Saturday, August 2, 2008

Jon's big day

Well, tomorrow is the day we have all waited for... My little brother... the one that has made the subject line more often in my blog than anyone else probably... is getting married.

He is the last of the three Warren kids to go through the wedding... umm... excitement. The first time mom and dad have been "mother and father of the groom."

Being at mom and dad's house this week has been exciting... but there is NEVER a dull moment here! I am reminded of how different my "life-pace" is in VA whenever I visit here. Its crazy here!

Since being here... here is a general list of the things that have happened to those of us already permanently attached to theWarren clan... this does not include what the bride and her family have been doing... because I dont even have time to get to that list... I am talking about less than 72 hours for us....

4 haircuts
2 eyebrow waxings (the haircuts and waxings have a long story in them too.... WAY too long for this late night blog)
4 pedicures
3 manicures
8+ hours decorating the church (Wednesday night till 1:30 am)
1 hour exercising
1 car accident - Jen had someone pull out in front of her Thursday - not her fault - totaled her car - she is ok - just sore... go to her page for more info.
1 day babysitting Aubrey
2 hours of normal Wednesday night festivities at church
1 trip to Hobby Lobby, the mall, Best Buy, Bruno's etc.
1 counseling session
3 trips to Starbucks
2 trips to Target
3 trips to Wal-mart
1 computer repaired (mine)
1 family dinner
1 rehearsal and rehearsal dinner

Ok - that's all I care to think about now.

The bottom line... tomorrow, in the evening, my little brother will be a married man. He is marrying a wonderful, godly girl. I have never seen my brother so excited about something in his lifetime. I am praying already that tomorrow is the day my soon-to-be-sis-in-law dreamed of. I am also praying that their marriage will be blessed by God.

For the random day that Jon and Brantley read this.... I love you both so much!


DeeDee @ No Greater Joy said...

It is so exciting. And I am so glad that you posted about it. Something is wrong with my blogspot and I cannot sign on... much less post.

Wonderful day...

so Blessed!

Congratulations to our Jonathan and Brantley. We love you so much!

Pictures will surely follow.

Darlene said...

Crazy in Alabama! Last night was crazy... I hope I was not the wedding director from Bridezilla.LOL My job is to please the bride and I hope I accomplished this. It has been good to see you and Ronnie. I think he is having fun....everytime I look at him he is smiling.
See you this afternoon.

Nicole Detweiler said...

thanks for the update!! I cannot wait to hear about the BIG day!

Krista said...

It was a beautiful wedding! And you all looked so pretty! I am glad that you had a very eventful stay here in Bama. LOL

Have a great week!

DeeDee @ No Greater Joy said...

I can't read your "Wedding, Etc" blog that you posted on Tuesday. It will not open... Is that a problem with your blogger?

Just wondering... is it even on your page?

Mandie said...

Hmmm...could this be the brother that would yell, "Julia, the Yankee's on the phone"?!! Congrats to him and his new bride!