Friday, September 7, 2007

Losing time??? FInding time?? Anyone know how?

So, for the last few weeks. (ever since I started working a "real" job.... 8:30-5:30 every day). Ronnie and I have really struggled to have time! I went from being BORED all the time, to barely being able to say hello before we say goodbye. We have been creative in finding time together - so that is not the point of the blog. We ride to work together whenever possible (3 days a week usually), eat lunch together (Cambells soup warmed in his work microwave), and basically try to do as much of our "busy" stuff together. This isn't the biggest problem...
My problem lies here. I am gaining weight!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! I am eating right, not fast food, no sugar drinks in the middle of the day, haven't had a diet coke (or anything carbonated) in 3 weeks, only eat small portions of dessert immediately after a meal, drinking as much water as humanly possible during the day... and still, the lbs are showing up. When I put my jeans on, it is SOOO frustrating! The time I need to find, is time to exercise.
Usually, our clock goes off at 6:30 so we can both be at work on time, then every day this week, it has been dark before we were free from other responsibilities. The thing is, we had a week like this about 3 weeks ago, where every night was full of stuff, and I thought that was going to be the exception. Now, I am afraid that is (at least until the political season is over), the norm! However, at this rate, I think I will be 30 pounds heavier by the end of the political season! I have to do something!
So, Monday, I had the BRILLIANT idea to get a tae-bo tape. I did that once before and it kicked my tail! When I went to get a tape similar at WalMart, they had the workout tapes locked up and I would have had to ask a acne faced high-school boy to get it for me. LIKE THAT IS GONNA HAPPEN! (I know, I know, thats pride Julia) Anyway, I was NOT going to ask the little boy to get a workout tape for me. Like I am getting old or something and can't go to a gym... I have to work out at home??
So, when that failed, I thought. We can work out in the evenings when we get home from work. The problem is, that when we have gotten home, after a Bible study, after Praise band practices, after Political dinners, after dinner with friends.... basically, its too dark to walk/bike in our neighborhood. PLUS, my bike has a flat!
At this point, I am looking for time - does the alarm REALLY have to go off any earlier?? I guess it does. If anyone else knows where all my time went - please let me know:) If anyone has an extra workout tape that you arent using, let me know and I will give you my address! :) (Somehow, posting this on the public internet where the world can see doesn't seem as embarassing as asking one boy to get the tape out of the locked cabinet..hmmmmm)
Well, Ronnie is seriously supportive and telling me always that I am beautiful and that he doesn't notice any extra weight... but when the jeans are tight... and the khackis, and the shirts... ladies, we just know!
Ok, I am done venting... anyone else feel my pain out there? Anyone else have a solution to finding time to exercise??


JustJessie said...

Our alarm goes off at 5:30, the kids get up between 5:30 & 6:30 (which means sometimes I don't get a shower until NAP TIME. eew), and if I try to work out with them awake, Grant cries at my feet the WHOLE TIME. Not exactly a stress reliever, if ya know what I'm sayin. HOWEVER, I have the absolute greatest workout dvd's ever, and you can order them online (if the dude filling your order is 12, you'll never know). They are the TurboJam dvd's and they are actually fun (which says a lot coming from me. I hate working out in my den) and they WORK. Other than that, the kids and I usually dance a lot in the mornings, so that's where I get a teeny bit of exercise in.

Julia said...

I was doing fine until the desk job came along.... that is KILLING ME!! I guess the earlier time is going to be in the near future! I just don't like mornings!

Ali Richardson said...

I totally understand. I was doing weight watchers for a while. I could send you my kit (I don't use it anymore). I lost 15 pounds. I know exactly what you mean. Even without kids, between work, dinner, etc. you just don't have much quality time. We try to make time once a week to cook dinner together and watch a movie. It works out most of the time. That's all I've got. Hope it helps! Good Luck!

Meredith said...

If you find a way to create more time, then please let me know! :\ I'm just so tired when I get home in the afternoons that I don't even want to THINK about exercising!!

Darlene said...

Joey would say it is the laundry det. LOL
Good Luck with working out to DVD's and make sure you wear good tennis shoes. Vanessa was doing walk away the pounds barefoot and now has heel problems.