Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Entertain me please

Well, since my last couple of posts have been pre-determined, I will now tell ya about my weekend.

Friday night, the Tupperware party went WONDERFUL! I sold enough to qualify, so I still sell Tupperware... WAHOO!

But the best part of my weekend was Saturday. Ronnie and I had no plan that morning except we needed to change the tires on his car. We headed to the tire place which closed at 1:00, so we had to be there early enough to be on the list of "tire" changes. We tried to walk around at the car lot across the street, just for fun - we are NOT about to get a new car or anything, but it was SO stinkin' cold! We froze through the Toyota lot, and the Hyundai lot before seeing the Citgo - we went down there just to thaw out for a while... (so far this post is so boring... I will hurry it up.) We FINALLY realized that the tire place had a sitting room, with a TV, and it was heated. we are so stupid! So we sat the last 30 minutes or so there, along with about 6 other people waiting on their cars.

About the time we were getting ready to go, Ronnie tells me he has some "gas budget" money left over from the month! I had some too, so, instead of putting that into savings, or paying extra on a card or something... we had a day to burn the left over money - after all, he was gonna get paid Monday!

We went first to the movie theater and bought tickets to see Vantage point. It was gonna start around 1:00 - so we had time to go to our favorite italian restaurant and split some stromboli. Vantage point was a decent plot movie. Ronnie loved it - it was regarding a president that gets killedin Spain, and all the "vantage points" of the people that saw it happen, throughout the movie ya start to put together the "whodunnit" plan.

We left, went to split some ice-cream at Cold Stone (cuz we quit the diet... we hated it! And now I have lost back down to the weight I was before I ever started the whole diet). Went to Chick-fil-a and got something to drink. I also talked Ronnie into a second movie. He is not a huge fan of movies, but he handles it - I LOVE going to the theater, and we don't really do it that often. We went to see "21." It was a fun movie too - I liked it better... Kinda made me wish I was better at math! hahaha!!! When we got out of the theater Ronnie's parents had called and told us they had tickets to a play in town that night called "the Queen of Bingo." His dad had won the tickets, patron seats, with a reception afterwards. So basically our day was completely made up of being entertained. Two matinee movies and a play!


Tricia said...

Your Saturday was tons better than mine... I am glad you had a fun day with your man

Pray for me and my family, the Lord will direct your prayers, but we need lots...

Anonymous said...

sounds like a GREAT weekend!!!!

YEAH for the Tupperware party it was fun and i am glad you got a lot of sales and glad for me cause i got some STUFF :)


Hal said...

What?!?! No movies with stuff being "BLOWN UP"? :)

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're a trooper. I could never sit through two movies in one afternoon. Congrats on the party and the free tickets, too. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

Guess what I found this afternoon... I was looking through a box of stuff from my Mom's house, and I found the folder where I kept all the letters from you and Kristina Thrasher. I haven't had a chance to read any of them yet. I'm sure they'll be good for a laugh or two! :)