Friday, March 6, 2009

I want it now!

What it is about finally exercising that makes me want immediate gratification more than ever?

I caught myself - after a pilates video, and a 3 mile run - looking at my stomach in the car on the way home and wondering if it had gotten any "tighter!"

I mean, I have been working on this for about three weeks now (skipping the week I was in Bama.... I choose not to count that one!... even though I did chase a 2 year old around a LOT!)

But I want it all... and I want it now!!

In other news, Jen has posted some new pics of Barrett.... that baby is already sleeping like a crazy man - 4-6 hours at night time! He is precious...

1 comment:

Jenifer said...

you better not jinx me with the sleeping comment :) I am trying to just not talk about it. I am afraid it might go away if I bring it up.