Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I got nuthin'....

blank screen.

I have nothing to offer today - but wanted to write anyway - so here goes.

I have had a few emails lately saying how cool my writing was - or other stuff like that... ummm.. i think that has put a damper on my writing. I think my "creative" side gets shy sometimes. That has been the last few days (Since the post that I thought was WONDERFUL on Saturday...) - PS... yeah, I am just over confident like that. So, now I have nothing to offer, nothing to give, no creative thoughts to write down, no new stories to tell.... I can't even come up with a good new Christmas character ( I know the main three are still out there... but those are being saved for next week!) Ronnie and i ate a pomegranate last night. I wonder sometimes when I eat things like that - whose bright idea was it to peel open something that looks so strange and EAT what is inside? Who did it first? I am thankful they did, but does anyone else ever wonder those things? Anyway, it was a good pomegranate - not that I am an expert on the quality of pomegranates or anything like that... I honestly don't think Ronnie liked it much, but he ate it so that I would be happy I think. :) It was more about the experience! Umm... other than the pomegranate, going shopping with a friend yesterday, and having a couple of Wings members come to stay with me this weekend - life is fairly normal... and my creativity has flown south for the winter. Thank you - come back soon and maybe I will have a new story or pictures or something!

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Son, Brother, Fiancee, Friend, Soldier said...

well I'm glad you decided to write anyway. I't good to hear from you back there. I love you sis. have a good day!