Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mary's Mom - The forgotten Symbol

I am not a mother - and it will be a while before I am, but this morning, as I re-read the Christmas story in Luke 2, it crossed my mind that Mary was a young girl, and until this whole marriage thing, still lived (I guess) with her family. We don't know anything about this relationship - but just for a minute, please allow me the freedom to consider what Mary's mom might have been going through. I will write this in a first person - as if I am Mary's mom.

"8 months earlier, my daughter had gotten pregnant and had become the ridicule of the area. The man she was supposed to marry had decided to marry her anyway, but why? She obviously had not been faithful to him. She claimed the angel had talked to her - I know my Jewish history, and angels have talked to people before, but never was there a story where an angel, had told someone they would have a BABY! My daughter is a normal girl. There is nothing amazing about her - there is no reason God would choose HER to carry His Son. I cannot remember that she ever lied to me before, however, I cannot bring myself to believe her completely. My grandson? A Savior?
Now, as she is about to have this child, Joseph had to take her to Bethlehem. They are on a donkey - this cannot be good for such a pregnant girl. Who will help her deliver this baby? Joseph? Does he know anything about delivering a baby? Does he really believe her? The city people wanted her ot be put to death for this - will Joseph protect my baby as she becomes a mother? When will I see my child again?
A few months later I have not heard anything from Mary or Joseph. I hear rumors that the baby boys are being killed. Please Father protect my girl... "

I wonder sometimes when it was that Mary's mom saw her again. I know that throughout my life I have gone months without my mother - but thanks to technology, email, cell phones etc... She has never really been more than a phone call away. I also know that when the time comes for me to be a scared new mother, my mother will be there to help me learn to take care of my baby. Who was there for Mary? Her mother was so far away? Who was there for her mother, to help her learn to believe that Jesus was the Son of God? When did she finally come to understand?

Just a thought... Anyone have any thoughts on this?


Son, Brother, Fiancee, Friend, Soldier said...

wow. a real thinker. I wonder about her siblings too. what about Jesus's brother's and sisters? Just thoughts.
Love ya sis

Tricia said...

Hey Julia
After I got pregnant, I often wondered what Mary felt like and what she thought knowing that she was carrying the Savior of the World, that He was being knit together in her womb. I was so in awe of my own pregnancy with just ordinary babies (even though there were 2!!), that I couldn't even begin to imagine what might have been running through her mind.

I am enjoying your symbols of Christmas, it gives us all some things to ponder, and makes the story of Christmas really come to life, thanks!

ashley said...

wow julia this was amazing....i had never thought of that....i dont know how i would ever make it through without my mom's guidance and what really makes you appreciate your mom....and what she does for you...i need to read that....thanks....
love ya!!

Nicole D said...

that was GREAT and so interesting to think about it!!! kudos for such deep thinking and taking us on a journey! thank you!

Anonymous said...

Well, being Catholic, I do have to argue that Mary's mom did know there was something special about her daughter. Saturday (two days ago) we celebrated the feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This means that Mary was born without original sin - quite remarkable. I have to think that Mary was also quite an obedient child - look how she accepts the news from the angel; although she questions it at first as to how it could be possible, she then says "Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word."

Also, I'm sure that Anne, now a saint herself, took her daughter at her word, and if she doubted Mary at first, she would surely have prayed about it and received confirmation that her daughter was not lying to her. And even if she did not actually receive confirmation, I personally think she must have given her remarkable daughter the benefit of the doubt.

I'm also pretty sure that Mary was not the ridicule of the area, since Matthew's gospel tells the story of Joseph deciding against divorcing her and instead took her into his house early to shelter her from shame.

I too am glad that you are blogging about these "sideline people." We do tend to forget about them, I think. :)

~Jessica (Litwiniec) Dorman