Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Well - I don't NEARLY have enough time to explain all that is going on here in Alabama. It was wonderful to have Ronnie with me the first three days, and I miss him terribly now, however, it is also very good to have some family time! We have watched bama football (ROLL TIDE). We have had fun. I have gone fishing with Jon. Jon proposed to his girlfriend (now fiancee.... she said YES!)

It has been emotional, It is going to get worse. 10 years ago, I never could have imagined this type of.... pain?? fear?? pride?? love?? excitment?? terror?? All going through my mind at the same time. Our family is holding tight to a few things. 1. Jonathan was a gift from God. In a time when my mom had a couple of miscarriages, she prayed that God would not give her a child until it was HIS timing... and then Jonathan came. God promises that he has a purpose for our lives.... so, Jonathan, we believe, still has a purpose to live out.

2. Jonathan and Brantley have both been through so much to get to each other. We are trusting that they will be given the chance to go through with this marriage. 3. That the prayers of all of our friends and family will protect him. That our God will put a level of protection around him that is much stronger than the vest and helmet that he will wear.

Anyway... it has been an emotional couple of days, as we watched my grandparents, (who lost a son while he was in the military a long time ago) say goodbye. The emotions in that moment alone were almost unbearable.... As we watched a good family friend pray for Jonathan Sunday morning in front of the church. As I have watched my sister, through my own tear filled eyes, wipe the tears from her eyes while her husband holds her hand. As I have watched Jonathan try to fill every moment of this week with time with his family and friends but most importantly, with Brantley.

It will be a long weekend as we drive tmo to Mississippi, say goodbye on Thursday, and have that drive back either thursday or friday... leaving him to board a plane.

Please keep praying for my family, for Brantley and her family, but most of all for my brother, who I am so proud of, and for his safety....

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JustJessie said...

Aww, Julia, my heart goes out to you guys. I can't imagine what that must feel like. You're all in my prayers.