Thursday, March 27, 2008

update to the weight loss


4 weeks of bike riding, I am up to 11 miles at least every other day. with rides of 5-6 miles on the days between and i have GAINED weight!!! for about three days I was happy to be down a pound, but yesterday - i jumped up again... KILLIN ME! so, since i had gained weight yesterday, I ate really bad - which sabatoged me today as well.

Well, since I guess you didn't come by just to find out about my weight loss, since I am quite sure you don't really care.... Let me think about anything else going on.

Hmmmm... not much - we did order some in-ear monitors for our band at church which I can hardly wait to use! those things are SO awesome! I have used them once or twice and am SO excited about having them on stage in a couple weeks!

I got some flowers from my man last night (and some chocolate) I am married to an amazing man...

Hardly anyone was at church - spring break - ya know how it is.

OH YEAH! my first Tupperware order came in! I am excited about getting that started... hopefully I will get enough this weekend to qualify as a real consultant... if not, well, its been a fun ride - but whatever. My first real party is tomorrow night at a friends house - i cant wait. I am kinda nervous, but its all people I know, so it shouldn't be too bad... I dont have trouble talking about stuff ya know, but I just hope I know all the answers I am supposed to know. Usually people like me (rookies) get to do a party or two with a trainer before they are thrown to the wolves themselves.... but not me - I get to go it alone - my first flight is solo... :) we shall see:)

go order something...


Darlene said...

I bet you are gaining muscle and that is why the scales tip forward. Muscle weights more than fat. That is a lot of bike riding. I am proud of you for exercising. I am trying to walk at least 3 times a week. The bike seats are not wide enough for me. I want one with a lawn more(sp?) seat on it.LOL
I am sure you will do great at your first party. Smile alot and if you don't know something tell them you will check on that and get back with them. That always worked for me. Good Luck!!

Kim said...

Found your blog through Big Mama....I totally feel your pain on the weight gain. My husband and I have been going to the gym for about the last month and I am up 3 pounds! Surely it must be new muscle....I hope :)

Jenifer said...

julia I want the Insulated Tumbler with Drip-Less™ Straw Seal how much will that cost me?


Tricia said...

I was thinking of ordering something, can I do it through your website or do I need to contact you directly. I started to order but wasn't sure if you would get credit or not, I could not tell. Also, I wondered if you had a coupon code we could use? I wanted the chip and dip and it was kind of expensive after shipping was added, just wondering.