Monday, September 10, 2007

What a Weekend!

Ok, so, this weekend was a WHIRLWIND! But it was awesome at the same time! Friday night Ronnie and I went to eat with some of his friends from work. The family that had us over has 4 prescious daughters between the ages of 3 months, and 8 years. It was pretty exciting the whole time. The dad had rented some videos so they wouldn't be bored with "grown up" talk. However, the 3 year old announced as they went to watch the video that "She HATES Winnie the Pooh! She has seen it SO many times it is BORING!" Through all the convincing that her dad did to make her understand that it was a NEW Winnie the Pooh. She still hated it. It was so funny to hear the exchange of her and her sisters trying to decide wich video to watch. I thought it was prescious! I was holding the 3 month old and had the question for the first time of the weekend.... "when are YOU guys going to have one of those?" Now, you have to understand, Ronnie and I have had QUITE a speedy process of getting together. We met on January 17, got engaged on April 8 and Married on June 9 (in the same year!) We would like to have known each other for a year... or two... and to at least celebrate ONE Christmas together before trying to expand our family. So, we said... "it should be a while... barring any surprises from God."

Later that night, we went to an event in Danville at the Crossing (an outside amphitheater where they do monthly concerts during the summer time.) My boss had given us tickets if we would hand out political stickers while we were there. So, I was getting paid to use the free tickets to the event. What could be better? We had a good time giving out tickets, but left after only an hour (when I ran out of tickets) because I had to get home to bake bread.... Hmmmm... anyone scared???

A friend has given me some of that "amish friendship bread." It has to be baked every 10 days... whether you have time for it or not!! However, we stayed up late doing that, the dog busted Ronnie's nose during that time, and FINALLY we crashed with the alarm set to go take the bread out of the oven an hour later. The bread is WONDERFUL! I have an extra baggie to give away if anyone wants it. However, I will let you know, it is a lot of work, and it will add lbs... cuz it is GOOD!

So, Saturday, (the sweling in Ronnie's eye and nose had gone down thankfully!) we got up and got ready to drive to "southern" North Carolina. (basically the other side of the state - we are on the border of NC and VA... the city we were going to is 6 miles from SC.) We were going to hear my friends (Wings of Morning) sing a concert. I traveled with Wings in 06-07 (it was while traveling with them that I met Ronnie.) I was VERY impressed with the way the team sounded and looked this year. It made me miss the ministry side of doing that type of work. (I don't miss living on a bus... or sleeping in a new bed every night... or other downfalls... just the ministry side of things.) (It was while waiting for the concert to begin, that the second question about expanding our family came along... Derwin just straight up asked Ronnie when we were going to start having kids! We both kinda choked, twice in one weekend?? What are these people thinking, we have only been married 3 MONTHS!) The funny thing is, that although I wasn't expecting anything amazing to happen that night, God really started doing some work in my heart, and in Ronnie's as well. I can't go into detail at this point because honestly, I don't know any details right now. Only that God is working. We discussed the things He talked to each of us about for the three hour drive home... and are now kinda waiting for the next instructions from Him in reference to the things He spoke to us about. I am praying about a specific possibility for a week and then will start taking steps towards it probably within the next week. Ronnie is praying more generally. I really do wish I had more info to give... but right now, I will suffice it to say that all I know is He is working in me, He is working in Ronnie, and He is working in us together. Having said that, we know that our enemy doesn't like us to be attentive to His working... so, we appreciate your prayers as we look at the doors God presents to us.

Hmmm... Yesterday was a wonderful day at church, Ronnie and I spent the afternoon catching up on some housework (he always needs clean clothes,.,... i just dont understand!:)) and RESTING from the excitement of the two days previous. It was at church Sunday that the third question about our family came about, from our friend Zach. They were giving out presents to grandparents at church... and Zach leans to Ronnie and said, "your parents should stand up and get a gift since they are "expecting" grandparents!" I think Ronnie almost choked at that point!! I just dont know that we are ready for that! Apparantly a LOT of other people do!! What are they thinking?!?!?!

So, here I am, Monday morning... knowing that some things in my heart changed this weekend, knowing that I am very proud of my former teammates that are carrying on the Word of God through Wings of Morning, knowing that I am excited about what is to come in my life... and knowing that I am thoroughly exhausted!

Life is good....
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JustJessie said...

You just take your time, chickadee! You guys have plenty of time for kids. I have to tell ya, though, that it's not as scary as you think. They definitely take over your life, but it's such a lovely thing, you're glad when it happens & wonder what you did before. Still, you guys have an entire lifetime togehter. There's no need to rush!

Julia said...

oh trust me.... no hurries here:)

dfaucett said...

As you can see I am trying to catch up on your blog. My advice is to "Don't rush. God has a plan and when it is time to add to the family He will let you both know. I think it is crazy to ask people when they are going to start having children. I am just as bad as everyone else and ask too.LOL
I think sometimes people don't know what to say and as crazy as we are that is it. Plus, remember you had a fast moving relationship and unfortunately when you see people move fast....that is what you think. Time will put that to rest. Joey and I also moved fast ( you didn't know that did you)??? We was asked that alot and 4 years later God blessed us with my sweet sunshine Andrea! We will be married 22 years in Feb.08!!!
Enjoy each other and don't rush....
remember God has a plan!!