Saturday, September 6, 2008

A moment from the movies

Every now and then in my life, I have these moments. They don't happen often - I am afraid I would take them for granted if they did... But moments that make me feel like I am in a movie. You know what I mean right? Those things that happen when you just think "this is NOT really happening to me.... things like this don't happen to normal people."

A couple of examples include the moment I lived my dream and stepped off the plane to live in Germany for a year.... a couple moments from when I traveled with Wings... One moment is as I was laying on the beach in Phuket, Thailand - 6 months after the Tsunami of 2004... You know what I mean...

Only a handful of times in my life do these things happen.

Last night was one of them.

I have started my new job on the campaign of my Congressman here in southern VA. The whole week has been quite an experience. I have learned a TON, worked a LOT, and really had some good time getting to know him, his wife, and his sister - all of who work closely together in the office.

Last night, we were attending a fundraiser. There were different "levels" of entrance, but due to the fact that I am on staff now, Ronnie and I were able to attend all three levels... the first level required donations of $2,000 per person to enter... it went down hill from there - but even the lowest level was still a nice donation.

The location was a "farm" out in our county. But this was no typical farm - it is owned by a man that owns the gas company that heats our house in the winter. The house was absolutely GORGEOUS. The fields were landscaped perfectly, the "barn" was a wonderful building that held about 250 people for this event.

The attendees included our State Senator, State Delegate, other political leaders, as well as Attorneys, distributors, etc. etc.

The point at which I realized this was one of "those" moments was when my Congressman got up to speak - he of course introduced his wife first - - then his sister - - thanked the man who owned the home... and then introduced me and Ronnie to this crowd of people as "the newest member of the campaign staff." I waved to the crowd of people, then turned and looked out the door over the fields, past the American and Virginian flag flying in the breeze, realized that my Congressman not only knows me, but I was just introduced to a ton of people by him... It was one of those moments for me. One of those moments that feels it shouldn't happen to me... those things don't happen to normal people!

Later in the evening, our State Senator was talking with us, and said "You guys make such a great team!" That was so exciting to me - I am enjoying this political world that I am in now. I wouldn't be here except for my husband though who has all these contacts set up.... I don't know where all this road will take us - but I do know that as long as we are doing things like this, I want people to see us together - as a team... its nice to be part of a team... So often I think couples do so much stuff separate from each other, that they aren't a part of each other's worlds...

I like being on Ronnie's team.... I like joining his world... I like our team of two - its nice here.


Girl After God's Heart said...

That is great Julia! Im so happy for you with all your new adventures! Hope to see you soon! Luv ya!

Cynthia said...

I love that God sent the man for you to be a team mate with forever! Isn't it great?