table, and then all three parts went in slow motion towards the floor...... where it SHATTERED! All over the floor on MY side of the bed!

So, I stopped all of my other work, which to that point had been going GREAT, and cleaned glass. I swept, used duct tape (cuz you should always use duct tape to get the glass out of the floor), and then swept again... I was careful not to walk in my shoes around the house until I checked to see if there was glass in the shoes. I mean... I took ALL kinds of precautions so that I would NOT have a huge piece of glass in my foot!

Friday night... well.. actually Saturday morning.... around 3:00am. I had to get up to go to the restroom on my nightly trip. On the way back to the bed, as I turned to walk up MY side of the bed, it happened. Yep. Julia has a HUGE chunk of glass in the heel of her foot. I don't remember exactly how I woke Ronnie up. But there was no way I could have gotten the glass out by myself! He was so good about it, he woke up, went and got the tweezers, cleaned them up, came back where I was laying on the bed and put my foot under his arm so he could try to stabalize it since every time he touched it I kept jerking. I really didnt mean to... it just happened!

I finally passed out. He said he kept wondering if I would pass out, but he knew it had finally happened when I quit jumping when he touched me... So, he worked quickly, got the glass out, and I came to as he was putting the band-aid on my heel. I couldn't figure out how he was done already, but just wanted to go back to sleep.

I do believe that there may be some nerve damage or something because now whenever I take a step and land on my heel, it hurts up to my knee. It doesn't really hurt on the actual cut - it is WAY up ion my leg. But every day is a bit better. I was planning to start running yesterday in my "look good in time for the cruise" plan. But had to change that and start riding my bike instead since I can't really touch my heel to the ground! i have spent the last three days walking on my left foot and right tip-toes. Its more fun than you can imagine.

Oh well, if I dont go get on my bike and exercise now, I will have to ride in the rain... and I dont really want to do that, so I have to go now - Just wanted to tell you about my "reward" for cleaning house!