Monday, October 20, 2008

Meeting Todd Palin

Oh but yes.

I had ANOTHER of those moments… you know THOSE moments… this weekend.

Sunday Ronnie and I were at the Martinsville Speedway (not because I like NASCAR that much) and here are the highlights of the day.

Meeting Todd Palin outside the gate.
Going with the Palin entourage into the garages.
Continuing to accompany my Congressman (the real reason we were there) and the Palin entourage into the driver’s meeting before the race.
A trip into the media center… with… yes… that’s right.. the Palin entourage.
Climbing into the pit area – and seeing all the drivers before they went on stage… WITH the Palin group.

Basically, Ronnie and I got to spend about 3 hours walking around with Mr. Palin. He is a great guy! He talked to us, Ronnie got to introduce some friends that were there to Mr. Palin.

Now, I am sure that he will never remember us… but it was awesome to hang out with him before the race.

In true fashion for me and Ronnie - - - we left before they ever started up the cars and didn’t watch ANY of the race. Unfortunately, NASCAR tickets are wasted on us… but it was SO much fun to meet Mr. Palin… and to see the drivers up close so I could get sme pics for my brother and his friends. (The problem was I don’t know who all to take pictures of… so I took pics of everyone I sawJ)

We are also in the pics on the front page of the Martinsville Bulletin (local newspaper) here in the area...

I can’t post the pics yet… will try to get them up soon!


Our Four Sons said...

I'm glad I got your autograph when we were just 15 in my Young Cons journal. That way when your famous I can say I knew you...:)

Just Me'n Mine said...

I bet they will too remember you! You are way too cool to forget. If for no other reason they'll wonder about that odd couple that left before the race started.

Yeah, one day.....when you are famous, my kids can say "she was our first babysitter!"