Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lake Day

So, Saturday Ronnie and I went to the lake with his parents. It was a wonderful day - I got sunburnt - Ronnie jumped off some rocks that he has wanted to jump off of for a long time - we found some golf balls next to a golf course (they were in the water) - but the real stories of the lake day came before and after.

We were supposed to meet Ronnie's parents at the lake at 11:00. We were right on track when we saw this...

These two cows - mom and child - held us up for 5-10 minutes. Then we had to stop to tell the local farmer that they were loose. SERIOUSLY!!!! Where do I live??? When we saw them and I started taking pictures, Ronnie asked if it was going to be my blog this week - I said "YES!! I haven't had to stop in the road for cows since I was in Belize.... a third world country!" He said I have had more blogs about animals than any other one thing since I started this about a year ago...


I live in Southern VA... enough said:)

Anyway - The second big story for the day has to have a bit of introduction. Ya see, coming from Alabama, carries with it some stereotypes. I can't tell you how many Virginians get funny looks on their faces when after an intelligent conversation, they find out where I am from. Apparantly, most of them think we are uneducated losers or something. I even had one lady - a school teacher - say "Well, I guess you are GLAD to get out of there then!" after hearing my homestate was the heart of dixie. I get redneck jokes, accent comments (this coming from some people who don't even pronounce their 'r' in words!), etc. etc.....

As we were leaving the lake... having already been delayed that morning due to cows in the road... we saw this:

A DUMPTRUCK PULLING A BOAT TRAILER!!!! This was parked at the boat ramp! I was amazed! After all the comments, jokes, and funny looks.... I am so happy to see something more redneck than the things I have seen in Alabama!! :)

I do like my new home - its nice most of the time - and it provides PLENTY of blog material... It's just nice to know that although some places in the US carry more stereotype, 'redneck' is nationwide!

And for that teacher.... while VA is fine... I am PROUD to be a Bama girl:)

I have some serious thoughts developing in my head... maybe they will come into a real blog soon.


Darlene said...

Girl, you are cracking me up!! I thought things like that only happened in Chilton County, Alabama! Cows in the road is a weekly occurance for us. I must say I have never seen a dump truck pulling a boat trailer! VA has us beat on that one.
I too am proud to be an Alabama Girl...but especially an American!
Have a great week!

Krista said...

I am so glad you had your camera with you so that you could provide us with a good laugh. You have to shake a feed bucket in front of the cows to make them move. You keep moving and shaking and they keep following. I know this because we actually had cows the first two years of our marriage! (Phillip and his dad had cows). They would get out of the pasture and I would laugh at them trying to get them back in!

The redneck trailer is some funny stuff; even Phillip hasn't thought of that!

Keep the funny stuff coming,