Monday, March 24, 2008

Sun and Snow

The weekend was a wonderful celebration of Christ's ressurection. I didn't blog because things were all kinda busy and well, its hard for me to blog then. When I say busy - I mean, Saturday was like 75 degrees outside so we went on a long bike ride, and then laid on a blanket in the yard, in our swimsuits - trying to get a bit of color in our skin before Easter. It was wonderful! I soaked up the sun, Ronnie read some political books or something. I gave him a haircut outside - it was just a wonderful sunny day. (my haircut also came this weekend.. took about 2 hours on Friday afternoon to do mine... a bit shorter than planned... but still is not too bad.. )

Easter Sunday was wonderful time together - last year Easter was the day he proposed to me (of course the date was different) - but we thought back on that, (it was also the day of our first date together!!) had lunch with his parents, and one of his childhood friends was back in town so he came over last night for a while.... they talked about guns and stuff... ya know, boy stuff. The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining - it was a bit chilly, but nothing jeans and a long sleeve shirt wouldn't fix. We dyed eggs - but didn't go hide them or anything...

(Jon, Ronnie did the Red White and blue one in honor of you in Iraq on Easter!)
This morning - we woke up to THIS!!!!

Yep - welcome to Southern VA - where one day you get sun burnt, and two days later, it SNOWS!!! - - - over an inch of it on my car! It is supposed to melt by this afternoon and be back up in the 50s... but still... this is a BIT ridiculous!
Anyway, it was great to celebrate the risen Savior with my husband... our first one as a married couple.


Darlene said...

I am glad you had a great Easter! We had a relaxing day. Andrea is to old for hiding and hunting eggs. I actually missed this.
Thinking about you and wanted to say HI.

brantley said...

Your new hair cut looks really good! I want to cut mine off, but I think I will wait until after the wedding.