Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Well - today I am learning discipline. I have been riding my bike regularly for about two weeks now - almost daily except when weather stopped me, and then I walked in the mall or something to make myself have something resembling a workout! Anyway, some days, I ride in the mornings to be sure I go, and then when Ronnie gets home, we go riding together. Well, yesterday, we pumped it up a bit. We usually ride a 5 mile circle - but yesterday, we stopped at the school that is down the street from us and walked/ran an extra mile before we came home! Today, I need to go ride - it is a beautiful day - but well, my legs are sore and I just don't want to go! Its one of those things ya know, you don't want to do it even though you know you will feel better afterwards and you will enjoy the results later too??

Well, thats another thing. See, I have been doing this for two weeks - and i weigh the EXACT same as I did before I started! I can't get the numbers on the scale to move at all!! Ronnie is losing weight... I am staying the same - and I am exercising at least double what he is doing!!! I just DON'T GET IT! It sure does make it a LOT harder to go get on the bike.

Hmmm... but today is wednesday and if i dont ride now, then we wont ride later because of church - we have to walk the mall today.

Anyway, thats about as deep as I am going to get today - I think I am consistantly boring lately - sorry.


Tricia said...

You are probably showing no weight loss because any "fat" you may have lost is most likely being replaced with muscle, which weighs more than fat! At least that is what I like to tell myself!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that always makes me so frustrated. No matter what exercise Jeff and I are doing, he ALWAYS loses twice the weight I do, twice as fast. I tell myself it's because he has more to lose in the first place. ;)