Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Praying for K

A girl from my dad's church in Alabama is very sick. Please be praying. Here is the email that has been sent out up to this point.

K has been diagnosed with Polyarteritis nodosa. Basically, it is an infection or inflammation of the small or medium arteries in the body that results in weakening and damage to the arteries involved. Often, clotting occurs in addition to the bleeding.
We should continue to pray for wisdom for the medical team and give praise to God for revealing the condition so quickly to the physicians. This quick diagnosis (although I am sure it has not been quick for the family) will allow appropriate treatment to begin immediately.

There will be more information soon.


Eddieo said...

Hello. My name is Ed Becker and I'm the founder and director of the Polyarteritis Nodosa (PAN) Research and Support Network.

PAN is indeed a serious illness, but treated early and correctly patients do go on to live with it.

There are over 500 members of the PAN Network from all over the world. Patients and doctors are in the group.

It's a not for profit group.

Hope this helps you..

Ed Becker

Our Four Sons said...

I will add her to Justin and my prayer list. Excess prayer never hurts!