Friday, February 15, 2008

doggie, diapers, and doo

Ziba is our dog. A quality Heinz 57 breed of mutt. She has been the topic of my blog at least once before and while she can be cute - she is actually quite a pain the the tail sometimes. She chases cars and since we live on the corner where you pretty much have to pass our house to get to town, i am sure there are many people on our street that hate our dog. She also has a tendency to take things that aren't her from our neighbors (again, we are sure she is endeared to each person on our street!)

Last night, as we got home from our Valentine's date (Italian food and a movie... how wonderful for me!). There was a pile of stuff in our front yard. drug up by Ziba I am sure. We chose to leave it over night so that we could just come in and rest - this was apparantly a GOOD DECISION.

Ronnie looked out the window this morning, it looked like a newspaper. No problem. He went out to grab it and put it in a trash bag before she had the chance to mess it all up more, and well... it appears that there is more than a newspaper. Either she found some baby diapers, or some depends - we aren' real sure which one it was because we didn't look to close for obvious reasons.
However, they ARE full of... well... what diapers and depends get full of... 'doo'

Anyway, it is all in my kitchen in layers of trashbags now.(I think I have used 3 of them!) I need to go take it to the dump, I want it out of my house, but seeing as how it disgusts me, I don't want to put it in my car!!! So, for now, I am hiding in my bedroom, while someone else's doo is in the trashbags in the kitchen... I can't even go get my coffee!

Anyway - I was going to attach some pic here - but it is taking too long this morning, so, I will load them to PICASA as usual, and will attach that link later when it is done.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I wanna see the pictures. What a downer after Valentines Day.

DeeDee said...

i agree with jessie...


or as Aubrey would say


Darlene said...

I am with Aubrey...YUK!!
At least Ziba is not dragging up dead deer. Scooby is draggin up deer skin with all the attachments and it smells and when he sees you coming..grabs in mouth and runs. I guess he thinks we want it.LOL