Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I am gonna be better - I promise

Ok, I am going to try to be better at writing. So sorry for the lack of info on the excitement that makes up my life. Here is my list - the best way I can see to catch you up on the things that have happened...

1. You know this - but my bro came home from Iraq, leaving me with a couple of trips to bama to see him
2. My niece turned 2!! she is adorable!
3. Ronnie and I celebrated 1 year anniversary! WHOA we made it further than some people thought we would given the short-ness of our courtship
4. Ronnie is loving the new job, but the traveling is wearing on him
5. We are still looking to move - to aleviate some of the traveling... but finding time to find a new house in the midst of his traveling for work, and my trips to Bama has been tough - its a process
6. We celebrated our anniversary with a cruise - the "nothingness" was much needed... i wish I were still on the boat!
7. There will be pics posted soon
8. I have finished teaching my first TWO college courses... whoa! I just started number 3!
9. I am no longer working at the church - getting ready to move just required that I go ahead and stop that part time job, I didn't feel I could give it the time it needed.
10. The story for today...

Well - you know there has to be a story for the day - because for some reason my life seems to be more and more interesting daily... This morning, Ronnie had court like 2 hours away from where we live, so he was up at 5:00 to get ready. I was kinda excited because that meant I was going to get to sleep late and not have to get up running and all that jazz (I am not a perfect wife, but I do think its important for us to eat breakfast together when possible, so I usually get up with him and make breakfast for the two of us.... although usually that is just cereal) but on EXTREMELY early days, I forego breakfast... I am just sweet like that.

Anyway, he got up, I heard him go into the bathroom, and then, like 2 minutes later, the bathroon door opened in a hurry - I knew something was wrong... I rolled over - still mostly asleep and he let me know of the tragedy - "We have no water"

this didn't really make any sense to me honestly. How do you run out of water? I am a city girl - you can't run out of water! He opened the door to go to the front of the house and we heard this LOUD racket that we had not been able to hear before because we have a window unit AC in our bedroom that runs all night as well as a fan.

The pump is in the cellar. I don't even like to aknowledge that we have a cellar. It isn't a basement - its a scary room that i keep blocked up with boxes and suitcases so noone - nothing - can come in through the door.

By the time I got to the kitchen Ronnie was moving boxes and suitcases so he could go to the cellar to find out what the noise was.

Turns out - the pump is jacked up - or at least its really loud.... we called the landlord, woke up his wife... called ronnie's parents.... remember he still has court 2 hours away from here! he needed a shower!

so we went to ronnie's parents house for him to get ready, and I am currently awaiting a phone call from the land lord to let me know what time a "fix it" man will be here... Lord help us all if we can't get water for a week or something... I WANT TO BE BACK ON THE CRUISE!!! - At least I did get most of the laundry done yesterday so we have some clothes to wear!

Anyway - that's the story for today - and its only 7:30am as I write this. If the story gets more exciting I will let you know.... who knew? Well water can run out??!!!

***Update*** The well pump fix-it man came by (completely unannounced with no phone calls to prepare me or anything.... so he saw me in my glasses, old gray t-shirt and alabama shorts that i have had for like 10 years... oh well) and within about 30 minutes he had my water working again. We had already turned the hot water heater off though, so now I have to go down into the scary cellar and figure out how to turn it back on... I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.... oooohhh.. I HATE this cellar! The good thing is that we have WATER again!

This is good for a lot of reasons... showers, brushing teeth, flushing toilets - - but honestly, my biggest concern for the day was "How am I going to fix my coffee???" whew... thank goodness for the "well-pump-fix-it-man!"


Darlene said...

You are so funny! You make me laugh everytime you say you are from the city. I guess compare to where I live Calera is a city. But, it is still country.
So, glad the water is working. Even more glad to finally get a post. I miss reading about Adventures of Julia.

Have a Fabulous Day!

Krista said...

Funny story; but I am glad to see you have your priorirites straight. COFFEE; a must have!