Thursday, January 29, 2009

Round 2

Well, I got a call yesterday - from the little brother...

He's gotta go back.

This time not to Iraq, but to Afghanistan.

I can't write much cuz we are moving this week - but for those who care, please be praying for him, for his new bride, for my parents, for my sister and I... and for all those who know and love him. It just doesn't seem fair to only allow him to be home for 11 months and then send him back....

Thanks for the prayers

Also - today is his birthday... go over and tell him happy birthday!


Our Four Sons said...

My heart hurts along side yours today. However, we serve a mighty and merciful God who has such a great plan for Jonathan's life! He is the Great Protector and I know that as Jonathan walks in a foreign land, he will be walking with the hand of his Heavenly Father upon him. I will pray for your family and Brantley too.

Julie Tiemann said...

I'm so sorry, Julia. I'm sure this is so hard for your whole family... Keep us posted.

I didn't realize you were moving - that's great it's working out! Give us deets!

DeeDee said...

holding on....together

love you

Just Me'n Mine said...

Oh Julia,

My sister, I am praying for all of you. I posted on Jonathon's blog to let him know that we are praying and we are grateful for his sacrifice.

I know its his family's sacrifice too. We want to pray and we want to do more. So when you know of something more we can do...let us know okay?

Happy Moving! :)