Thursday, December 6, 2007

Neither Heights nor depths

I need to take a day away from my characters of the Nativity talk...

I was practicing piano (I dont do that too often any more - but I did it today) and in one of the songs I was playing are these lyrics... Please read slowly - I have heard this one several times lately, but today - it hit

"neither life nor death, nor powers unseen, not the fears about tomorrow
neither height nor depth, can ever separate us from Emmanuel - He's the miracle with us..."

"In the light of your redeeming love, by the power of your name Lord Jesus, I will scream it from the mountaintop, I'm a child of God..."

When the wrappings, bows, lights, and trees are gone - the truth above remains - I am a child of God - nothing can separate us from our God when we are His children -

That is all for today - coming soon.... The Shepherd - "I am gonna be late getting home!"


Jeff Keith said...

It is so comforting to know that He is the One in control of us not being separated! I blow it everyday.

JustJessie said...

Those are beautiful words. I don't think I've heard that song. It's good to know he'll never let us go.

allie said...

hey i know this is kind of random, but i googled the lyrics to the song you mentioned on your post, (and your blog popped up as a link) and i've have had the hardest time trying to find the name of it and who sings it. can you shoot me an email at ? thank you so much. god bless

Andrew said...

I too am curious about the name of this song! I've heard it performed and I would love to have it as a recording!

Julia said...

The song... I believe is by Geron Davis... the title is "Miracle" I have looked for a recording online and have not been able to find it.. if you find it, please come leave a message and let me know where it is!

Andrew said...

It was my church that recently performed the piece. I'll talk to my worship leader or some choir members and see if anyone has it as a recording. I've looked all over the internet (iTunes, yahoo, etc.) without any luck at all.

Andrew said...

If you're interested, I just realized that I had recorded the TV show the week of our church's Christmas program... so here's a audio clip from that airing.

alex slevcove said...

i have an audio recording of this, random i know, since i have no idea who you are, but this is the only thing that came up when i googled the lyrics. my church did this ata christmas pageant and i got my hands on the recording. i googled it to see if i could find the music, i can hook you up with the audio if you shoot me an email,

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