Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Plague

Or at least something that feels like it.

Has taken.Over.Our.House!

Ronnie has been cruddy since like 3 weeks ago, I was so proud of my little immune system. Until Wednesday.

I was on my way to teach my first class of this new section. And the pain in my throat was just getting ridiculous! When we got to the hotel, I went next door and got a 6 pack of waters, some tea, and a couple of oranges. I figured I would have this knocked out by the time my class started.


About 2 hours into the 4 hour class, I was still talking, yet going back and forth between chills and cold sweat. And they didn't make me nervous.... So, naturally, I spent a good bit extra time letting them discuss things that they didn't understand, listen to extra music, etc. We finished my outline - but I did as MUCH class participation as possible. I thought I was going to DIE before the class ended. I have never felt so BAD.

I crashed when we got back to the hotel. Ronnie went to the grocery store for meds, and Sprite.

The trend of sweats and chills continued even till this morning! We went to the Doc yesterday. I hate going to the doctor. But sometimes it is just necessary. Got antibiotics.

So, now, we at least FEEL human. But I feel like every time I even think about venturing out of the house I risk spreading the Black Plague - - killer of all things energetic - - around southern VA.

Wanna know the BEST part of this?

I have already agreed to substitute teach the music class next week. All. Week. Long.

The teacher is having surgery. So, just about the time I will feel better, my little damaged immune system will be thrown out of the frying pan into the fire! Luckily, my antibiotics will last through next week as well.

And I will take Clorox wipes with me every where i go.

And then, I will teach the college course again Wednesday, and stay in the hotel again that night. Hopefully this time I don't wish I was dead the whole time!

Ronnie just said I have been typing too much on this blog. Is it really that long? He thinks its because I have so many leftover words from having not talked (due to sore throat) for the last three days.

Maybe so.


Darlene said...

I have had a cough for 2 FULL weeks! My insides are sore! Talk about driving you nuts it will!!! Plus I was on the road with Joey this past week and I was reaaaally driving him nuts with all this hacking! LOL Hope you feel better soon!

Tricia said...

So sorry you are sick... being sick is definitely no fun, but it does make you appreciate your health even more!

Praying you get well soon and do not have a relapse...

I used to carry lysol with me everywhere when the boys were real little, I sprayed down shopping carts everywhere. I got the strangest looks but I did not care, I just did not want my kids getting sick...


Julie Tiemann said...

Ugh, sounds horrible! Glad you're on the mend.

I didn't think the post had too many words, but I did think Ronnie's joke was funny. :)

Meredith said...

Hope you are feeling better!! Your post is not that long but the "using all your words" joke was funny. Alan and I have said that to each other on many occasion...
"You didn't use all your words today yet, did you?"lol
It's not hard for us introverts to use up all our words.
Have a good week!

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