Monday, August 31, 2009

'Twas a fun day

campaign life can get messy - but sometimes, randomly in the midst of the mess.... a fun day shines through.

It's that type of day that will stand out when it's all over.

Today was one of those.

The incumbent Lt. Gov. came through Danville. - - -First Ronnie and I were included in a round-table discussion about the job/economic situation in the area. Talk about feeling "outta my league" - but it was kinda nice to be there - - another one of "those" moments for me...

Then after an afternoon of phone calling, (possibly my least favorite thing to do EVER!!) Ronnie and I went to a beautiful home for a fund raiser.

Nothing like Fried fish to end a night well. And as we were enjoying the fried fish - - we got to have some good conversation with the man I worked for last year and his wife. (Even talked a little Alabama football:))

Sometimes. this life just feels a bit surreal to me.

I kinda like it.

In other news - - - my next online class started today as well. Kinda nice to just come home and check to get the homework assignment and not actually have to go teach for 4 hours! I think I like online teaching!!!

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