Saturday, August 20, 2011

new blog? nah

I have gone back and forth on this issue. Am I finished blogging? Do I want to keep blogging sometimes with a new theme? Should I shut this down and start a new one? Who am I even talking to? Myself?

If I blog more, I want to have a point - not just a history of my life... although I guess it will also be an outlet for that as well. But what point?

Anyway, I think for now I will stay here - and see how this goes. For now, this is going to be my journal for the next three months. After that, I will re-evaluate and decide what to do.

Since we last spoke, a LOT of life has happened. I ran three 5k races - twice I was second in my agegroup, and once I was first in my age group. I found out I was pregnant. 9 weeks later I found out that the baby was not living.. a repeat of 2009... and one week after that I had a miscarriage. It seems that June and early pregnancy do not go well for me. I am still dealing with all that. I have seen more doctors, had more tests - everything says I am "normal." People that know me KNOW that isn't true. We move on.

I am now on the verge - as in, starting Monday - of training for a half-marathon. I have NO idea how I am going to actually get this done, since until this past Monday I had not run in over 2 months. This last week I ran 2 miles, twice. That's a long way from 13.1. But I have 12 weeks to get prepared.

The easy part is the running, honestly. The hard part is finding the time to do it. Most of the training will probably be done with a jogging stroller in front of me I guess. Pushing an extra 40 pounds of baby+stroller shouldn't be too complicated right?

So, off I go. I will try to keep posted as to how the training is going. This is the final test to see if this blog will stay active or not.

Who wants to train with me? Anyone???

cricket cricket.

Yeah - sounds good.

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Tricia said...

What race are you training for? I am training for the St. Jude half on December 3! You can do it, and pushing that stroller will only make you feel lighter and faster the day of the race!

I will pray for you as you train, while I run too!