Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All things New in Spring time

Well, I want to give a short shout out to my friends that got married in Missouri the first weekend in April. Megan and Luke are wonderful friends and their wedding was awesome! Megan is possibly the best friend a girl could want. She is just one of those girls that gets genuinely excited about everything good for ya... and gets genuinely sad about everything bad for you. She just cares.

We traveled together on Wings back in 07 for about 4 months... she was the person that went with me to pick out what type of engagement ring I wanted. I had not looked for one before meeting Ronnie due to me not wanting to do that until I had a man to make it worth my time:)

She walked all the way through a mall in Texas with me with one goal.... to try on every type of ring we could try on until I found the one I wanted. I mean usually this is saved for doing with the man that will be presenting the ring.... but since my man was in VA, and my friend was with me in TX... she became that person for me. The whole time we were doing this she just kept getting so giddy about my ring! We talked about my future, we talked about how she wanted to find someone soon. We talked about TONS of things that day. I will never forget it!

You cannot imagine my excitement when she and Luke began "talking" and then their engagement... and then the wedding! It was such a priviledge to be able to play piano in their wedding - I had a great time practicing.... and I even cried in her wedding... something I did NOT do in mine:) It was absolutely gorgeous - - and was a perfect picture of the innocence, purity, and love that weddings are supposed to be.

She is the friend to me that I want to be to those around me.... She now has a wonderful godly husband and Ronnie and I can hardly wait till we get to see them both again!
Ronnie and I had a great trip out there. We drove the full trip - and got to spend time in St. Louis, Missouri - Santa Claus, Indiana - Louisville, Kentucly - and Frankfort, Kentucky - We spent a TON of time together in the car - and as much fun as flying is... there is something about individual attention that we both get from each other in the car.

In other news... I have started my first garden. I have to start by saying that I have NO CLUE what I am doing. However, I have spent time on the phone with my PawPaw asking for help, tips, advice... and basically - - "WHAT DO I DO???"

I planted my tomatoes and some of the cucumber plants yesterday. The squash has to wait till the first of May here in VA. I hope to keep you posted as things hopefully grow!
Finally - - and update on Mamaw.... (my grandmother that had breast cancer...) her oncologist gave her at least a 28 year life expectancy in her last meeting with him... that would get her to 100 years old... We are really excited about this.... :) for obvious reasons!!!

Hope all things are new for you this spring!


Julie Tiemann said...

So glad to hear the good news about your grandmother!

Good luck with the garden!

Tammy On the Go said...

Just blog hopping..saw you on Dee Dee's blog...fellow missionary (kid)

Darlene said...

Wow...a garden! Can't wait till you can send us some cucumbers! I love them!!!
Have a fabulous weekend!

taralynn819 said...

I didn't cry at my wedding either. Nor my dad's funeral last year, and I gave a eulogy!! Yet I cry at EVERY OTHER wedding. And funeral. And everything else in between. I guess, when you are part of a big event you just run on adrenaline. You're in "go" mode. Kinda sucks because I love emotion and I bought waterproof mascara JUST to walk down the isle!

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