Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Title cut

Well, the time has come. I have moved up in the world from blogging on myspace, to blogging on a real (however free) blogpage. I just LOVE that Google/gmail/picasa/blogs can all be linked together. Is Google taking over the world?? Maybe.....

Anyway, so, this is the title cut for my blog. I guess I better do a good job or else no one will come read again huh? hmmm... what to talk about?

My blog title, walking backwards is a good place to start. I would love to convince everyone that there is some really deep, theological, philosophical, sociological, psychological... (ok, enough of those words... but aren't they fun???) reason behind it. But really, I think it just has to do with the fact that when I write, I am usually trying to make sense of the things that have recently happened. Usually, I am not looking forward... but looking backwards and reflecting on those moments when my life is changed, ever so slightly, and I am forced to reckon with the changes.

On myspace, I have not been very regular at posting lately, maybe I will do better here. I guess you have to come back and see what happens. Write back, comment, leave jokes, whatever... Just let me know you are reading!

Life is great, and life stinks a lot right now. I am loving being a new wife... (3 month anniversary coming up this weekend!!! We LOVE to celebrate!!!) I am really missing my family a lot. One would think, after many times of traveling around the world, for indefinate periods of time, that I would not be homesick after less than 3 months. However, this time it is different. This time, there is no end date at which I will move closer to my mom again. This time, my stuff is here in Virginia with me. This time, my room at home has been turned into an office... (no hard feelings mom.... its just reality;)). This time, there is a very real possibility of my niece growing up and not really knowing who I am. This time, there is even a LARGER possibility, and probability, that I am going to miss major events in the life of my family! This time.......

At the same time though. This time, for the first time, I have a husband who loves me even when I am in a bad mood. This time, I have a home that is mine. This time, I am learning to COOK!!! AHHHHH!!!! This time, I have a puppy who is as frustrating as imaginable, however, she is so cute! This time, decisions are being made with a different process than ever before! This time, I have to consider another person! (much harder for me than I ever imagined).

I am also extremely emotional (more than I expected) about my brave brother traveling to Iraq soon.... hmmm... traveling is a very light word. He is going to fight. He is going to shoot guns, drive Hummers, avoid IEDs, use night vision goggles, wear bullet proof vests and helmets, learn more about sand than he ever thought possible. This is making me cry OFTEN!!! I will try to move on without going into much detail.... I posted about that in myspace.... go visit there to see it. http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog&Mytoken=FD82156D-8B01-4059-A6AC2F95AF98C44B17815911 - maybe that link will get you there.. I am not sure.

I miss my sister. Neither of us are phone people (except with mom,) therefore, we really only talk when we are face to face, except for Birthdays. So, I haven't even spoken to her since July 1. I know, I can do something about that... but it just doesn't happen. We email, and myspace, sometimes.... I miss her.

I am in a job... a political job(just till November... then I get to look again). My husband wants to be a politician. I am learning. LOTS. First, I am learning that I NEVER want to work in his office. I will be a wonderful supportive wife. I am learning that the political world is MEAN! I am learning that all of my training in the glass house as a preacher's kid will pay off.... I am also learning, that I may be more prepared for that than he is!! HEHEHE:)

We are learning together. I love learning.... (hence the extreme education background in a field I don't really work in anymore.) Sometimes, learning is tough... Learning to be a wife is possibly the hardest thing I have ever learned to do! I can't imagine learning to be a mom yet... Don't even JOKE about that! I was very independent before getting married. I didn't realize how independent I had become... even while traveling with Wings. I loved doing things alone and feeling accomplished that I had done it! My husband loves being with me.. I love being with him.. this leaves MUCH less room for independence. So, I learn.....

Anyway, I am going to sign off now, and send some emails so that people will come read the blog and make me feel REALLY good by leaving comments. Next time, maybe there will be a topic... or something fun to write about. Today, it was jumbled in my head, so it came out that way.




DeeDee said...


I will come and read and comment -

Welcome to our world of blogging. Maybe we can learn togther. And maybe even one day you will learn how to put pictures on here and you can teach me how. ;) Or we may have to move to a more advanced blog and pay a fee - hummmm???

Regardless, I am with you - and I love you so much!

Ali said...

I love reading your blogs. I really relate to most of your comments about learning to be a wife (except the cooking part). Ha. It's good to hear about your life. Maybe I'll do one of these one day. Love ya!

JustJessie said...

Yay! I get to keep up with what you're doing now! I look forward to reading your posts. I'll add you to my blogroll tonight, so my readers can check you out!

candace said...

Oh Julia, I am so glad you sent me to your new blog. I enjoyed reading it. You are never to old to learn new lessons in life. We miss you so much and cannot wait to see you very soon. Keep loving that husband of yours and being the wife that God intended and everything else will fall into place, and from a small town policitian wife....whew!!!! It is most definantely a new world. Just remember that honesty should be the most important thing in politics and true moral, Christian values and always follow God's will.
love you

Julia said...

Thanks for the comments guys! I will write again soon!