Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I have to write quickly.
Funny story for the weekend.

Friday, I decided it was time to flip my mattress! I mean, arent you supposed to do that regularly? So, I was home alone... (first mistake).. and as I got the mattress up in the air, I am standing on the box springs, with the mattress up on its side - - the mattress started to fall over! I was holding on and slowly regained my balance! I stepped down on the ground, I was now at the end of the bed holding the mattress up in the air when I realized that on the other side of the bed, where the mattress was going rather quickly, there was a glass where I had drank something the night before and left my glass there.... There was nothing I could do. The mattress fell, bumped the glass, it broke immediately on the table, and then all three parts went in slow motion towards the floor...... where it SHATTERED! All over the floor on MY side of the bed!

So, I stopped all of my other work, which to that point had been going GREAT, and cleaned glass. I swept, used duct tape (cuz you should always use duct tape to get the glass out of the floor), and then swept again... I was careful not to walk in my shoes around the house until I checked to see if there was glass in the shoes. I mean... I took ALL kinds of precautions so that I would NOT have a huge piece of glass in my foot!

Friday night... well.. actually Saturday morning.... around 3:00am. I had to get up to go to the restroom on my nightly trip. On the way back to the bed, as I turned to walk up MY side of the bed, it happened. Yep. Julia has a HUGE chunk of glass in the heel of her foot. I don't remember exactly how I woke Ronnie up. But there was no way I could have gotten the glass out by myself! He was so good about it, he woke up, went and got the tweezers, cleaned them up, came back where I was laying on the bed and put my foot under his arm so he could try to stabalize it since every time he touched it I kept jerking. I really didnt mean to... it just happened!

I finally passed out. He said he kept wondering if I would pass out, but he knew it had finally happened when I quit jumping when he touched me... So, he worked quickly, got the glass out, and I came to as he was putting the band-aid on my heel. I couldn't figure out how he was done already, but just wanted to go back to sleep.

I do believe that there may be some nerve damage or something because now whenever I take a step and land on my heel, it hurts up to my knee. It doesn't really hurt on the actual cut - it is WAY up ion my leg. But every day is a bit better. I was planning to start running yesterday in my "look good in time for the cruise" plan. But had to change that and start riding my bike instead since I can't really touch my heel to the ground! i have spent the last three days walking on my left foot and right tip-toes. Its more fun than you can imagine.

Oh well, if I dont go get on my bike and exercise now, I will have to ride in the rain... and I dont really want to do that, so I have to go now - Just wanted to tell you about my "reward" for cleaning house!


Jenifer said...

I have to tell you I am picturing you limping around on your left foot and right tippy toes! That is SOOOO Julia :) I am sure it is like that time you bruised your leg and we thought you were going to need crutches.... Drama, Drama, Drama.... AND you passed out that just really cracks me up! I can not WAIT until you have a baby! LOVE YOU!

Julia said...

the compassion of my sister.... its so overwhelming

DeeDee said...

lol .... you two !!!!

Glad that Ronnie got the glass out... that he knew ahead of time that you would pass out and did not panic!

I too though am concerned when a little "Ronnie" comes in with a bloody knee.... what in the world will you do???

He will be picking you up off the floor!!!!

Love you my Julia