Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Home again

Here I am, back in VA. What? You didn't even know I was gone? Well, that's because I am a tricky little girl.

This will be short - last week Ronnie was gone for a while to a training thing in SC. Yep, I stayed home all by myself, which is quite an accomplishment for this little city girl... to be home alone for like 4 nights IN THE COUNTRY! Then, Thursday morning, I flew my little self to Alabama for a few days with the fam. I got to go out to eat with all my grandparents Thursday for lunch - there is nothing in the WORLD like Cracker Barrel when ya haven't had it for a while. Ronnie got down there on Friday evening and we got to have my bday dinner with my family. SO MUCH FUN to be with mom dad, jen, aubrey, andy and brantley having my bday dinner. It would have only been better had Jon been able to be home. BUT, we did find out, that as long as nothing changes (it IS the Army ya know) - he has done his last mission and should be home no later than Memorial Day. WOW! I am so excited. I also got to talk to him on webcam for the first time since like October Saturday evening - it was wonderful...

Sunday morning we went to church, and then made the trek back to VA. So here, I am - home again. Ronnie was sickly yesterday so we spent a majority of the afternoon in the doc office - but the meds worked fast and he is headed to work this morning.

I am off to try my new exercise (getting in shape for the cruise ya know) - roller blading! I haven't really done this since middle school, so it could be interesting - but I have all protective pads and stuff. I am going to the park down town, so maybe not many people will be able to see me make a fool of myself! (its kinda hidden in the trees and by the river and stuff). Then of course today is church work day and "pretend to know what you're doing as a college prof" day.

Have a good one.

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Samantha Hyde said...

Hey! I completely hate that I missed you and Ronnie! But, me and Mom were visiting my gmother in Kentucky.(she had open-heart surgery) But, I'm utterly extatic that you're gonna be here this weekend!! HOOOOORRRAAAAAYYY!!! And you will prolly see me without braces! I'm getting them off Tuesday!! But, yeah...alrighty then, I guess I'll see ya this weekend at DISCIPLENOW! Love to you and Ronnie! -Sam