Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to 2009

2009 has arrived.

Surprisingly, it arrived without too much fanfare in my life. I don't mean that bad, I mean, we were at a party, with friends and family, eating Krispy Kreme donuts and drinking carbonated grape juice - but still, not much fanfare today. It doesn't feel that different.

I do not usually do very well on resolutions. I have read some ideas today on not doing resolutions for a year, but short term goals. 7 per week - 4 per month - and 1 for the year.... I am afraid I would fail in january and not even try the rest of them (my perfectionism weighs in... if I can't do it 100%, I tend to not do it at all.)

So, here is my decision. I am going to try two things. They will each last all year. And I believe, that if I am successful, these two things will help me to be able to accomplish all other things much better.

1. Memorizing Scripture. I have signed up for the accountability on the LPM blog. I plan to memorize two per month. Ending with 24 in a year. No, this is not a major feat, many people much better than I am have done more amazing things many times over. However, I must admit that 24 in 2009 will be 24 more than I memorized in 2008. So, here we go with that one.

Other benefits: Discipline over weeks at a time. I cannot wait until the 14th of every month to start memorizing. I will have to do it as I go.
- I will have to be reading the Word often in order to know what Scripture will be impacting me.
- If I am meditating for two weeks at a time on a Scripture, it will be harder for my mind to get back into the pity parties that I tend to have.

I am starting with Isaiah 33:6.

2. Being healthy in body. This will encompass several things for me. I need to eat better. I was doing so well this time last year. I had completely cut out all carbonation, I was cooking healthy foods, we were not eating very much bad food... and for a while, I did really well at cooking for lunches, and having sandwiches or lighter food for dinner. I plan to get back into this. Also, I need to run. I love to run, I love to bike. I need to do the things I love to do.

Other Benefits: I will feel better.
- I will still be working on my discipline.
- I will be doing things I love to do, but so often laziness takes over my desires.
- I will have less time for the pity parties.
- I will waste less time staring at the internet!

So - there you go. 24 Bible verses...

I am not setting a weight goal. Its more about my health than about a particular number this time around. Also, last time I set a number goal, I got so frustrated. I felt better, I looked better, but I didn't lose any numbers - which got frustrating, so I quit (again, the perfectionism). So, this time there is not a number game to be played... I am going to do it for my health.

Anyone else out there setting goals??

Someone who aims at nothing is sure to hit it.

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