Monday, May 21, 2012

Baby L

In July 2010, our little world was rocked by the entrance of our son, J.... I told the story on the blog then as best I could remember in those few days following. Our little world was changed again this last weekend when Baby L made her grand entrance into our family. So, again, as best as I can remember it.... here is the story of her arrival.

On Thursday, I was 40 weeks and 5 days... so, 5 days past due date when I had an ultrasound and non-stress test. The ultrasound looked great, the non-stress test looked fine... but when they took my blood pressure, it was high. Now, I never have high blood pressure. Ever. So, when it is touching the borderline areas - it is shocking! Doc mentioned induction since I was already also at 3.5 cm.

In both pregnancies, I have really wanted to go into labor naturally. I thought I would always want drugs to fix pain once it got started, but I wanted the experience of starting labor on my own.

So far, I am 0 for 2 on that one. The babies just don't seem to want to get out! :)

So, on Friday morning, R and I got to the hospital at 5:30am and get the party started. I had been having more contractions through the night and even on the way to the hospital, but I knew that they weren't really strong enough to be doing anything...

It took a little while to get everything started - the pitocin started around 7am and the doc came to check and I was already at 4cm at this point.

I have to be honest and say that the timeline gets a little fuzzy for me at this point. See, with J, I was in labor for around 17 hours. I thought I was settling in for a long trip. Even if it was half of his, I still would have 8ish hours!

My family started arriving around 8am, and by then I had already had to put my phone down and quit playing on FB and such because the contractions were already so strong and so close together. L's heartrate was staying strong through each contraction and everything was progressing. They checked around 8:30 and we were already to 6cm.

I turned on my baby arrival playlist then and began to go to my own little world with each contraction. They felt like they never would quit. I thought they were coming SO close together, but the nurse was promising it was about 2.5 mins between each one.

At 9:30 I sent my family out, she checked again and I was at 8cm. I still had not asked for my epidural. I had a few questions for the nurse. 1. How long will it take for the epidural to be administered? She said it usually is 20-25 minutes to get it all in place. 2. How long, once given, would it take to start working? She said that would also be 20ish minutes. 3. I knew she couldn't make any promises, but realistically, if everything stayed the same, how long until I was ready to have the baby? She said she thought it would be about an hour.

I looked at the clock, did the math in my head - I was really looking at about 15 minutes of possible pain free time if all went well. But I remembered that the epidural made me really sick with J's birth... shakes, puking, etc. I knew that if I got it that late, it would make it harder for me to be able to hold L when she did arrive.

So, I said, no epidural - let's do this.

Now, I had read tons of stories of moms who do natural labor and have these beautiful stories. I had said that I wanted one of these stories - but was always afraid to plan it. I have to say, this was not quite what I had read about. I did not get to a beautiful planet experience. It hurt.

It hurt bad! Each contraction was a new, more powerful experience. Ronnie was my rock. My playlist was playing, Ronnie was reading scripture through the down times in the contractions, and holding my hand and rubbing my back/shoulders through each contraction. I am sure that without him by my side, I would never have made it through this labor without the epidural. I was telling him at times I couldn't do it - he just looked back and smiled... sometimes seriously telling me I could. Sometimes telling me that I would get an iPad if I saved money on the anesthesiologist... Sometimes just telling me I didn't have a choice:) I sure love that guy.

She checked again and I was at 9+cm. She sent to tell the doc I was close. I told her I felt like I could push. She said I wasn't quite ready, but that I could go ahead and do a practice push if I wanted to.

I did.

Something changed.

I told her something changed - she looked. She started pushing buttons, calling people, etc. She said "she's crowning." At that point, Ronnie and the nurse and the OB tech were the only ones in the room. She and Ronnie start telling me "don't push!" I was telling my self "don't push!" "breathe!" etc. There was nothing I could say that would convince my body to quit pushing. I pushed 3 more times while trying not to - and on the 4th push the nurse was pulling her gloves on as she caught little L's head. One more push and L was born, at 10:38am. Ronnie and the nurse pretty much delivered her!

The Doctor walked in as Ronnie was cutting the cord.

At this point I got the beautiful story I wanted. They laid her on my chest for a few minutes of skin to skin contact, and she nursed for the first time. Her initial vitals were done while on me - and then Ronnie got to hold her. I have to say, the first moments of L's life were completely different from the first moments of J's life two years earlier. While his had been scary and stressful because of stress on his little body - hers was intense for me, yet once she was out - it was beautiful. My first moments holding her were absolutely amazing. It was perfect.

She is tiny - 6lbs 13 oz - 19 inches long. She is beautiful. She looks like her brother. I love her more than I could ever imagine.

Baby L, you are amazing already. Your little life has changed our world and we love you so much. J is in love with you and walks up to you for a kiss multiple times a day. He wants to share with you so bad! We are enjoying every moment of your little life.


Kurt Lemire said...

I love Lydia's story, and yours. Very, very precious Julia. Congratulations and many blessings to you all.

Leisl said...

Okay so for whatever reason I don't know...the last comment showed up as being from Kurt. While he would certainly share my feelings and desire for blessings on your family, it is from me, Leisl. We are both signed in on google right now so I guess that's why? Whatever.