Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Well, I have heard much about this Peanut Butter recall. Honestly, I have kinda ignored most of it. Until today.

I got an email From Kashi.

I have to back up a bit, last year, I signed up to get a free TLC Cookie sent to our house. It came.

If there is any sugar around this house for any length of time, well, we eat it.

Today I get an email that has this quote in it.

"If you still have the cookie, please throw it out just to be safe; we would never want to put our consumers’ health at risk."

If I still have the cookie???? This cooke contained chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Sugar.... IF I STILL HAVE THE COOKIE????

Anyway, I guess the one I got was perfectly fine since we didn't die of Salmonella last year. In. August.

haha... if I still have the cookie.... Who gets a free cookie and holds it for 6 months???



Meredith said...

laughing.......laughing......and still laughing....

Darlene said... crack me up!!!
I miss you!!

Julie Tiemann said...

HAHAHA! Too funny!