Saturday, July 5, 2008

Comments heard while shooting fireworks

Two couples came to our house last night to eat and hang out - and of course... shoot fireworks. One of the girls that came is about 39 weeks pregnant and I was so hoping for a great blog on how she went into labor as we shot fireworks on the 4th of July at my house - however, she was not really cooperating - even after I sat and googled "naturally induce labor" and "eggplant inducing labor" No - we didn't eat eggplant, but apparantly there is some restaurant in GA that claims that every time a pregnant woman (38-40 weeks) eats their eggplant parmesan, she goes into labor within 48 hours! CRAZY! They have over 300 stories AND they guarantee it or you get a free meal!

Anyway, back to the story - since I don't have a great blog about rushing my friend to the hospital to deliver her baby - I will give you some quotes overheard during the fireworks extravaganza at the house.

Note: The girls were under the carport watching for the fallout. And protecting the 5 month old baby of the other girl that was here:)

I will use initials to protect the (not so) innocent...

JW: Whoa - I guess that didn't work! (this quoted while running around the house trying to make sure my roof wasn't on fire!)

JK: Ronnie - Where is your duct tape?

JK: I guess you neighbor has a tin roof huh?

JW: Whoa! That was a short fuse!

JK: Throw it.... FAST!

JM: Hey - That's my car!

KW: My baby just jumped with that one!

JW: I can't find the fuse!

JK: OW! That burnt my hair!

RM: Wait! Someone lives over there..... (too late - it was already lit!)

JW: that wasn't was I thought it would do!

and finally......

JW: Hey ya'll watch this......

Anyway - even after all those comments - we all made it through the night, with no major injuries, lots of laughter, no mad neighbors (at least as far as we know so far - I will let you know if that changes), and no baby deliveries.

It was so great to be with other young couples and just have a time of fun. Our life seems to be so crazy at the moment, knowing we are moving and trying to get ready for that... and yet wanting to be "where we are" as long as God leaves us here. Its such a torn feeling - but regardless, we had a blast last night and are so thankful for friends.


DeeDee @ No Greater Joy said...

sounds like a fun evening (even with out the baby showing up !)

love you

Krista said...

Sounds like you had a great time with great friends. Sorry there was no delivery stories for you to tell...maybe you can blog about that in a week or two!

Have a great week, Krista