Monday, July 21, 2008

Totally different topics.

Ok - I have two totally different topics to hit today. Please note that they have NOTHING to do with each other. One was my planned blog for today---the other is my funny story for this morning that simply cannot wait until tomorrow for fear that I will forget the humor.

First of all... Today's funny story.

I woke up early, came to the living room to start my ritual of drinking coffee and checking my emails, facebook, and blogs etc. I heard something that sounded like it was coming from under the carport.

Actually, it sounded like Ziba - our dog that we had the first 7 months of our marriage. She used to sit under the carport and throw her food bowl against the wall until we came out to feed her.

I thought she was back.

Not really.

I don't believe stuff like that.

Regardless, there was SOMETHING making noise. I opened the blinds. We already had the windows open on some of the windows. I couldn't see anything.

I went into the extra bedroom to see if something had gotten in there and was making a mess of all my nicely stacked (haha) boxes that I am starting to pack in.

Nothing moving...

I could still hear it though.

Maybe Ronnie is bumping around in the bedroom?? I cracked the door - he was still sound asleep.

Oh well - I guess I just will see if it goes away (you see how brave I am right?)

Here is the list of options that went through my mind:
Wild Dog
Maybe a black bear?.... nah... that's not possible....

Here is what was NOT on my list!

"With a wingspan of 1.5 m (5 ft) the American Black Vulture is a large bird though relatively small for a vulture. (wilkipedia)"

They are STILL up there! Bumping around. We see them often on telephone poles around here - - but BUMPING on my ROOF! What in the world?? Did you notice how big they are?? 5 ft wingsspan??? The pics don't do it justice!!! They are huge! And not afraid of us when we walk outside!!! (Is there something that they want to eat at my house?? I don't want to know!) - - Welcome to the country my friends!

Anyway - I have to move on. Please pray that we don't get eaten up.

The second - and real reason that I wanted to be sure to post today is because of some friends.

Over the last 3 weeks I have come in contact with some friends that I had not talked to in years.

When I say years... I mean it. One friend from Georgia that I have not talked to really since I moved away from there - in 1992 (I think... could have been 91). She and two other girls were my best circle of friends during the Jr. High years that I lived in that town just south of Atlanta. It has been wonderful to take some time to catch up with what is going on! I was looking for her on Facebook - and had to gamble because of the name changes that girls go through with marriage and all that... but I just sent that email that said "Looking for childhood friend...etc... etc...

Second, I did a mission thing with Campus Outreach in 2000 in Panama City Beach. And all of a sudden, my discipleship leader found me on facebook and we are talking again for the first time since we left PCB in August of that year.

Finally, I toured in 1994 with a team called the Young Continentals. It was a 5 week tour on the West Coast with about 30 other teenagers between the ages of 12-15. There was a girl on that tour that became my closest friend on the tour. We met each other as we got off the planes in LAX that July, and were the last to have to say our tearful goodbyes 5 weeks later in LAX. Just a few weeks ago I was talking to Ronnie about those friends, and that we all so quickly lost touch after the tour. Since there were 30 of us, from different areas of the US, it was hard, "pre-email/facebook/myspace/blogland" for us to really stay in tough with each other. I think we mailed letters for a short time... but you know how it goes.

Anyway, my friend, just found me on facebook this weekend. Of course we both have new last names now - but after she was looking through old scrapbooks, she just gambled and tried to see if she could find me. I am so excited!

It is so wonderful to be able to catch up with old friends. Sometimes, in life, people impact our lives in such a short time - and then usually they are gone. There seem to be so many good-byes. It is so cool to be able to say 'hello' every now and then.

Now - one final disclaimer.... American Black Vultures and three old friends from days gone by have NOTHING to do with each other!

Have a nice day:)


Darlene said...

It is so much fun catching up with old friends. I wonder if I have friends that do the facebook thing? anyway....I think you area safe from the vultures. I think they only eat dead things. Weird they are hanging out on your roof. Glad you are back blogging regularly...i have missed ya.

Mandie said...

It was so great finding you. I know this time I'm older and wise and realize the value of good Christian friends. I intend not to "lose" you again.

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