Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Hey - I just added the gadget so that you.... yes you... you reader that doesn't want anyone to know who you are - - you can choose to FOLLOW my blog. I know you already have this excitement added to your RSS feed - or your reader - or whatever. But I want to know who you are:) - so - follow me :)

We went to see a different house yesterday. It isn't our house.... Next?? Sometimes its hard to continually have doors partially openened, and then completely slammed. I am trying to focus on my Isaiah 33:6 every day though.

"He is my constant source of stability, He abundantly provides safety and great wisdom. He gives all this to those fear him."

I am clinging to this, at least until God gives me something else.


DeeDee said...

I am following you...

and I too am working on that verse.

He is our stability. - that is GOOD


Darlene said...

I am following you..but don't see you following me. So, girl show me some love! LOL

I missed seeing you the during the Holidays...we missed church due to a lot of reasons. My new neice was dedicated and other neice in Christmas play ...etc.
Do you still have the same phone #? I may call you one evening and catch up.