Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I find this a bit strange

So, usually my posts are either somewhat thoughtful (at least to me).... but I try to keep a light hearted attitude about my blogging. I feel like there have been relatively few "down" posts in my blogging days.... right?? Anyway - one of the tougher posts was the day our wonderful dog Ziba passed away. She had provided so much fun and life to our family....

Here are a couple of the fun posts about her.

Anyway - as you can see on the left side of my blog, I have one of those trackers that let's me see how you arrive at my blog - which is kinda fun. Sometimes its boring - you just direct in to be blog. But other times it's kinda fun when I show up on someone's google list for something ridiculous.

Well, lately - someone in VA, and someone in Ga (they were only in Ga for like a week) has been searching for my blog almost daily by searching for "sadness in the mayhew household ziba."

In reference to this post about the loss of our dog last spring.

I am not sure what to think of this.

Anyway, if this is you - welcome to my blog. There are many things that I talk about here that are much more uplifting that the untimely death of our dog. Feel free to browse around!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah... I had one of those weird moments last year. Someone kept coming to my blog through a certain post they had bookmarked. When I noticed it and checked it, it was a post of Grayson playing the drums in nothing but a loincloth (you know his Native American obsession). I didn't like that at ALL. Of course I deleted the post and picture and blocked the IP address of that person. It TOTALLY freaked me out though. At least yours is someone who is concerned for your sadness!!