Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend help

First of all, thanks so much to those of you who have been encouraging to me over the last couple days. I can't explain it... it doesn't make sense... but it was just so dark Friday.

For an update of the weekend - after I started feeling better.
Saturday night we went to an event in our city - someone gave us tickets to "Mandolins and Magnolias" - a fund raiser for our museum. It was a bit stuffy at first - a lot of people that have too much money sitting around sipping the selection of drinks.

We had taken 3 friends with us. 'H', a new friend in our city, her husband had to work, so this was good for her to get out... and then two kids - the two that I teach piano lessons to. The advertisement said they would have kids games, and, not having kids of our own - we decided to adopt two for the evening.

When we got there, some other friends from the church were there too. So, the 7 of us, amid the stuffier variety, had a lot of fun, watching the dog show, touring the museum, playing badmitton and croquet. It was a wonderful night to be out of the house.

a few pics of the evening:

Then, on Sunday evening, when we didn't have church responsibilities, Ronnie and I went to Roanoke to the Star on the mountain and watched the sunset from the top of the mountain. It was some good 'quality' time with my man.

a few pics:

Now, I am supposed to be cleaning now - so I will get back to work - that laundry that I didn't do Friday - also didn't do itself... so it has to be done today...

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