Monday, February 9, 2009

27 years ago

27 years ago - 1982

Michael Jackson releases Thriller.
AT&T divides into 22 separate companies.
Chariots of Fire wins best picture.
The Weather channel is on Cable for the first time!
Ronald Reagan was in his second year of his first term.
Epcot center opens at Disney World for the first time.
The first Double Stuff Oreo is sold.
Sony launches the first Compact Disc player.
The Dow surges 43.41 points - (4.25%) to close at 1,065.49 - its first all- time high in more than 9 years. The points gain is the biggest ever to this point.
The Veterans Memorial is dedicated in D.C.
Time Magazine's "man of the year" is given for the first time to a non-human. A computer.
The Toyota Camry is introduced for the first time.
Median Household Income - $20,000.
Top movies - - E.T. – the Extra-Terrestrial, Tootsie, Gandhi, The Verdict.

A bit less noticed - in southside, VA. A young man was born - this young man would grow to be a godly young man that although most people did not notice the birth... he would change my life forever. My husband started his journey on earth.

The journey for him so far has been one filled with achievement, excellence, honor, and goals attained. For many 27 year olds, that simply cannot be said. I am excited to be the one that God chose to put along side him through the challenges and thrills of life. I have said it many times before - and never will quit saying it. No one but God could have chosen a man for me that fits so perfectly into every aspect of life. No, life ain't perfect, it never is. But to have such an amazing man - - and to be able to call him mine... and be called his - is so much more than I ever expected, and DEFINATELY worth the wait!

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Darlene said...

Happy Birthday Ronnie!
Have an extra piece of cake for me!!! LOL