Monday, March 31, 2008

101 things

This is my 101st post - here is my 101 things list

1 I love Jesus Christ and want to live my life serving Him.
2 I love my husband second only to Jesus Christ
3 I have a list of things I want to do before I die
4 I am married to a man that is committed to helping me do those things:)
5 I have the cutest husband in the world
6 My job experience qualifies me to do such a random selection of things that I have a hard time doing ANYTHING
7 I sell Tupperware You know you want some
8 I am afraid of snakes
9 I don't like the dark
10 I dont like my glasses
11 I watch American Idol
12 As a child, I wanted to be a piano player, a waitress, and a cartoon character- I have accomplished two of the three - you have to guess which ones
13 The space museum in Huntsville AL is much cooler when you are 7 than when you are 27
14 I don't like to wash dishes
15 We don't have a dishwasher
16 I love to cook
17 We don't have an oven
18 I wanted to go to culinary school once
19 I got a music degree instead
20 I like rainy nights
21 I don't like thunder
22 I wish it were summer at least 9 months a year
23 My husband and I only knew each other 4 months when we got married
24 I love to travel
25 My favorite country (other than the US - which is home) is Germany
26 I lived there a year
27 I love watching movies
28 My favorite 3 are:
29 The count of monte cristo
30 Life is Beautiful
31 Beauty and the Beast
32 I like starbucks
33 I don't like sugar in my coffee
34 I drink green tea
35 Oreos were meant to be dipped
36 Peanut butter should be crunchy - it is "PEANUT" butter... needs peanuts
37 I like to be different
38 I LOVE carbonation bubbles
39 I have quit drinking cokes and other carbonated beverages (since August 07)
40 I cut my own hair
41 I just learned to do that when I got married
42 It is still an art I am working on
43 I play piano
44 I don't usually like to play solo in front of people though
45 I went to private school
46 I also went to public school
47 I also homeschooled
48 All of which qualified me to teach in a Montesorri school
49 I have a master's degree
50 I will be paying for it for the rest of my life
51 I had a perm in 5-7th grade
52 No you can't see a picture
53 I also had coke bottle glasses
54 The kids in Jr. high choir stole my glasses and threw them around the choir room
55 I couldn't see well enough to catch them
56 The next year I started homeschooling
57 When I got to college I was cool tho! ;)
58 I was thrown from a horse once
59 I landed on my head
60 No comments please
61 I learned to drive from my grandfather
62 I was 14
63 It was a big red truck without power steering
64 I am a preacher's kid
65 My brother and I got in a lot of trouble as children
66 My sister helped keep us in trouble
67 She liked to tell mom all the trouble we caused
68 I think politics are a mess
69 I worked for a politician once
70 My politician won
71 My husband wants to be a politician
72 He is a lawyer
73 There isn't much difference in the reputations
74 I like the beach
75 I like the mountains too
76 Italy was cool because the mountains ran right into the ocean
77 I like to ride my bike
78 I was a swimmer in high school
79 I wish I still swam that well
80 I would be in better shape
81 I know I should drink more water
82 it doesn't taste very good
83 I love Alabama football
84 I hope they keep getting better
85 I think I would be a great kickboxer
86 I want to be a photographer
87 I think it would be fun to be a train engineer for about a week
88 I want to work for a "quality assurance" company - to test the quality of hotels and stuff and get paid for it
89 How do some people always have cool jobs like that?
90 I drive a Toyota echo
91 It is fast
92 It is red
93 I get to talk to state troopers regularly
94 I don't like those conversations
95 I usually lose money then
96 I want to be a princess
97 Its hard to become one of those
98 Are you still reading this list
99 I wanted to be a dancer
100 I wasnt that talented
101 This was much more fun than I expected


Anonymous said...

Nice list. :)
For some reason I'm thinking I went to the Space museum with you when we were kids. I dread the day I have to go there on field trips with my boys. I was hoping they had improved it since then!
I think it's hilarious that you wanted to be a cartoon character. lol

Anonymous said...

In Virginia it is spelled TROOPERS.

Julia said...

sorry about that spelling - i have two things.
1. please see my post re: the blog party - I have typos....
2. spelling was never my strongpoint:) blame it on private.public.homeschooling - whichever you choose... :)

Mer said...

I actually read all of those! ;)

Stephanie said...

I love Life is Beautiful. Such a moving and lovely film.