Monday, August 31, 2009

'Twas a fun day

campaign life can get messy - but sometimes, randomly in the midst of the mess.... a fun day shines through.

It's that type of day that will stand out when it's all over.

Today was one of those.

The incumbent Lt. Gov. came through Danville. - - -First Ronnie and I were included in a round-table discussion about the job/economic situation in the area. Talk about feeling "outta my league" - but it was kinda nice to be there - - another one of "those" moments for me...

Then after an afternoon of phone calling, (possibly my least favorite thing to do EVER!!) Ronnie and I went to a beautiful home for a fund raiser.

Nothing like Fried fish to end a night well. And as we were enjoying the fried fish - - we got to have some good conversation with the man I worked for last year and his wife. (Even talked a little Alabama football:))

Sometimes. this life just feels a bit surreal to me.

I kinda like it.

In other news - - - my next online class started today as well. Kinda nice to just come home and check to get the homework assignment and not actually have to go teach for 4 hours! I think I like online teaching!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Is it really only 2 days away from September? Really?

In a short update on the garden. I think I had a seriously late blooming garden... No really, other than the tomatoes - I have only had one cucumber to make it to the ripe stage - but I think we have left it sitting in the window too long now, and it is getting kinda squishy.

I have three squashes... um... squashi... um... squash... I really can't find a plural that sounds right, that are growing now - they are all only about 3 inches long right now though!!!

Also, I have a watermelon on the vine. There are really two - watermelons - but one is the size of a grape... the other though, is about the size of a large plum!!!! I am kinda proud that all of my plants have produced some sort of fruit this year. Being my first year and all, I was kinda afraid I wouldn't get much "fruit for my labor." Hahaha...

I have been thinking about why I don't post during campaign season very often. I think its because the campaign really kinda takes over my whole life! I have a hard time coming up with ANYTHING else to talk about. And I simply refuse - for many reasons - to let this turn into some sory of political diatribe (like that word??). We have enough about that.

I have also started running again. I meet three ladies to run three days a week right now - several of us are actually preparing for an 8k to run in November! It will be my first real race..... I have already paid for it - that way it is harder for me to back out... and it gives me something to look forward to after the election is over.

Well, there ya go little bro - I blogged... mostly useless rambling - but it's your turn now :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

gardening thoughts

A few weeks ago Ronnie and I decided on a Sunday afternoon that we really wanted to put some plants in a small garden'ish' area in front of our house. We worked really hard - - dug through almost IMPOSSIBLE dirt - - planted, rolled out weed blocker, went to Lowe's the second time to get more mulch for the top layer.... and some bricks to outline it (didn't measure the bricks... I just guessed while standing at Lowe's that we needed 42 bricks)... (turns out we needed 43.... i was kinda proud of being "one brick shy..." haha)

That next week I found an afternoon in which I could sit in my veggie garden and do some weeding. I pulled, dug, pried... and actually got most of the weeds out. It had been several weeks since I had done that and really think that the weeds were beginning to choke my cucumbers (of which there are about 9 that will be ready to eat in the next week or two!!! I am so proud!)

The tomatoes are just about finished... there are about 5 more that are still ripening and then I think they will be done -

The squash plants have some of the most beautiful flowers every morning - - and I have YET to see the first actual veggie come from it.

The watermelon vines are running everywhere - - but no watermelons yet either... oh well.

All this to say that I have learned a few things while gardening this year.

- I have learned that too much water will rot the tomatoes - too little will dry them up - there must be a perfect amount of water in order for healthy fruit to grow.

- Just because a plant looks really pretty, does not mean fruit will come from it

- Weeds really do choke pther plants.

- the point of the garden is to get more fruit - - if no food comes, then it was not really that successful

- the right fertilizer is VITAL! to new growth.... the right soil is even MORE vital... and the right about of sunshine every day is just as important as everything else.

Having realized all of these things. I now see why Christ used gardening in his parables and illustrations all the time!!! I mean seriously! Read back over the list... see what all applies.

Anyway, don't want to get too heavy. That's really what struck me as I dug my little fingers into that hard dirt, and pulled back the weeds.... or as we worked to plant the new flowers.

I really was thinking about all those scripture references to good soil, rocky soil, weeds, planter, workers, harvest, growths.... I mean they are EVERYWHERE! and now, having had my little garden - and having been able to eat some of the fruit of my little garden, I realize a small bit more of what it is that He was talking about....