Monday, September 1, 2008

I only post on Monday's now

I guess I am turning into a weekend writer...

My weeks just haven't been very exciting lately - but all that is about to change!

Anyway, we did get to go to the beach this past weekend! I was so excited, and maybe soon I will get some pictures posted. We went to VA. Beach for Saturday all day and most of Sunday. I was a short trip, but one that was needed! I LOVE the beach! It was absolutely beautiful... and even though like 5 million other people were there, we were able to just relax and do nothing with sand and ocean for two days!

Tomorrow, life changes. Again.

Yep, it't true, I have a job.

Remember last year when I had just gotten married, and I began working for the State delegate and his campaign? Remember how everyone wondered what I was doing?


Here we go again.

I am going to be a "campaign aide" again this year. However, this time it is for our U.S. Congressman. He is the incumbent and I start tomorrow into two months of political insanity.

So, this will greatly limit any public opinions that I might have otherwise posted here on the world wide web....

Anyway, here we go again! If I don't see ya before then, see ya after the election (I do plan to try to post some in between these times... I am just not making any promises.)


Just Me'n Mine said...

Alright Julia, I am already back to your blog. Well, the way I found yours is this: My friend Gayle has a blog called The Westiecrew. I was reading hers and she had a comment from Krista Hoggle. I went to Krista's blog and found the link to yours and your sweet Momma's. are gonna get to do WHAT?!!!! Julia, I don't even know how to tell you how amazing I think it is that you are doing that. If I were in your stage of life, (no babies,... yet :) )I would love to be doing something like that.

You know, as I was watching John McCain introduce Sarah Palin on TV the other day, I found myself wondering if by some chance you were in the crowd. I don't know the extent of your political involvement, but I know you are involved to some degree through your husband's involvement. I find it terribly exciting!

By the way, I saw your other blog too. Really, really, neat. As always, I look forward to seeing all the ways the Lord uses you to minister to others.


brantley said...

Ok, I'm get to go on a vacation like everyweekend! Next time yall come pick us up before you go on another trip.

Just Kidding