Thursday, July 24, 2008

I forgot to send a card

So, I am going to say Happy Birthday to my mom here! I am sure she will read it... sometime... soon... I hope.

Here are '50' reasons I love my mom!
1. She is so in love with Jesus it is precious!
2. She is a great encourager
3. She always gave me advice.
4. Usually I wanted it
5. She loves my daddy so much!
6. She has taught so many ladies so many things!
7. I hope my life has as much impact as hers has had!
8. She loves me
9. She loves my brother
10. She loves my sister
11. She treats my husband, brother in law, and soon to be sister in law as if they were her own.
12. She thinks fairness is important
13. Sometimes the 'in-law' children get it better than the real ones... HEHEHEHEHE!!!!
14. But we even like that because even that shows how much she loves us.
15. She wants us to be all that God wants us to be.
16. We can never get by with anything less than our best.
17. She gave up 12 years of her life to teach us.
18. She never went to college because of us - a sacrifice greater than I can imagine.
19. She looks forward to talking to me
20. I want to be a mom like her.
21. I want to love people like she does.
22. I want to have a spirit for Jesus like she does.
23. She loves her mom, and mother and father in law.
24. She loved her daddy so much!
25. She loves so much.... even when we do stupid things....
26. When Jonathan was little... she called him the wrong name when he was bad... Jen and I thought that was funny.
27. She loves Aubrey a ton too... and will make it a priority to love all her grandkids the same amount... even if, because of distance, she has to show it differently!
28. She is constantly in God's Word
29. She shares what she learns with us.
30. Even sometimes when its hard to hear what she just learned
31. I look just like her.
32. And that's a wonderful thing
33. Cuz she doesn't look 50.
34. Even though she is!!
35. My friends all loved my mom.
36. She made sure we all had a place to hang out,
37. Even when her house may not have been perfect.
38. She still opened it for us.
39. She knew we were more important than a perfect house.
40. That showed us love.
41. She likes to do projects.
42. She doesn't like to exercise.
43. I got it honestly.
44. She over packs.... for everything.
45. I got that honestly too!
46. She is the woman I look up to more than anyone else.
47. I miss her tons!
48. I can't wait till I see her again next week.
49. She has shown us the love of Christ through her life.
50. I want to be just like her.

I love you mom.


Krista said...

I love your mom too! Thanks for the reminder that it's her birthday. I need to go on over and wish her a happy birthday.

See you soon (at the wedding),

DeeDee @ No Greater Joy said...

You have made me cry.

Thanks so much -
You are a treasure..
and I can hardly wait till you get here next week.

Celebration for Jonathan and Brantley...
and wonderful that we will all be here. That is wonderful for this MOM.
I love you my Julia..

Darlene said...

I can only hope that one day Andrea will feel these things about me.
This is better than a card!
You are right ...your Mom is AWESOME!
Next week when you see a wild woman running around crazy ...that will be me! I am directing the wedding! I must remember to breathe! LOL
Till next week...