Saturday, May 17, 2008

Excitement that few can understand!

My little brother - the one I have posted about for a year now... the one that I have so many fun memories with... the one that has been valiantly fighting for our country - is on the way HOME! I won't see him for at least a week... I am jealous of my parents and my bro's fiancee who get to see him tmo.... but the point is that my little brother is on his way HOME!

Praise God - thank you so much for protecting him... and Internet, and friends - thank YOU for praying for him during these months!!!

I can hardly WAIT to get my "Jonathan" hug....



DeeDee said...


He called today - just to tell us that he was about to get on the plane.

We can hardly wait!

I will hug him for you tomorrow - and then you can get your own next week!

Love you Julia!

Krista said...

The pictures of his return are great! I am also thankful for his safe return and I hope you get that hug soon.

Julie Tiemann said...

Awesome!!! That's such wonderful news, Julia!!