Friday, June 27, 2008

Holding On

Hey - I am not here (am actually at the beach) however, you can also find me on "Holding On." Discussing "online interaction vs live connection."


june said...

I wish I were at the beach.

I am new to blogging...check me out

All comments welcome

Peggy said...

Julia...I just loved your very thought provoking post at "Holding On" -On Line interaction vs. Live Connection! So I came to see your post and in your profile noticed short-term missionary. This caught my eye and I was browsing for something about this...where? when?
those kind of things!

The part that I connected to was in relation to our intimate relation with God~do we want it live or what? I do believe that we can make a difference on line by what words we choose and our visits to others blogs! For me, it is a "live" communication, even though it's through a screen to people I may never meet this side of eternity...because it keeps me in touch with what is happening back home in USA. I do get the live interaction here in Mexico and it is such a blessing for me to communicate with "sisters" in th Lord "Holding On", S.U.M.-1 Peter 3 Living Yahoo Group,P31,
Prayers, even the Christian memes.

Sometimes the live connections leave me feeling pretty drained or
even hopeless a little, til I get a pick me up from a blog friend that really doesn't know me, but leaves a little encouraging word or I read something powerful from their journey with God!

I do hope you are enjoying the beach and I read your still a newlywed-happy 1 year anniversary, a month be blessed and truly enjoy each moment! Holding
On to HIM and him!!!(btw) your post encouraged me to take some time away from the screen and spend more with God & His people!